bad starting sister

Horse Shit it is, stupid chapter name!

yet again, another one

stop fucking saying that, who the hell is this author? she sucks testicles.


why don't you...whoever you are!

NO! fuck you, that's it i'm calling you anna is aTurd in the book

wait what? you can't do that (woosh, zip, pop)

anna is a Turds adventure

so you did it, are you happy? to call me anna is a Turd in this short story? well anyway i can't change it you are the author i guess. alwell...
so on that faithful day it was decided collectively between them, the author and the author's creation named anna is a Turd, that they would have a grinch baby together, one with big hairy grinch nuts, green hairy grinch nuts that only a giant named lauren twigg could eat, well the grinch they produced together with their graphical drawing of sperms did have three ball sacks. Cause you know what they say, Jim Carry is a mutated mongulated grinch with three green hairy nut sacks that would always wreck christmas for the ones who loved it.
some would say on that warm night in front of the fire place that the third nut that the grinch had was ment to be his heart, swinging saggy nuts inbetween his two green hairy asain women legs.

the ending

well anna the Turd was killed in an accident by falling off a cliff, the grinch could stand it and jumped off the cliff of stress from his mothers death, and then me, as the author jumped off the same cliff in the book i was just writing then died.

The End

The End! mother fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckeeeeers (crack, squish) ooow my fucking body.

Characters used in this book

Alofagia Vito: the author
hair colour: brown
eye colour: brown
nationality: samoan
brain: low, dumb, oppisite of bright, pathetic, retarded etc.
shape: Turdish shape
skin colour: Brown
adress: a Toilet
family: Turds
children: what ever comes out of her ass


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 13.11.2011

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