My breath showed against the cold air as I ran. I could hear them behind me. They where close. I stopped and looked back, panting, and saw the fire of torches and heard the baying of hounds. I snarled and ran on. The forest flew past me as I lunged forward. I slid to a stop next to a river. It roared before me. I shook myself from my fear stood tall and just as the hounds and man came to circle around me I jumped in. The water sucked me under and to all else I disappeared.
I was tossed every which way while my lungs screamed for air. I felt the mud slide under my paws as I tried to get a better grip to through myself into shallow water. I finally hit a rock and it shoved me up for a split second, I took a quick breath before the water sucked me down again. I swam hard to the left and finally felt the ground under my paws go from mud to rocks and from there to solid ground as I dragged myself out. I pulled myself about two feet before collapsing in a heap. I was tired but I tried getting up slowly. After several failed attempts I stood coughing. After a lot of water that had been in my lungs was gone I walked off into the tree’s.
I woke up the next day five feet from the river. I shook my head, stretched, yawning before listening to see if man and his hell hounds had continued on there hunt. I could faintly hear their hounds. I froze and turned to look across the river. There stood a man with his fire arm. I snarled at him and he froze his fire arm half way pointed. I looked in his eyes watching him before shaking my black head and disappearing into the trees......
I jumped when I heard a whistling sound pass my ear. I growled and looked back at the man to see he had raised his fire arm and shot. I ran on faster until I heard another of my kind. I slid to a stop realizing that I had ran into the grounds of a ruthless pack. I looked around and saw them slipping through the trees, coming towards me. I snarled my warning. The Alpha came up to me. He stood tall, growling for me to submit but I stood just as tall. His gray coat bristling.
“You are trespassing” he snarled. I snarled and snapped my teeth right next to his ear. He jumped back and snarled about to lunge.
“You do not own the lands” I said calmly sitting on my haunches, my head held high. He sat tilting his head.
“I am merely traveling and if you do not leave me I will rip your throat out!” I growled. The rest of the pack came out and started to circle us. His mate came beside him, her black white coat was bristled. I almost laughed. He stood, his tail swished uncomfortably back and forth. I heard the sound of boots breaking newly fallen snow. I looked behind me. Then looked to the Alpha.
“They are coming and my head start is gone” I snarled standing again and starting to move forward. The pack jumped in front of me. There were five of them including the two leaders. I looked behind me, I could hear the hounds baying, getting closer. I quickly jumped with all my might over them to their backs. They growled in frustration. I looked back at them.
“You had better run the humans are coming and they wont hesitate in killing you ruthless mutts” I called to them before racing on..

I raced on, I didn’t think about the pack they where stupid if they couldn’t see who I was every wolf in the area knew who I was. I looked up at the sky and saw the moon. I stopped and sat down thinking, still looking at the moon. My tail swished back and forth before I lifted my head high and let my howl ring out. I was summoning the one the prophecy spoke of, the one who would bring peace between half-breeds like me.
I stiffened when I heard the hell hounds calling out in the distance behind me. I growled and started off again...
I passed a hole and skidded to a stop and went back to take a look and seeing if anything was in it. I was wrong to stop. A cougar screamed at me. I jumped back as she took a swipe. I hoped she would just leave me be but today must not be my day. She followed me out of her hole and we circled each other.
“Don’t do this not now I was only looking for a place to sleep I meant no harm to you or your cubs..”I started. She snarled at me. My senses sharpened. We were about to fight when I heard a branch snap, I quickly jumped out of her way and turned to see a man watching us. I snarled and the cougar turned to see him and almost jumped out of her skin.
“Go I will distract him, They aren’t here for you anyways” I snarled. She looked at me.
“You are the one..” she purred. I snarled again and nodded. She bowed her head and went back in with her cubs. I turned toward the man to see he had a fire arm lifted and already pointed. I bunched all my muscles and leaped towards him teeth barred. He shot to late and the bullet missed by a hair. I landed with my paws on his shoulders. He tried to struggle but I snarled at him. He instantly froze.
“You men think you own everything, every animal here is better then you because we use that but you,” I snorted in disgust.
“You men keep our coats as trophies” I looked up. More were coming.
“How can I understand you?” He asked. My head snapped back down to him and my eyes widened in shock.
“You..” I started but a bullet grazed my shoulder and I snarled snapping my jaws on his uplifted arm. I was startled by the blood but pulled him up and pulled him into a run with me. He stumbled at first but soon he was on his feet and we were both running for our lives. It is said that when we bite a human they become one of us, for him it is sad because he will never live his life, and for me it will mean a long battle. I stopped us at a creak and turned to see him breathing hard and stumbling. He fell just as he reached the side of the creak. I stepped over to him and looked at the wound I had created, I whined when I saw that it had been deeper then I thought.
“I am sorry about the bite but it is partly your fault for raising your arm.” I said before taking the fabric into my jaws and tearing it off. I could then see the wound clearly and started to lick it clean. He groaned and tried to move.
“It will be more painful if you don’t sit still” I said barring my teeth inches from his injury. He looked at me with golden brown eyes and I sat back.
“I have been looking for you for a long time and now I can finally rest.” I said laying down and partly closed my eyes. He moved then to sit up. I lifted my head as he looked at his arm, it was slowly healing. I watched him with weary eyes.
“Does this mean I am one of you?” He asked his voice sounded dead. I snorted and stretched.
“Yes but know this I am not just a wolf I am also human, a shape-shifter if you want a name for it, and that is how I am also known as the ghost wolf of Alaska,” I paused and growled.
“Though I am black they call me a ghost” I barked out a laugh. I looked at him, he was shivering. I stood and sighed.
“The process of changing does take time..” I said starting off. I looked back.
“Come and I will get us to a sheltered place. I have one not to far from here..” I added. He stood, wobbling a little. He came beside me and put a hand lightly on my head. I started away with him in tow. It took us the rest of the night and half of the morning to get there but I finally found my favorite cave. It was an out crouping of rocks that leaned against one another almost like a tepee but more sturdy. I sighed and walked in. The man had stopped at the edge of the trees. I stopped and looked back at him.
“Are you coming?” I asked. He followed me in and we sat down around a pit that sometimes had provided a fire for me when I was in my human form. He shivered and I moved to lay beside him. He stiffened then put a hand on my shoulder.
“I am sorry I had hoped it would have been different but a hunter is what a hunter does” I said laying my head down in between my paws. I heard him chuckle.
“I am sorry I tried to hunt you.” he said. I closed my eyes.
“How come I could understand you?” he asked just as I was about to drift to sleep. I raised my head and looked at him.
“You are who my mother told me about. The one who’s blood is faint but just enough that he can feel the things of nature and understand another of his kind..” I said watching him. He shook his head.
“How is that possible” He asked. I smiled showing my teeth before laying my head back down.
“Sleep I will explain more later when I have rested for not even the strongest of my kind could have made the distance that I did without killing ourselves..” I said yawning. I closed my eyes and felt him lay down beside me curling up into my side to keep the cold out. I sighed and then fell asleep with my senses listening for anything that could be a danger to a new shape-shifter.

I woke a day later growling. I could hear the faint howling of the hell hounds. I stood and looked over to the man. I smiled he was no longer a man but a wolf. His coat was white as fresh snow. I sighed and nudged his shoulder. He stumbled to his feet his eyes half open.
“Whats..goin on” he said groggily. I almost howled with laughter but held it back knowing it would attract the hell hounds.
“We have to start moving or they will find us.” I said starting away before looking back at him.
“Oh and by the way you are now, fully, a shape shifter” I told him. He looked down, then turned in a circle before stopping and looking at me in amazement.
“that fast?” He asked. I nodded.
“Thankfully or else we would be in a sticky situation.” I said trotting off. I heard him run to catch up.
“Wait why is this a good thing?” he asked dully.
“Because you can travel at speed with me” I said obviously. We got about twenty feet away when I heard the hounds closing in. I snarled.
“We have to hurry, come on!” I said jumping forward. The man/wolf ran with me. I knew he couldn't last long, not many newbies could. I listened and almost stumbled into a bear. She growled at us and I shook my head and took a step back.
“My apologies..” I started then I saw her eyes widen.
“No no its all my fault I have heard of you and I know your in a rush..” she paused looking over at the newbie. I looked over at him. He was panting hard and about to drop. I growled and he straitened.
“Can I do anything for you?” she asked I looked over to her and nodded.
“yes can you shelter us?” I asked. She nodded and shuffled off. I looked back to see that the newbie had fallen. Air wooshed out of my lungs and I went over to him and threw him on my back. I turned and trotted after the she-bear. We passed through a pass in the mountains not to far from where we had met and she brought us to a hidden cave up the mountains. By then I was panting from the effort of carrying the newbie. As soon as we where in I dropped him off. He landed with a thump. I rolled my shoulders.
“Thank you for the shelter.” I said. She nodded her cubs gathered around her. I yawned.
“I need to hunt I haven't eaten an almost a week.” I turned about to go out.
“I will watch him for you.” She said. I looked back and bowed my head before taking off. Hunting was natural and fun but I had to be cautious. After about an hour I found a herd of caribou and started to work out an old one. I found him just as another pack jumped out after a young buck. The caribou scattered and the old one ran past me. I growled and lunged after him catching his throat and bringing him down. I let go when he stopped thrashing around. I looked around and saw that the wolves that had almost ruined my kill had not caught the buck. I chuckled before ripping into my kill. I was just about done when they came up to me growling and snarling. I looked up to see the same wolves I had run into earlier. I snarled and stood. The Alpha came over trying to get me to submit.
“We want this kill.” He said his mate came to stand beside him her teeth bared. I bristled.
“No its mine and I almost lost it thanks to you no leave me be!” I snarled. They didn't move. I growled and picked up my kill and started dragging it when they jumped in my way. I dropped the kill.
“I will fight you for it then.” I said to the Alpha. He shook his head.
“You will fight my mate.” he answered. I rolled my eyes. She smirked and lunged at me. I slide to the side, turned and looked after her. She turned and swiped her paw at me I ducked and then lunged catching her by the throat, she yelped and wined. I let go and went over to my kill and started to drag it off again. One of the younger ones jumped in front of me and bowed her head.
“Please we haven't eaten in a long time and there are young ones at the den, please” she begged. I dropped my kill again and snarled before walking away. I ran tracking down the caribou. They had settled again and where grazing. I found a young buck and took him down quickly the rest ran off. I dragged him away and started back toward the den. I had to stop every now and then to take a break when I came back to my other kill. They where still eating my kill. I paused and the young one that approached me earlier looked up and trotted over.
“Thank you for sharing.” she said. I nodded and picked up my other kill and started away. She stepped in my way. I dropped my kill and snorted.
“What now?” I asked.
“Would you like some help?” she asked. I thought for a moment then shook my head.
“No I'll make it” I said before grabbing my kill and dragging it off It took me about two days to get the kill up the mountain and into the cave. I dropped it right next to the newbie and dragged myself away and slept. I woke up the next morning and the buck was gone. I looked around and saw the newbie sleeping. I sighed, stood and stretched. The mother bear came shuffling up to me.
“Men have been getting closer to here Strange One.” She said. I nodded then looked back to the newbie.
“Watch him for me I'll lead them off.” I said. She stomped her paw.
“Why not take him?” she asked. I snorted.
“Because he would not last” I said. She nodded. I slipped outside and started out. I didn't hear the hell hounds yet so I went back the way we had come. I found them at the entrance of my favorite hiding place. I growled. 'dang it' I thought. I took a deep breath and howled my challenge to them. Before I was even done they where on me. I leaped away from the hell hounds who they had released and tore one of them apart before bullets started to fly. I snarled and jumped away running on. I think they had it all planned out because I almost ran into an ambush if not for the ignorance of the men waiting to drop it. I skidded to a halt and turned, the hounds jumped me and I snarled as one slashed my shoulder open. They circled before trying to push me back into the trap. This was a first I had never been surrounded, it was a nice challenge. The men where coming closer. I crouched then leaped over the hounds and ran at the men. They started yelling when they saw me and only one stayed to take a shot. The bullet missed and I was already on him ripping at his arm. I quickly jumped away and ran in the opposite direction of the den where the newbie was. It took me almost three days to finally fool them but I did it. My wound had slowed me down but I had kept going and now six days since I left I was stumbling at the bottom of the mountain. I slumped and slowly lay down.
“I am so tired.” I said to myself. For the first time I actually felt could. I shivered and stood, shaking myself. The first mistake in surviving a wound was laying down. I started up the mountain when suddenly I fell. I looked down at the wound and found that my whole side was covered in blood. I started to lick it all away. I had barely started when I heard someone coming. My head snapped up only to see the newbie looking at me. He tilted his head.
“What happened?” He asked I growled and returned to licking the blood away. I heard him come closer and snarled. He stopped.
“Why wont you let me help?” He asked. I stood wobbling a little then turned to look for a stream. I stumbled a little but I was able to find one. I was about five feet away when I slumped. I felt something warm stop me from falling. I looked over and saw the newbie. I growled and he shoved my forward into the river. I fell in and almost couldn't get back up. I threw myself out with the last of my strength. I dragged myself off and looked at my shoulder where the hound had gotten me and saw raw skin. I started licking at it when I felt the newbie nudge me. I growled.
“What now” I snarled. He started licking the wound. I growled, but relaxed. My head fell to the side.
“There are wolves coming..” He said. Tilting his head to the side after finishing. I stood and shook myself. I felt better but I needed to hunt. The wolves that he had heard where new or at least I had never seen them. The alpha stepped forward to challenge the newbie for me and I jumped in front of them.
“Back off.” I snarled standing tall. The alpha growled.
“No” He said. I bristled and rolled my eyes.
“Come on lets go.” I said to the newbie before trying to go around them. The alpha lunged at the newbie and I lunged after him. I caught him at the back of his neck before he could even touch the newbie. He snarled and I bite deeper. He yelped and lay down. I let go and nudged the newbie who had tripped and fell.
“Come on, quickly.” I said before taking off. We ran back to the den and I collapsed just inside. The newbie came beside me.
“Are you all right?” He asked. I looked over at him and saw him start licking my wound again.
“I never did get your name and I keep referring to you as The Newbie but that is not fair.” I said. He finished then lay beside me.
“My names Will.” He paused then and picked his head up and looked down at me.
“Whats yours?” He asked. My eyes where almost closed but I opened them and sighed.
“Mine is Sandra.” I said. I watched him for awhile before closing my eyes. We slept for the night before I woke up. I was sore and felt the pain in my shoulder. I stood and saw Will laying beside me. I was careful not to wake him and found that the Mother bear was sleeping. I sighed and went out to the same river from before and started to drink. I heard a branch snap behind me and jumped. I turned to see the same wolf from yesterday. I growled.
“Leave me be.” I said. He just stepped up to me.
“You could have killed me and taken the pack...Why didn't you?” He asked. I shook my head and started away.
“Because I would gain nothing by killing you.” I said before trotting away. I was at the mouth of the cave when I felt something hit me. I stumbled and fell to the side. I growled and looked up to see Will.
“Whats wrong with you?” I growled. He nudged me.
“I'm sorry I thought you took off.” he said. I rolled my eyes and stood.
“Fool, If I ran off what could I accomplish?” I asked him before going into the den. I went to the mother bear, who was watching her cubs play. She looked up and nodded to me.
“Thank you for your help but now we must go.” I said bowing my head. She nodded.
“You are welcome, If you ever need help come and find me.” she said. I nodded.
“The same goes to you.” I said before turning and starting out with Will following.
“Why are we leaving?” He asked. I looked back then started to run.
“Because we need to get you into shape I can't always get kills for you, you need training.” I said as we ran on down through the stream from earlier and deeper into the land, trees thickened and I slowed. Will stopped beside me.
“Now hunting is first but easy second is fighting which will take months just to get.” I said before sitting.
“Now the basics are to watch and listen.” I said before crouching and slipping further on to the edge of the forest. There where a couple of deer here. I rolled my shoulders and slipped out setting my sites on a buck with a broken leg. I was about a good distance away when I lunged. I caught his
throat and his leg gave out giving me the upper hand. He struggled but then slowly faded. I let go and looked back at Will.
“Come on.” I said. He slipped out of the forest to stand beside me. I leaned in to the kill and ripped the shoulder open. From the corner of my eye I saw him flinch. I grabbed a piece of meat and swallowed before turning to him.
“Have you eaten meat before?” I asked him. He nodded.
“Then why are you so grossed out by it now?” I asked. He shook his head.
“I'm not but seeing you like this, well I just didn't think you where that ferocious.” He said before ripping at the flank. I smirked.
“What do I drop in your expectations?” I asked. He didn't answer. I ripped into the shoulder taking another piece of meat and chewing on it. I stopped after that and just watched out for any dangers.
“Are you done?” Will asked. I looked over to him and nodded.
“Eating was never a big thing for me I can take down a rabbit and be more then happy.” I said. I turned and saw something moving in the shadows. I bristled.
“Into the trees” I whispered to Will. I lunged forward almost in when I felt something hit me. I rolled and jumped up snarling. I saw Will at the edge surrounded by wolves and another in front of me. I snarled and ran over to Will dodging their fangs.
“Now your second lesson, Fighting.” I said snarling. They circled us then the leader or alpha came forward.
“You have crossed with us one to many time Shadow now we are done with you ruining our hunts.” He said before crouching. I snarled and lunged for his throat we rolled over the ground. I threw him off to the side, I turned to see Will getting torn. I snarled and jumped into the middle of the fray and was throwing them off to give him some room and help him. Will shook himself then we both started in on the pack. I saw the Alpha circling us waiting. I scrunched my nose and finally caught ones throat and threw his dead body off to the side. I took one that had gotten Will down and ripped his side open, the wolf yelped and stayed down. There where about four left including the Alpha. I grabbed another and threw her before charging the Alpha. He met me in the air. I dodged his paw swipe and shoved him. He was thrown of balance and I was able to get to his throat. He struggled but slowly faded. I waited till he was cold before letting go. I turned to see that everyone had frozen. I went over to Will and started to lick his wounds clean. He was sitting, panting and shaking. I finished and looked to the remaining wolves. Three remained and one was on the ground. I went over to him and cleaned his side. He growled at me and I backed off and snarled back. He whimpered and ducked his head. I looked to the other two.
“Help him and then we will go.” I said. They ducked their heads and went to their comrade. I went back over to Will who was now laying down. I nudged him.
“Are you okay?” I asked. He looked up at me almost begging me to make the pain stop. I whined and lay down beside him.
“I'm sorry but I can't do anything to make the pain stop.” I whispered watching him as his eyes slowly closed, soon he was asleep. I looked to the others sleeping and decided to stay up and watch. I looked up to see the moon, it was bright, a full moon. I stood slowly and went off deep into the woods. When I was far enough away I lifted my head and howled to the moon. My voice sang out letting any know that I was here and I was coming. I listened as it echoed before starting back to the pack and laying back beside Will. I stayed up all night watching before the sun finally started to rise on another day. I stood and nudged Will.
“Will come on we need to get going.” I said before waking the others. The one who's side had been torn slowly got up while the rest sat and waited. I turned and started off with Will beside me.
“Wait where are you going?” One asked trotting up to me. She sounded young. I kept going.
“We are going to Where the moon touches the mountains.” I said. She stopped and I turned to look at her.
“Are you coming?” I asked. They looked at each other. The one that had spoken to me stepped forward.
“I'll come.” She said. I nodded and looked to the rest. They both stepped in behind her.
“We to will follow you.” said an old one. I nodded and looked to the one who's side was torn.
“Let me know when you need to rest.” I told him. He nodded his head. I started off again. We traveled for a while before I felt ones energy drop considerably so I stopped and saw that the old one and the one with his side split open laid down. I stopped and sat to wait. The old one looked over at me.
“What is your name?” She asked. My ear twitched and I sighed.
“You can call me Shadow for now,” I paused and cocked my head.
“What are your names?” I asked. The young one rolled onto her back and looked over at me.
“Mines Amy” She said her tong lolling out of her mouth. I smiled and nodded before looking to the old one.
“You may call me Kira” She said. I nodded and looked to the last. He growled and Kira nudged him.
“Mine is Merro” He mumbled. I looked to Will.
“This is my companion, Tinnda.” I said. Will looked at me then nodded. I looked to Merro.
“Are you ready?” I asked. He tried to stand and fell. I went over to him and checked the wound. It wasn't deep but it did look bad and it was slowing us down. I sighed healing was something we shape-shifters shouldn't do. One it was hard and two it took a lot of energy. I growled and nudged Merro.
“Stay still don't move and stay silent I need to concentrate.” I said. He looked at me worried. I closed my eyes and put my nose to the start of the scar. With healing you needed to imagine the muscle threading back together and the wound closing so there was nothing wrong or you could kill the one you are healing. I took a deep breath and started. It took a while but finally the muscles started to knit back together and the skin closed. I pulled away when it was done to see I had done it. I took a wobble step back before sinking to the ground. Merro looked at his side then stood stretching. My eyes were half closed when I felt Will nudge me and whine.
“Are you okay?” He asked. I stumbled up, shaking and nodded.
“I'm fine.” I said my body ached and I could feel myself shaking. I turned and started forward trying to stay up but after a couple feet I sank down again this time panting.
“Lets rest for a minuet then we can start again.” Will said with all the authority that an alpha should have. I growled I was leader I would say what went on. I stood and snapped at him my anger giving me the strength to do so. He didn't move but looked at me. I could tell the change was also in his mind which would mean he would fight for this. I didn't have the strength to fight but I growled and stood straight and tall.
“I am the Apha here and I will say what we will or will not do,” I paused my lips lifting to show sharp teeth.
“No one else.” I snarled. He watched me like one would watch a misbehaving pup. I snarled and lunged. Then everything disappeared. My head swiveled looking for him when I heard a voice through the mist.
“My dear you can't let him fall to his own doom you must work with him, become close so that instead of two you are one..”

I howled my furry and confusion.
“I can't I don't have the teaching skills or patience to do this.” I cried. I felt something nudge me.
“You can and will..”

The voice said before I heard someone talking to me.
“Sandra, Sandra wake up we need to move there are humans coming.” Someone was yelling at me I shook my head and looked at him confused then my eyes widened.
“Lets go.” I said looking around and hearing the hell hounds. I saw my pack follow me. Will to my right and Amy to my left. I lunged in the opposite direction then the hounds of hell and we ran through the night to the morning. I slowed and looked to Merro.
“How are you?” I asked. He came beside me taking Amy's place.
“I am fine, Thanks to you.” He said. I nodded and we continued. We traveled for about another day before the others needed rest. I turned to them.
“You must go ahead if you enter into Black Dawns Land tell him Shadow sent you and you need a place to stay until I return you got that?” I said. They nodded all except Will. I looked to him.
“You must go with them and lead them it is not just my job but yours too but don't get cocky we are equal.” I told him before nudging him.
“I will always find you, now remember,” I paused hearing the hell hounds and turned to the old one.
“I know you know where to find him so help lead.” I said before turning to the sounds of the hounds. I growled and launched myself into the woods running into the hounds. They circled me and one stood in front of me. He growled.
“You have killed many and ran from us but now we have you shape-shifter.” He snarled before lunging at me. I ducked and rolled before catching another and ripping him apart. There were about fifteen dogs left and I started picking them off one by one until only eight were left. I snarled at the leader and he chuckled. I then knew why there where so many. It was to keep me busy until the men came and one was here. I turned to that man and lunged at him. He screamed once before I was knocked away by the leader. I rolled before turning to him and snarling. I turned and ran. The hounds waited about five minuets before I heard them again. I knew I would have to change to through them off but it was cold and I wasn't dressed for that weather in my human form. I sighed and stopped in a river before changing. I felt my bones shift before I stood. I wobbled on my legs and shivered as the freezing cold water seeped through my shoes. I shivered again and looked for a close tree. I saw one in the water and went over to it then climbed up to the top as far as I could go. I saw the hounds come up to the river and whine my scent was gone lost in the water. I had not pulled this before so it was gratifying to know it worked. I was freezing though and if they didn't leave soon I would be dead. They sniffed around then crossed and sniffed around there before going back the way they came I waited about ten minuets before changing back to my wolf form and dropping down. I fell in a shivering heap. I stood slowly and moved across the river and deep into the woods. When I found A place to stay I dug a hole in the snow making a small den and curled up in it. I focused on breathing and my heart and felt it slowly speed up as my breathing slowed. When I was sure I was safe. I slept. I don't know how long I slept but I was dead to the world. When I woke I was buried in snow and I could feel small animals racing around and gathering what food they could find I nudged the snow wiggling and shuffling up and out of the hole. I broke free and looked around. The snow blinded me as the sun shown on it. I closed my eyes and rubbed them. I blinked then looked around to see that it was almost the end of winter and nature had thrown its last snow on the ground making it dangerous for hounds or man. Me and my pack were safe but I had missed the solstice and now had to wait until next winter. I shook myself and stretched. The last time I was awake was in the middle of Winter so I was asleep for about two maybe three weeks. I started off careful not to fall into a ditch by not stepping to hard. I traveled all day and half the night before I came to Black Dawns Territory. I stopped sat and howled long and musical. I stopped and listened as it echoed around me. I heard an answering howl nearby and trotted toward it. We met in the middle. I yipped at him and he yipped back we jumped up and down like to pups having fun before I nudged him.
“Dawn how are you?” I asked. He chuckled.
“I'm good although you seem to be in a little tight spot right?” He asked. I smiled then felt the rest of his pack coming in behind him, my pack in miserable tow. I growled.
“Is this how you treat anothers pack Black Dawn?” I snarled standing my fur bristling. Dawn laughed.
“Calm down Shadow they have been poor because they choose to it was not fault of mine.” He said. I jerked my head back and my tail swished nervously. I looked to my pack and saw that Will wasn't with them. I looked to Merro.
“Were?” I started. Merro came to stand in front of me.
“He is slowly dying because he has not heard from you in a long time.” Merro said. I frowned.
“Why haven't you eaten then?” I asked. He ducked his head.
“We only ate when we were to weak to stand.” He said. I nodded then looked back to Dawn.
“My brother I am sorry I snapped its just I have had a lot to deal with in the past and just barley escaped death with both the elements and man.” I told him. He growled.
“Man?! I thought you were told not to go near man until maters were resolved!” He snarled both worried and angry. I smiled tired again.
“Brother I went only on the orders of the elders who I know are gone but I found who I was looking for.” I whispered. Merro looked at me confused and Dawn's eyes widened.
“You found him.” He asked. I nodded.
“Were?” Dawn asked. I smiled.
“Here.” I said making him anxious.
“Where?” He asked cocking his head. I took a deep breath tensing all my muscles before letting my voice sing out calling the one who was my opposite. I felt the others grow uncomfortable before the air changed and I heard another stumbling in behind the pack. A white wolf so skinny and scrawny stumbled out of the woods then fell. I went over to him and nudged him.
“My friend what have you done to yourself?” I whispered to him. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me and whined.
“Sandra I'm sorry I thought.” He paused taking a breath. I nudged him feeling my energy slipping from me to him. I shared strength with him until I could feel us become equal. I smiled as he stood up shakily. He looked almost normal but I couldn't do everything. He was just as hungry as I was. I looked to Dawn.
“We need to hunt because we haven't eaten since three weeks ago.” I told Dawn. He nodded and they slipped into the woods. My pack stayed with me. Merro nudged me.
“We are glad to have you back.” He said and Amy came over to me.
“Yea its fun when I have someone almost as young as me to play with.” she said. I smiled and crouched.
“Come then lets play.” I said. Her tail wagged so hard. I jumped playfully at her and we battled back and forth until she landed on her back with me over her. We were panting and Merro, The Old One, and Will watched us with worried looks.
“Shadow aren't you to old to be playing?” Merro asked. I turned towards him my head held high.
“Playing is a good way to exercise and have fun.” I paused and crouched.
“Plus my muscles are way to tense, they are begging for release.” I growled before jumping at him. We rolled and he snapped at me before smiling and playing with me. Amy joined and soon the whole pack was play fighting and wresting. All to soon Dawn was back and fighting me. I chuckled when we separated.
“Dawn come on we just were having fun let us be.” I whined. He chuckled
“Shadow aren't you too old to be playing?” He asked cocking his head. I growled and lunged at him throwing him into the brush.
“One is never to old for fun.” I said chuckling then turned to the kill they had brought us. My pack had already eaten and left a lot for me. Will had hardly touched it. I looked at him.
“I know you eat more then that I wont eat but a little so go ahead and eat it alright,” I paused feeling Dawn trying to sneak up on me.
“And Dawn haven't we already tried that trick before.” I grinned as I heard him grumbling. I munched on the meat and bones eating only a small portion of the flank that they had left me. I chewed through a leg bone and ate the marrow before turning to Dawn.
“Thank you.” I said to him before yawning. He smiled.
“Come on I know how long you can run and how long you need to sleep.” He started away.
“And you don't sleep enough.” He finished I followed him and my pack followed me. We came to my old abandoned den. Dawn stopped right outside and sat. I stopped next to him.
“I will be up early to teach Will” I said before slipping into the den. The rest followed me and I headed to the very back while the others spread out into the many different spaces. Will stayed with me. I lay down in my favorite place against the wall and he lay down beside me. I felt his warmth and lay my head over his shoulder. He chuckled and stretched his body out putting his head on my paws. I smiled and closed my eyes.
I woke maybe six hours after we had fallen asleep and smiled. Will was exactly as he had been when I had closed my eyes. I laid my head down again and sighed it was so peaceful here. I woke startled I had fallen asleep again how? I have no idea but now I needed to get up. I felt Will twitch and nudged him.
“Will come on we need to get up.” I said. He groaned and sat up while I stood. He looked at me groggily.
“Oh come on can't I sleep some more?” He whined playfully nipping at me. I jumped and stretched.
“You are far behind in your training we need to pick it up.” I said before jumping on him.
“Come on big bad wolf lets go.” I smirked and jumped away and raced down the tunnel to the outside of the den. I ran past Dawn and into the open. Will followed stopping by Dawn. I smirked and nodded to Dawn and Dawn struck out at Will knocking him down. I sat down and watched as Dawn threw Will around until I saw Will's eyes change from playful to concentrating and finally anger. I jumped forward in front of Will and Dawn backed up.
“Will” I tutted shaking my head. He was panting and growling. I sat waiting as Will straitened and snorted.
“Now I told you we would be training didn't I?” I paused and walked over to him circling before stopping behind him.
“You need to know what is around you even us because if you don't.” I paused and knocked him over while attacking Dawn but before I landed a blow I turned to see Will laying on the ground looking at me angrily. I went over to him and nudged him.
“Come on we'll take it easy on you but learn how to listen and feel the earth underneath your paws it gets easier with time.” I said. He stood and sat grumbling. I turned to Dawn.
“Will you fight me to show him?” I asked. Dawn rolled his eyes.
“Yea fine.” He said sighing and getting into place. I closed my eyes and listened my ears twitching I dug my claws into the earth feeling the movements of those around me. I felt Dawn move, circling me until he stopped behind me and jumped at me. I rolled to the left and stood crouched jumping after him touching his back leg. He yelped in surprise and turned to catch me off guard. I of course knew he would do this so I lunged standing on my hind legs, battling for dominance. I final backed up and opened my eyes tired of this blindfolded battle. I crouched and lunged forward catching dawn in mid air. I felt the air leave my lung before I was knocked back and we lunged together again I lost my balance and rolled away, jumping up when I felt Dawn lunge at me. I ducked forward under him and turned to catch his back leg. He yelped and dropped to the ground. I let go quickly and nudged Dawn.
“Sorry brother I got caught up in the moment, Here” I said placing my nose over the bite and healing it quickly. He growled and got up.
“Shadow you know you aren't supposed to heal it takes way to much and we have way to little.” He said. I shivered but stood my ground.
“No I have had to use that to survive and trust me it gets easy with time and the more you use it.” I said. He growled and stormed away. I sighed and turned to Will.
“So did you watch and listen at least?” I asked him. He nodded and looked after Dawn.
“He is right.” Will said. I rolled my eyes and stormed off in the opposite direction. I made it half way to a creek that I had heard when I stopped and laid down. I tucked my head under my paws and could feel the year of pent up anger and sadness come out through tears. I sniffed a couple of times before standing and walking to the creek I felt the tears slipping down my face. I looked into the water.
“Why me?” I whimpered to myself as my tears fell into the water. The water started to cloud and a voice spoke from it.
“Dear one” It said sadly. I sniffed and sighed.
“Daughter you were chosen because of your spirit,” It paused and I felt a warmth touch me.
“you can do this because you were born to..” The voice faded and I woke up in the creek. I shivered but stayed in the water when I felt something nudge me. I whined.
“Leave me be.” I said depressed. I felt someones teeth and yelped. I looked up and saw Will pulling me up and out of the water. I could hardly feel my legs. I soon realized Will had in fact saved me, I was shaking and stiff. He growled.
“What were you thinking?” He growled before laying over me. I shivered and started licking my paws, then my legs. Soon I was warm enough to move. I looked to Will He had almost fallen asleep when he felt me move. He looked at me.
“Thank you” I whispered. He sighed and stood. I bit my tongue to keep from shivering from the sudden cold. He looked down to me and nodded.
“I'm sorry I snapped at you Shadow but I just wounder what makes you do these crazy things.” Will said shaking his head. I ducked my head and licked my shoulder. He nudged me.
“Whats wrong?” He asked. He was close enough that I touched my nose to his. He jumped back and sat down confused. I laughed, stood and went over to him. I laid down in front of him and looked up giving him the puppy dog eyes that begged for help adding a whine to make it believable. He bowed his head looking me in the eyes.
“I know you enough to know that you don't beg.” he said smiling. I stood turning my shoulder to him making a pout look with sad eyes.
“aw Will come on play with me?” I asked him giving a small whine. He stood and sighed.
“I thought we were supposed to be training?” He said dully. I ducked my head further whining. He sighed again and nipped me. I jumped up and ran off a ways before turning and bowing.
“Come on!” I said excitedly. He trotted toward me and just before he could touch me I jumped away and ran off. He followed a little slower. I was soon far ahead and hiding behind a tree. He called out for me not quiet playing the game. I waited till he stepped ahead of me before falling behind him. He stopped frustrated when he couldn't see prints in the slushy snow. I was about to tell him were I was when I heard a branch snap. His head turned towards it as did mine. I stepped up beside him and we watched as a gray wolf came out. I immediately knew who it was. I straitened.
“Storm how are you?” I asked. He growled looking at Will. I looked between them and saw Will was also bristling and growling. I stepped between them.
“Storm were are your manners?” I asked before snarling.
“Down BOYS” My authority was unmatched by none other then my brother. I watched as both dogs laid down whining. I growled and sighed.
“Storm and Will stand and be civil.” I said sitting between them as they stood and looked at each other. I nodded.
“Good now, Storm this is Will, Will this is Storm.” I said. Storm snarled and Will sat. I took Storm down and beat him down before backing up next to Will. Storm was shaking and slowly stood.
“What happened to you Sandra I thought we were.” He started but then Dawn came in beside me. I looked over at him then back to Storm confused.
“What do you mean Storm I am the same as before just probable wiser.” I said before cocking my head. Dawn snorted.
“He means why do you chase this newbie instead of him,” Dawn paused and chuckled.
“Storm liked you Shadow.” Dawn finished. I watched as Storm growled at Dawn about to attack him. I jumped between them to late. Storm had lunged for Dawn and instead got me. I growled as his teeth dug deep into my bad shoulder. Storm was soon attacked by Will and let go of me. I tried to stand to stop them as they fought. I watched as Will was torn piece by piece watching Storm. I howled my furry and pain before getting up. When I looked back up it was Storm bowing to Will and Will just kept attacking him. I looked at Dawn and he chuckled. When I saw Storm start to retreat I lunged after him. He yelped in surprise and ran from me. I chased him to the borders before stopping. He turned to look at me, his form haggard and bleeding.
“Shadow please don't” He whimpered. I rose standing straight and tall.
“You are banished if ever I see your face you will be sorry” I snarled. He whimpered as the wind blew hard swirling around him. I saw a mark appear on his forehead, the mark of an outcast. He turned and slowly walked away. I laid down. 'Why me' I thought when I heard someone coming in behind me. I snapped to attention and looked behind me.
“Are you alright Sandra?” Will asked worried. He came over to me and started licking my wound. I moved then nudged his muzzle away and started licking his wound clean. He stood patient and waiting. It was a long while but finally I was done. He nudged me.
“Thank you” He said. I smiled and shook my head.
“Will I..” I paused and sat frustrated. Will laughed a carefree laugh. I cocked my head.
“What?” I asked annoyed. He kept chuckling. I snorted then stood as Dawn came out of the shadows.
“Shadow you need to be careful, I didn't need you to jump in between it, I wanted to take him on for what he did to you.” Dawn said. I shook my head sadly.
“Dawn.” I started.
“NO what he did to you was wrong and he never should have done it.” Dawn snarled bristling. I watched him calmly.
“And now he has paid so drop it.” I growled. Will watched me closely.
“It couldn't have been that bad she seems fine to me.” Will said. I smirked and Dawn snarled.
“He tore her apart because she was leaving.” Dawn said. I winced. Will cocked his head.
“What happened?” He asked. Dawn turned away looking over his shoulder.
“That is her story not mine.” He growled walking off. I was going to kill Storm the next time I saw him. I looked to Will then down.
“About two years ago I was picked to go find someone. I was about to leave when I thought I should tell Storm because at the time we had been close and getting closer but when I told him I was leaving he fell apart in every way. Storm lost his mind and started fighting me. I didn't want to hurt him but I was forced to try but I was too badly hurt to fight when I thought to.” I paused a tear falling.
“Dawn found us and tore into Storm. Storm of course was fast and got away before more damage could be done. Dawn was angry but didn't chase Storm he instead started to help heal me. Healing isn't forbidden but it is dangerous. It took about three days and nights before I was healed. Dawn was out from healing me so I called his pack and left them a message for him.” I paused again and looked up. Will was shaking from anger.
“After the fight with Storm I became obsessed with fighting. I fought hard and long every day. I came up with new ways to fight while looking for you. I even went to the lengths of studying Martial Arts when I was human. It all paid off within a year I was the greatest fighter, tracker and trickster.” I smiled.
“I finally returned here to look for the one who would complete me and fight against the war to come. I was told that if I howled long and low with the music of the wind to guide it then that someone would find me. I didn't know I would be hunted for a year when all I had to do was talk to you.” I paused and looked at him. He was confused.
“You see you are the one I was looking for Will.” I said.
“You will help me make peace between both man and animal until the next Black wolf is born.” I said. Will shook his head. I could tell he doubted it. I didn't know how to do this. I nudged him then pushed him.
“Come on lets go” I said. He stood and we walked off. I looked back to see Storm in the trees watching us in anger. I stopped and lifted my head letting a chilling yet challenging howl loose. I felt the wind dance around me as I let my head back down. I turned to Will and we left. We came to a small heard and I wanted to eat but didn't know if Dawn was out there. I waited for about ten minuets before looking to Will and nodding. He nodded back and we started forward crouching in the slow peaking grass. We picked a steady buck and just as I was about to lunge for his neck he looked at me. I froze and Will lunged for his throat. The buck bayed before starting to buck. I saw a hoof almost hit Will and jumped into action grabbing a hoof and pulling it away. The bull landed on his side and kicked out. Will bite down harder and the Buck gurgled before dying. I looked around and saw Dawn step out of the woods with his pack. I snorted and quickly took several bites in my mouth and moved. Will did the same but took a leg with him. I chuckled through the meat in my mouth as we moved to the edge of the trees. I dropped my meat and started eating. Will was crunching on the leg when a small wolf came over. This small wolf was probable only a year old. I watched as he growled at Will. Will looked up from the leg he had been chewing on and watched this young one. The young one growled and stepped closer. I looked toward the kill and saw it was surrounded there was hardly anyplace to get to. I looked sadly to the pup then to Will before sighing and standing. I walked over to the kill and snarled loud and clear everyone jumped away from the kill even Dawn. I quickly grabbed a big chunk and dragged it over to the young pup who had froze when I had snarled. I dropped it beside him and went back to munching on the meat I had gotten earlier. The young pup laid down and started chewing on it. I smiled and finished. I looked to Will who was still chuckling and motioned for him to hurry up. He shook his head and started chewing slowly on his piece. I rolled my eyes and watched the pup. He had eaten a small portion of the chunk and was now resting. I looked over at Dawns pack to find them watching me. I stood looking for Dawn and ducked as he jumped at me from behind. I stayed down as he went flying through where I had been. Everyone started laughing as Dawn got up and turned on me.
“Just two years and you can already outsmart us.” He said. I stood and nodded.
“I wasn't going to be pushed around or called week again Dawn.” I said before lowing my head in shame.
“I even went to the lengths of learning martial arts.” I whispered. He looked at me shocked.
“So even in your human form you can still kick our butts?” He asked. I nodded worried. He smiled and started laughing. I looked at him confused. He stepped forward.
“Come on and show me then.” He said his form shivering, changing from wolf to human. He was a muscular man with a thick jacket and dark pants. I growled before changing. I shivered at the wind, it was still chilly and my human body was still cold from the last time. I was wearing a tank top, jeans and sneakers. Not your average winter attire. Dawn laughed at me.
“Where were you last?” He asked. I smiled.
“I was in Texas.” I said shrugging. Dawn rolled his eyes.
“It was hot there I had to get some good clothes for the hot weather.” I added. Dawn smirked.
“Bring it.” He said. I watched him waiting before sticking like a snake. I caught him in the shoulder then did a follow up with a sweep of my leg. In less then five seconds he was down. He looked up at me surprised. He quickly jumped up and tried to pull a quick move. I caught the heel of his foot and flipped him on his back. He stayed down this time shocked. I smirked.
“I'm not that weak little girl you used to torture.” I said before getting into a stance. He stood slowly and shook his head.
“Two is enough for me.” He said changing. Will snorted.
“If I knew how to change I would challenge you Sandra but I don't so I can't.” Will said. I changed and looked at him.
“yea like you could take me on newbie.” I said smiling. He growled.
“As a human I could.” He said. I just shook my head and walked off.

It was weeks before I thought Will was ready. He was strong as Dawn yet smarter then most and could track, hunt, fight and feel the earth. Which was our secret because the earth was what told us what was happening and where things were. I was waiting outside the den when I felt him coming to sit beside me.
“So whats the plan to day?” He asked. I smiled.
“We are going to try and get to the mountains before the (put word here) so we can be there before Storm and pick the battle from which we will fight from.” I said. Will shook his head.
“I'm not ready.” He said. I stood and turned to him surprised.
“What?” I asked.
“I'm not ready.” He said slowly. I shook my head.
“Don't you trust me?” I asked.
“Don't.” Will growled, bristling. I snarled.
“I wouldn't be asking you if I wasn't sure Will.” I growled angrily. He shook his head.
“I can't” He said.
“I taught you everything and still you think you aren't ready!” I snarled. The pack came out then.
“Shadow please don't I know I'm not ready.” Will insisted. I snorted.
“So I'm second class and can't fight, track or hunt?” I asked him bristling. He shook his head.
“No..” He started.
“Then why aren't you ready?!” I growled. He stood and snarled at me.
“I am not ready because,” He paused and turned. I lunged at him. We fought for a minuet before he got the upper hand. I felt him catch me and felt the pain of his teeth in my shoulder. He let go immediately but I was done with his low self esteem. I turned to him.
“Good luck Will” I hissed.
“I hope you die before I get back other wise I'll kill you myself.” I snarled before turning and running away. I heard others following me but right now I wanted to be alone. I lunged forward with new energy, faster then the wind that whistled by me. Once out of Dawns territory I just ran not bothering with direction. I felt it before it hit me but I still got a heavy blow. I rolled and jumped up snarling.
“Such a temper Shadow.” A voice said as about twenty-five wolves surrounded me. Storm stepped forward and I snarled as a random wolf lunged at me. I slit his throat and felt someone rip open my hunches. I howled and turned to see Storm watching me with a grin. I lunged at him but another wolf got in the way and so the battle began. I fought and fought till I had killed five wolves and found out that none of them was going to hit me only Storm so I focused on him and ripped his shoulder open before he dealt me a heavy blow. I was out of breath but knew enough that I had to get out. I jumped over him and ran for it. I got halfway to Dawn's territory.

I thought hard before trotting a little ways.
“Will! I'm sorry. I love you.”

I whispered for the first time scared. I heard them behind me and ran as fast as I could. I looked back and saw them gaining.
“Will I can't make it..”

I panted before running into a clearing and collapsing.

------------------------Will's view after Shadow leaves
After the fight with Shadow I lost all thoughts. I ate and trained because it had become ritual Dawn hated me for letting her go alone but I knew I wasn't ready to face the on slaughter of battle. It had been three days since she left and no one could find her. I was sitting outside the den when Dawn came up to me.
“Why don't you care?” He snarled, bristling. I just looked up to the stars. I had become a very good listener with my paws, I could fell Dawn beside me and the pack in the den.
“Will what if she dies?” Dawn whispered. I looked down at him now shocked. He growled growing angry again.
“We aren't invincible we can die.” He growled. I shook my head and started into the den.
“If you here or have any suspicion on where she is call me.” He called after me. I slipped in and went to the back to Shadow's favorite spot and laid down.
I was fast asleep when I heard it.

It was Shadow but she sounded so far away. I stood listening.
“Will! I'm sorry. I love you.”

her voice whispered. I growled and ran out the tunnels calling for the pack and running in the direction the voice had pulled me. I stopped outside the den and howled loud and urgent. Dawn answered me. I lunged forward taking the lead and following my heart. I could soon feel a weak wolf getting closer with every bound.
“Will I can't make it..”

The voice of Shadow said. I growled just as I saw her falling into the newly fallen snow. I saw a dark wolf with a strange mark on his forehead lunging at her, going in for the kill. I lunged forward meeting him and threw him back he stumbled to stand and I stood over Shadow snarling and growling. I felt her breathing so I knew she was fine for now. Storm crouched and I saw the rest of his pack come out after me but my pack and Dawn's had gotten there and all where taking down the first wolves to come across. I growled and crouched. Storm laughed.
“You are a newbie you can't win this fight.” Storm said taking a step forward. I listened as his heart told me he was lying.
“You know it was fun to see her all alone that meant I was able to rip her to shreds, of course she ran.” He paused and chuckled.
“Just like the coward I knew she was” Storm finished. I watched him pace in front of me before I moved forward and quickly knocked his feet out from under him. I ripped his shoulder open and jumped back. He howled in anger and lunged at me. I ducked a little and grabbed his hind leg as it soared past me and bit down hard feeling the bone crunch. He yelped and limped back wards into the trees.
“This isn't over Will I will kill her and you for the wrong you did me.” He snarled before howling to his pack, half running and half limping he left. Dawn came over to me and I looked at Shadow. She was a mess there was blood all over and she looked really bad. I grabbed her paw and threw her up behind me. I looked over at Dawn.
“Hurry lets get within our borders before we nurse our wound and hers.” I said before starting out. We kept up a steady pace but I could feel Shadow slipping off. She fell about halfway away from home. I growled in irritation.
“Why can't I just be normal?!” I growled before feeling a pain so sharp it almost knocked me out. I stood and looked around I was dressed in my human cloths. Wait I was human? I looked down at Dawn.
“Well it was bound to happen sometime.” He grumbled.
“Will what you just experienced was the shape-shifting it happens only once when you first change back to your human form.” Dawn said. I picked Shadow up and started running. After about an hour we came to a stop. I changed back to a wolf and started to clean Shadows wounds. I only got about half of her wounds before I put her on my back and went to the den. I went to Her favorite spot and laid her down. I looked up to see Dawn.
“You watch her and I'll go hunt for you. Got it?” He said. I looked over Shadow and lay down beside her. My head on my paws I just lay there. Dawn growled and walked off. I scooted closer to Shadow before falling asleep.

--------------------Shadow's View.

I woke up in my favorite spot in the den. I could not move. I was locked in place. I sighed and relaxed trying to loosen my tight muscles. I was about to try to move when I felt someone move beside me. I almost jumped for joy when I saw who it was. Will. Will yawned and stretched. I wanted to stretch too but something was holding me down. I watched as Will stood and nudged me.
“Shadow are you okay?” He asked seeing that I was awake. I closed my eyes and whined trying to move. I felt myself twitch but that was it. I looked at Will in a panic and whined again. He started to lick my shoulder but stopped and lay over me. I felt his warmth spread through me, I lifted my head and licked his cheek. I was able to move a little which I was so grateful for. Will smiled.
“Shadow I should never have let you leave alone.” He said. I watched as a tear fell from his eyes. I licked the tears away and shook my head.
“I was foolish to think you where ready.” I whispered. He laid his head over my shoulder hiding his face. I shivered realizing now why I couldn't move earlier, I was almost frozen from the cold. I couldn't lie here while my Will, my shadow was hurting. I forced myself up and nudged him.
“Come on I need to warm myself up and it will take to long here lets go for a walk.” I said. He stood and followed me out. I stepped out of the den and was swarmed by my pack and my brother.
“Shadow, Shadow.” They chanted. I laughed as their warm bodies helped warm me up.
“Shadow.” Dawn's Voice rang out. My pack stepped away and I gave a small shiver. Will stood next to me warming me.
“Yes Dawn?” I asked looking over to him only to see a blurry shape. I blinked but it didn't help.
“Shadow are you okay” I heard Amy whimper. I shook my head and lowered it. I couldn't see. I felt tears falling from my eyes and Will nudged me. I looked to him and saw him but not the others. Why? I sniffled.
“Why can I see you yet not the others?” I whimpered. He licked my cheek.
“I don't know but can you tell us what happened when you left?” He asked. I nodded and sat.
“After we fought I ran fast and hard not even thinking. A day later Storm ambushed me. Of course I fought my way out but there where so many I couldn't take very many out and Storm would always strike me when I was busy so finally I understood that his pack were just trying to distract me and not strike me so I put my full attention into killing Storm but I took a deadly blow by another. I took that one out, quickly and ran for my life. By then it had been almost two and a half days. I knew I could outrun them but I was torn everywhere I knew I couldn't last long so I put my heart into it and ran with all my might ignoring my wounds and focusing on going as fast as I could. I was almost to here when I fell. That is the last I remember of my journey.” I said. Will watched me closely.
“How could I hear you Shadow?” He asked. My head snapped up at him.
“What?” I asked. Will shook his head.
“Never mind.” He mumbled.
“No I want to hear this,” Dawn said looking at Will.
“How did you know how to find her?” Dawn asked. I knew because I had tried calling Will but didn't know it had worked until now. Will bowed his head and sighed peaking up at me. I nodded.
“I heard her voice.” Will said. I looked to the others expecting to see but they were still blurry. I stood and growled.
“Dammit” I turned away from everyone and bowed my head in defeat. Will growled and came to stand in front of me. He dropped his head to my eyes making me look at him.
“This blindness is not a weakness but a strength use the earth under your paws and the air around you, you can do it Shadow I believe in you.” He whispered. I took a breath and rolled my shoulders before looking at him.
“Fine.” I stood and turned.
“I need to go for a run.” I growled. Will and I jumped away from the pack and started off. I tried to lead but couldn't focus on the ground and eventually I stopped short. Will turned and trotted back to me but by then I was in tears.
“What have I done.” I cried. Will changed to his human form and hugged me. I changed too to make it less awkward. I sobbed in his arms as he shushed me and said it would be okay. I shook my head and hid my head into his jacket. I felt him chuckle.
“Sandra you can't hid you have to learn how to do this come on we can take it slow.” He said. I nodded and we changed. I felt him lick the tears away before stepping forward.
“Come on.” He said encouraging. I took a step.
“now feel the earth through your paws, you taught me this Shadow so I know you can do this the only reason you can't do it now is cause you never relied on it, now come on.” He said trotting off. I felt the earth and felt him getting farther and farther away. I ran to catch up, I slowly started to understand what he meant because now after an hour of trotting around and hitting one tree I could feel almost all of the things around me. I sighed as we approached a river. I stepped into it feeling the cold numb my feet. I loved to do this.
“Hey Shadow how did you do it?” Will asked behind me. I turned and stood next to him.
“Do what?” I asked cocking my head. He smiled.
“How did you learn how to kill all those hounds at one time? I mean I've seen you take ten down and still run away with maybe just a scratch.” He paused.
“How did you do it?” He asked again. I smiled.
“It may seem sick but I enjoyed it. I loved the pressure those hounds made me feel. I would always be a step ahead.” I paused remembering the latest hound chase.
“Of course you learned to listen instead of follow so you seemed to find me more often.” I finished shaking myself. Will chuckled.
“Hm I guess I did listen to the world instead of those hounds though that one time right after you got out of that raging water I could see something in your eyes that begged me to leave you alone.” Will said. I took a deep breath.
“Well at that time I was tired and needed the rest but with you there I could not risk you shooting me.” I paused and nudged him.
“Of course you did anyways so I'm glad I moved.” I finished chuckling. He snorted.
“What happened after you told the pack and I to leave?” He asked. I shook my head.
“You don't want to hear it.” I said. He whined and got down on his stomach.
“Please?” He asked, begging. I rolled my eyes.
“Well first I ran into them on purpose to get them to follow me and fought them a little then I ran knowing that this time I was way outnumbered, so I headed for a river and changed right in the middle of it. This trick was a new one so I didn't know how good it would work but I found a tree near the river and climbed up it as far as I could. The wind was howling so being a human and in just jeans and a tank top and wet shoes was the worst. I sat up there watching those dogs sniff around for about five minuets before they left then waiting another five before changing and falling from the tree.” I paused as I saw Will wince.
“I was freezing so I went across the river towards Dawn's land and dug a den in the snow trying to warm up. It worked and so after that I went into a hibernating mode to gather all my strength back.” I paused again and chuckled.
“When I woke I could feel the creatures moving outside but I knew I couldn't hunt them so I just dug my way out, Nature had thrown her last snow so I was in about a foot but I got out and started out for Dawn's territory.” I finished licking my paw getting them warmed up again. Will nudged me.
“Its almost dark we better go hunt then sleep.” He said yawning.
“I haven't gotten much sleep since you left.” He added. I smiled.
“Dawn probable hounded at you for a long time right?” I asked. Will nodded.

We started out, this time Will got our kill since I was afraid of scaring them and not catching one. We ate in silence then went to the den to relax and sleep.

I woke the next morning laying on my side with Will lying across my chest keeping me warm. I slipped out from under him and snuggled next to him and under his paw. I felt him hum and smiled.
I woke startled. I stood quickly and started outside. Something was wrong. I couldn't see the sky so I used the air. I sniffed picking up a scent. I turned to the den. Will hadn't come out with me. I cocked my head but something was pulling me, something I couldn't ignore. I started out following the scent and watching my ever step. I felt the air change from somewhat cool to freezing and knew I was going up into the mountains.
The colder it got the higher I knew I was. I stopped and took a breather before trying to figure out what time it was. I growled, I hated being blind.
“Think of it as your strength.” Will's words whispered to me. I sighed and continued on. I finally stopped seeing something ahead of me. As I got closer I could tell it was a night black wolf. I snorted and took a second look. It couldn't be, But it was.
“The time is coming, Storm will strike and you will need every ally that you can find.” The black wolf said. I shook my head.
“How am I able to see you?” I asked. The wolf blinked and I saw his eyes change going glossy before clearing.
“It is as Will told you, It is your strength, and it will shine through your weakness.” He said . I nodded.
“But then why can I see you and Will?” I asked. He smirked.
“Because we are the same you and I,” He paused and bowed his head.
“And Will is your mate you never loose your mate.” He said flinching at the last part. I felt nothing so I couldn't tell if he was lying.
“It feels empty where you stand, Why?” I asked tilting my head. He sat then stood.
“We don't have much time.” He said.
“Listen, Listen.” He begged.
“Storm is not the first and he will not be the last until the cycle is broken. For this cycle to stop you must find the secret behind shape-shifters. We aren't just born we are created. You need to find the reason behind the hate and power hungry ones.” He paused his tail swishing anxiously.
“Shape-shifters are here for a reason, to make peace and keep animals in tact. It is like yen and yang for me and you but don't loose it or the cycle will start again....” He finished before turning away. I watched as his form slowly faded. I sighed and started down the mountain. I realized that it would take me forever to walk and I needed to get home fast. I listened as I ran slipping through the forest as if I could see. I ran faster and faster till I was skidding to a halt in front of a wolf. I shook my head.
“Who are you?” The wolf asked. I stood.
“Shadow.” I said.
“They have been looking for you.” This wolf said.
“How long have I been gone do you know?” I asked. I heard and felt the wolf chuckle.
“How should I know I am not looking for you.” He said. I growled and walked around him.
“Its been a week.” He said. I froze.
“What?!” I asked freaking out. I sat down and frowned before lifting my head with a sharp, long howl. As it died I heard a howl a ways away and felt the ground shake as a pack of wolves came towards me. I gave one last musical howl before standing as someone lunged at me. I felt them hold me down.
“What the hell is your problem?!” Dawn snarled. I tried to move but knew I shouldn't.
“I needed to find someone, I wasn't in any harm Will would have known.” I said calmly looking around for him. He slowly came over to me. I knew I had upset him. He bowed his head and nudged me.
“Why couldn't I have come with you?” He asked. I felt Dawn get off me and I stood.
“I needed to talk to someone, you didn't need to talk to him so He didn't summon you.” I said. It was a lie because the wolf had been my other self that had tried and failed to stop the cycle. Will sighed and I smiled.
“I still can't believe it took so long.” I mumbled. Will chuckled.
“You were gone for a week Shadow how long does it take one to talk to another?” He asked. I realized then that time had passed me by without affecting me. I frowned.
“ It must have been all the traveling.” I said pausing to smile.
“I did travel a ways.” I finished. Will nudged me.
“Come on let go talk.” He said. I stood and nodded. We walked to the den and I stopped.
“I need to go.” I whispered as the wind swirled around me pulling me away.
“Why?” Will Asked. I turned around towards the west.
“We need to move and fast..” I said before launching myself into the woods. I heard Will growl irritated and follow me. I ran hard and fast with Will beside me. We got to the borders and I stopped and whined.
“You said we had to go but where are we going?” Will asked. I stood tall.
“To find ally's” I whispered before racing forward. Will and I went back the way we had come and tracked down every wolf we could find. Lone wolves, mates none who where in contact with Storm and told them to go to the mountains and meet with Dawn tell him Shadow sent them. They all agreed to our request and we found a good number away from where I had last encountered Storm. We were coming to the mother bears den when we ran into the last pack we would come across. The ones that I had shared a meal with. They were raged, hardly fed and could hardly stand. I couldn't see them but Will's reaction told me everything. I stepped up to one and nudged them.
“Where is the leader?” I asked. I heard a faint whine to my right and walked over to him.
“You are the one who helped us...” He said faintly. I nodded.
“ us....again?” He asked breathing in between each word. I nudged him.
“I will try my friends.” I said before Will and I turned and went hunting. We caught a big bull moose and dragged it back to the back to find that Storm was close by. I bristled.
“Will he is getting close we need to get these guys up and moving.” I said. Will nodded and we watched as this haggard pack ate. I could feel Storm coming closer.
“Will we can't let them be found they are to weak to fight.” I whispered. The leader stumbled over to me after he finished.
“The young ones are at the den,” He paused and nodded.
“We know what you are going to tell us.” He added. I nodded.
“We are to go to Dawns territory,” He said.
“We will met you their but by the sound of it you need to move now. We will go get the rest of our pack and start that way,” He paused.
“We wont breath a word to anyone if we aren't sure who's side they are on.” He said. I nodded.
“Thank you, Have a safe journey and I will see you in a couple of weeks.” I said before turning to Will and nodding.
“Lets go.” I whispered. We turned towards Dawns territory and started off trying to make it back but then I felt Storm following us I knew they would attack anyone that followed us.
“Will we have to fight them.” I said stopping a turning. Will snorted.
“Are you crazy?” He asked. I smirked.
“Yes, I guess I am.” I said before turning just as Storm half limped half walked in behind us. I smiled.
“What happened Storm? I know I didn't cause that wound.” I stated. He snarled. Will chuckled.
“Will found you just in time, coward.” Storm Snarled. I shook my head and laughed. I could feel that he had only a quarter of the pack with him this time. I listened hard and found out that they were all scared of us and him. I smiled.
“It seems I am not as big a coward as your pack” I said. He growled then lunged at me. I rolled to the side into an unsuspecting wolf knocking them down. I slashed their side open and jumped on Storm and ripping open his side. He howled and snapped at me. I had already moved and gotten another wolf down and out. I could feel Will taking on three and felt them all fall before Storm howled his furry. I lunged at him crippling him long enough that the others of my found friends could get by without much trouble. I was about to turn away when Storm growled.
“ Try as you might but you will not escape me next time, Next time The battle will be long and hard.” He snarled. I looked at him my sight coming back for a minuet.
“And I am sorry to say that we wont meet after that.” I said watching his face as it went from anger to fear before my sight went shadowy again. Will nudged me and we saw the scrawny pack coming. They came beside us and we all started out together.
Several weeks after we had left I found us at the edge of Dawn's territory. I breathed a sigh of relief and we stepped in. I waited at the edge inside of Dawn's territory and gave a friendly howl.
Dawn stepped out of the shadows.
“You know sister you are causing a lot of drama.” He started. I nodded and whined ducking my head.
“I am sorry brother I just have a lot on my mind and little time to do this all in.” I whimpered. I felt him come over to me and nudge me.
“Oh Shadow.” He whined. I knew he was worried about me because of my sight. I stood straight.
“Will was right Dawn, Its not a crippling its a strength.” I said. Dawn licked my cheek.
“Come it looks like we have a starving pack to feed.” Dawn said. I nodded and we all went hunting. Food was scarce but we found two bucks and took them down.
I was almost dead tired when we finished. The pack that we had found last followed me and we went to my den. I turned to them.
“Be careful when you go in, but make yourselves at home.” I said following Will in first. We headed to our favorite spot and I dropped in exhaustion. Will lay beside me and licked my cheek. I smiled and closed my eyes. I felt him lay his head over me before I fell asleep.

We all spent months training and perfecting our skills while I listened, waiting for what I knew would be the start of either another cycle or the end of it all. I was standing in a clearing waiting when I felt it. I froze as Will lunged at me. It was all practice but I was supposed to move. We fell together and I jumped up listening again.
“Whats wrong?” Will asked but his voice was far away. In the distance I heard the howl of Storm, challenging and strong. I snarled, bristling. I lifted my head and howled long, loud and challenging. I felt Will join me. We listened as our howl echoed through the valley. I looked to Will.
“Its time.” I said. Fate had given us time, now we needed to step up and take the lead. We smiled and howled together as one. The first to arrive were my pack and extended friends then Dawn and his pack. Every wolf we had found came. Dawn walked up to me.
“Our numbers are small but our skills are great.” He said. I nodded.
“Numbers never mattered only skill.” I said. I started forward to lead with Will beside me and Dawn as my right hand man. We started out working our way to the edge of Dawn's territory. Once there I stopped and gave that chilling, challenging howl. I listened as it echoed through the valley before hearing an answering challenge, closer then before. We stepped out of Dawn's Territory and started off faster.
“We need to make it to the pass before Storm.” I growled lengthining my stride. We all speed up. Will and I in front, moved together. We made it to the pass just in time to get high ground. Will and I stood on the hill while the others faned out behind us, Dawn just below us.
I watched as Storm stepped out. His leg was somewhat healed now. His stride said that much. Storm's pack filled in behind him. I could tell there where a lot but they all looked young. Storm came closer.
“So you decided to show after all.” He paused and smirked.
“I thought you where all howl and no bite.” He snickered. I stood straight and tall.
“This is your last chance Storm to go home.” I called to him loud enough that everyone could hear. He threw his head back and howled.
“Ha fat chance of that,” He paused and cocked his head.
“Don't you remember? You banished me and now I stand here to fight and win my home back.” He snarled. I shook my head.
“What you did and where you are now is all your fault.” I said. Storm snarled.
“Attack!” He yelled. Dawn jumped forward leading the group. Will and I came in behind. The wolves seemed all to busy to see a white wolf and his shadow racing through them. We were of course looking for Storm. We found him battling Dawn. I snarled.
“Dawn this is our fight now go!” I said angrily. Dawn looked to me and was about to back down when Storm slit his throat. I howled my furry and pain before lunging at Storm. My blindness was my strength in that I could tell how fearful Storm was of me by the beat of his heart. Will circled us as we fought but then I realized I wasn't supposed to kill him but take his banishment away. I stepped back and snarled stopping him.
“I hear by take your banishment away,” I said, my voice echoing, circling him with Will.
“You are to take your place as leader of Dawn's pack since you killed him, but know this,” I paused, my voice amplified by the echo, as the wind picked up creating a circle around us.
“We will be watching.” Will and I whispered. The wind blew Storm away and we disappeared.
To this day no one knows we are still alive and waiting....


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