The Complete Detox Guide

By Maria Bowers



No doubt, YOU TOO would have heard of the phenomena termed DETOX or DETOXIFICATION, cleansing your human system of harmful toxins, or also commonly known as ‘flushing your system’. This is most commonly used when referring to a newer trend of getting rid of harmful or toxic, bad-for-you-and-your-health type substances from your body, BOTH parts and whole, for optimal health and ultimate peak performance, functioning and BETTER living all-round, making the most of what nature has to offer and your body to provide – a clean, clear and cleansed parts and whole! From head to toe and back!

These types of natural processes and functions of cleaning, clearing and cleansing, getting rid of waste and toxins from the body, are normally typically handled by organs like the liver, lower gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Recently however, it has been suggested by practitioners and advocates alike that these processes are beneficial for health, well-being and even longevity. They argue that they can be mastered and learned, as well as achieved by balanced living, intervention-type practices and techniques. Some of these might include processes like dialysis and (in a very limited number of cases) even chelation therapy.

What are toxins and detoxification?

Detoxification (DETOX) falls within the spectrum or realm of alternative medicines that typically has to do with methods used in place of, or in addition to, conventional medical treatments. It has lots of benefits to offer, has to be planned and managed well to get the optimal success and results. This guide will take you from start to finish, in an introductory manner, through what to expect, how to prepare, discipline, as well as see

Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health – if through from A to Z, capitalizing on all that it has to offer to you, your health, life, wellbeing and future.

DETOX can also include several traditional medicine techniques and natural sciences, products, from around the world, used complementary to or in place of medical science. It is often referred to as CAM for short.

Nevertheless, what is DETOX exactly? GOOD QUESTION! There are numerous answer to and definitions of detoxification as well as many streams of thought on the topic. In some cases the jury still being out on its merits, nature and effectiveness. Diet modifications, eating and nutritional lifestyle altering plans, supplements, herbals, rites and rituals, even processes like colon hydrotherapy, body cleansing juice fasting and sweat lodges fall under this umbrella terminology. Most of these practices and channels are seen as supporting and assisting with the natural detoxification processes you need for optimal functioning and peak performance.

Here are just some of these conceptual clarifications, descriptions and definitions o of DETOXIFICATION:

  1. It is seen as a cleansing of the body for restorative purposes, getting equilibrium and balance back, and natural state to get harmful substances out of the system, like drug or alcohol rehabilitation due to substance abuse or addiction.

  2. Abstinence

  3. Clearing things from the body and human system,

  4. Support provided on all levels for all the demands and realities of the physiological and psychological changes

  5. Including shock and withdrawal, which are very real processes, effects and outcomes that can be risky or even fatal if not done correctly

There are numerous ways to detoxify your body, with or without medication and medical intervention. (DETOX and withdrawal again would require medical supervision as you wean your system off these levels and toxins to be safe and prudent) One such method is acupuncture detoxification, for example, that used your body’s biofeedback to restore balance to your system, parts and whole.

A class of diets whose underlying assumption is that the body accumulates toxins that must be purged, especially after unhealthy periods.

Toxic, harmful toxins, substances /waste of an undefined nature - from foods, the environment, and the body's own wastes can build up over time in your body, causing symptoms, illness, disease, discomfort even death.

Most modern detoxification processes utilize herbal, electrical or electromagnetic treatments and solutions to clean clear and cleanse the body and system. The liver and kidneys for the most part take care of what the body needs, but there are ways to make these processes more effective.

For a real lay-definition of what these processes and dynamics bring to the table and can offer describes it as a process by which a substance is made less toxic or rendered harmless and excreted without any dire, lingering or side effects.

Some of the more recognized therapies and detox treatments.

1. Contrast shower

2. Master Cleanse

3. Oil pulling

4. Waismann Method

5. Chelation Therapy

And many more, to name but a few. They are briefly described here, in no particular order of effectiveness.

- Contrast Shower

Here is one description of what a detox-process, from the outside in can do for your body and wellbeing. Contrast showers are showers that alternate between hot and cold water. This is believed to boost both your immunity and circulatory systems, recovering and restoring the body to its balanced and optimal state, reducing muscles strain and soreness, less lactic acid


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