Feet slapping across the pavement there was 20 almost 30 things not people things they had weapons “get her!“ cried a raspy voice. Then I made the mistake of running into a dead end I was corned now I got to look at my persuaders which I wish I hadn’t goblins they were but I didn’t know how I knew it and just to make maters worse they looked hungry and something told me they weren’t vegetarians I put my hand to my pocket I didn’t know why but I did I felt some thing i slid it out and stared at it the goblins did to a stick of glazed redwood a bit of carving and just to tip it off a huge ruby imprinted in the wood I blurted out “arasiho hellosis!” the goblins looked a bit dazed so I took my chance and took off but the goblins were back again and they were almost at me when a men appeared out of a swirl of glittering dust in between us “STOP” he boomed the goblins shrank back I stared at the man in wonder “NO ONE HURTS HER.” goblins took off running now the man turned to me I shrank back he laughed “come I wont hurt you” “who are you?” I asked still staring at him “well if you wish to know I am your grand father” I felt the urge to run and hug him and I did he laughed again “come lets get you to my home grandmas waiting” “you knew I was coming?” “yes” “o wow how?” “that’s what I am going to teach you” “you are going to teach me how you knew I was coming?” “no silly wizardry” “oh grandpa if you are going to try ill just tell you its hopeless I don’t got no magic” “and how did you pull off that little trick with the goblins? Hmm didn’t think you knew you come from a race of two wizards ahh here we are home I will tell you more when we get you in different clothing and something to eat” he went to a grand oak door pulled it open to reveal a wonderful home a fire crackiling happily in the corner a mighty rocking chair in front of it then in the other room was a big round oak table and three chairs and the tabel was set for three "come in a just made hot chocolet" cried a merry voice from the kichten "go up stairs get some better clothes on" he pionted to a set of stairs spiralling upwards i noded quietly a gripped the railing walking up wards their were ther doors on the side of each railing but before each door there was a break in the railing so some one could get in each door each one was engraved with a name like serenity or tom i came to the last one but the name engraved on it was a surprise lilan my name i thought it was a mistake but i looked closer i thought i would just quickly check i opened the door surprisingly is look like a childs room a small doll house of in the corner and a little brown bed that fit me exactaly than by the bed was a big white cabinate with clothes that looked like they fit her they did after she tied them on she walked down staris and waiting at the table were grandpa and grandma


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