Just A Little Warning

Hello, L.M Orsler here. Thank you for picking uo my book. Just a little warning before you turn the page though:

If you like happy little tales with happy endings, stop reading this book. I'm not a spoiler but I am going to tell you that this book does not have a very happy ending. Also, if you don't like sad books that include alot of greif and other things like that I suggest that you should go and find yourself a book about fairies and unicorns or something along those lines. 


Also, im not very good at describing my characters. So I've used pictures

A Series Of Major Accidents

Monday 10th October 2005, 12:20


“‘What if no one likes me though, mum?’ I asked as we walked... to school, it was my first day. I was... excited, but I had a feeling that something would go wrong. ‘Of course they’ll like you Mak. Who could resist your smile?’ a woman... my mum replied, her... bronze hair lighting up when she turned to me. I smiled. ‘There we are. That smile is what people will love most about you,’ she added as she ruffled my hair, ‘and if someone is mean to you... Ben will always be there.’ I nodded, that feeling was still there, though. A boy jogged up to us from behind, putting his hand on my shoulder, “I heard my name, anything wrong?” he asked, I think he was my brother... Ben... I shook my head. I saw...felt the car before it came, if that makes any sense. I should have said - done anything. I didn’t; I just stood there and watched as it came around the corner, hit the boy... my brother... Ben... then hit the woman... my mum... and someone behind us... a man... my father... and let it crush me. That was the last thing I remember before it went black.” I told the people around me. They are looking at me. I don’t like it. Why can’t they just leave me alone? I just want to be alone.

I had lost consciousness after the car hit me. I had remained unconscious for five weeks. ‘Paralyzed Survivor’ is what they call me. Me, I’m not surviving. I can’t walk, my family is dead, and I can’t remember who they even were or what they looked like. I’m a five year old girl, with long, honey-coloured hair and big green eyes – that I can remember. It goes down to the small of my back, I think. You’re probably wondering why I’m so... clever for my age and my condition. So am I. I’ve always just... known. Anyway, back to the story that you want to hear.

The nurses are too nice to tell me the truth; they just say that my family are ‘gone’. I wish that they would tell me though, I know what it means, but I want them to tell me.

I overheard the doctors say that I should feel sad. I don’t. I feel... empty. I feel the pain in my arm and the ache in my back. My legs, they are there, I can’t feel them... the car had crushed my spine. It broke the bottom part of my spine, so I still have the use of my arms. I wish that it had broken the top of my spine, though, and then I would’ve had no use of any part of my body. That included my lungs. I would have died... I wouldn’t have had to talk to these people... I wouldn’t have been the famous ‘Paralyzed Survivor’... I wouldn’t have felt so alone... so truly alone... Agh. There it is. That buzzing again... Wait. I feel the presence of three others. A young boy. A middle aged woman. A slightly older man... What’s going on?

My thoughts are interrupted by a man clearing his throat; I thought that everyone had left. No he was still there, everyone else was gone. I look up. “Makara, you have pretty eyes, sea-green, an unusual eye colour. Suits you,” he’s going to say something important, I can tell, “you’re not the only famous orphan at the moment, there’s a boy called Callum. He’s thirteen and has in an accident that killed his family the same day as yours, just in the evening. He’s known as the ‘Silenced Survivor’,” he says slowly, I knew he was going to say something important but I can’t help but freeze. Why have the two of us had accidents that killed our families on the same day, why are we famous for it. I need to meet him. “Can I meet him?” I ask. The man answers, “I’ll see if you can meet him, I think it would help the both you. I’ll get my brother talk to him tomorrow when he sees him.” I nod and he leaves. I feel as if someone knows what I’m thinking; it’s him, Callum, I know it is. So as clearly as I can, I think: something is going to happen. Something that could change the world. Something to do with us. I can feel you, I want to meet you.

I smile.


Monday 10th October 2005, 12:20


“So, Callum, what can you remember?” a man with over-sized trousers and glasses was asking me, I’m not listening. Not really. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts... And, for some reason unknown to me, the thoughts of three other people... a little girl. A woman about twenty-five. A man thirtyish... I can’t figure out any more about who they are... “Can you answer me, Callum? Callum, I know you’re not listening; your eyes have gone from the usual electric-blue to skyish-blue.” I jolt, my thoughts going back to the room I was in. “Sorry, I was thinking about a little girl,” I sign, I have been muted for five weeks. “Is she from the break-in?” he asks me. I shake my head, my long, curly, chocolate-brown hair probably flying everywhere. “Can you tell me what you do remember, anything at all, Callum?” I think for a minute or two, the man waits patiently as I do. “Well, I remember that a black... Range Rover Sport, I think it was, had been parked outside at... after lunch. I could see it through my window... two... no three men came up to the door, I could hear a woman... mum... telling them to leave because... she was... finished with them, I think. They left. Later on mum was... nervous and so were... Dad and my... sister... Alexis... I went back to my room at... after dinner. I heard a car pull up then... mum... no, Alexis screamed and a window was smashed... then everyone ran up the stairs... tried to... it went from six pairs of feet to three... it was the men from earlier... they came into my room with a... hammer each, they all had covered their faces and I hadn’t seen what they looked like before... they came at me... I tried to run... one of them... he had broad shoulders, he grabbed my neck... then the thinnest one came closer to me and he asked me... something... I tried to get the other man off me... then the thin man asked me again... I struggled again... the third man shoved the thin one out of the way... and hit me over the head... that’s it. But I’m not sure if all of it is true,” I sign. The man looks satisfied; he won’t stop looking at me. I want him to stop. To leave me alone to think more about the people that I can hear in my head. “Callum, I’m not supposed to tell you this, it might upset you. But I think that it would be best,” the man says, “You’re famous. You’re known as the ‘Silenced Survivor’.” I am so shocked I freeze. Me famous... no. He doesn’t notice and smiles, getting up to leave. “Am I the only famous orphan at the moment?” I sign. I hope that I’m not. The man looks me in the eye and says, “No, there’s the ‘Paralysed Survivor’ she’s five and survived a serious car accident that killed her whole family. Her name is Makara.” I blink twice, thinking. Why have we both been in serious accidents, with our whole family killed in them, why are we both famous? I have to meet her, to find out everything. “When was her accident? Can I meet her?” I sign, my fingers are crossed – I need to meet her. “Her accident was the same day as yours, just in the morning. I’ll see if you can meet her, I think it would help you both. I’ll get my brother talk to her tomorrow when he sees her,” the man answers. I nod and he leaves. The girl’s thoughts get louder, clearer in my head. It’s her, Makara, I know it is. I can hear what she’s thinking: Something is going to happen. Something that could change the world. Something to do with us. I can feel you, I want to meet you.

I smile.


Monday 10th October 2005, 12:20


They don’t believe him... Do I believe him...? They think that it was Owen’s fault... Sorry, I forgot to explain.

Five weeks ago, Owen, me, our friends, and our family and lab partners had gathered for the unveiling of the new lab facility that was going to hold our explosive experiments... you can probably see where this is going, but I’m going to tell you anyway. H-he cut the ribbon... everyone except us and the HOD (Head of Department) went inside. We stayed outside to talk about when the experiments could start... Then... Then it happened... the... the explosion that killed... everyone... everyone, that is, except Owen, the HOD and me... they are still trying to prove that it was him... I’m in hospital... The explosion blinded me... I don’t know if it was him or not... I don’t know if I can believe him anymore...

The door opens and someone comes in. “Hello Eva, are you feeling well enough to talk?” They ask. I nod. “My name is Delphine. I’m here to ask you a few questions on why Owen might do what he did,” she tells me. I think my face changed to a scowl, I don’t know... I can’t see and my face is still numb from the operation. “He didn’t do anything! He didn’t,” I say, whether I’m trying to persuade her or me I don’t know. “Okay, sweetie, but say he did. Why would he? Is anything going on?” She asks again. Why can’t she stop asking me that question? I’m on the verge of one of my anxiety attacks again... I wish she could see that, it’s almost as if she’s the one unable to see instead of me.

She just leaves when I refuse to believe that he did anything... He didn’t do anything... he wouldn’t have done anything... He wouldn’t... would he? Stop thinking like that Eva, he loves you. He wouldn’t harm you... Not after last time... Last time when... No. I refuse to think about that.

The door opens again. “Hello? Who’s there?” I call out. The door closes. The person doesn’t answer. “Who is it?” I ask again, my finger hovers over the ‘Help’ button... Just in case. The person takes three steps... “Hmm sorry, what was that? I had headphones on,” I sigh, on the inside, though. “I would just like to know who you are and why you’re here,” I say, why would they have headphones on? “Oh. I’m Kieran. I’m the cleaner. You wouldn’t mind if I talk to you while I’m here. You’re usually asleep when I come in,” Kieran replies. So that’s why he had headphones. “Of course, I could do with the company anyways,” I answer, smiling... I think I was smiling, the numbness is still there. “Cool... its Eva, right?” He asks, I nod, “Cool. Did you know that people are calling you the ‘Blinded Survivor’? You’re famous, along with ‘Paralysed Survivor’ and the ‘Silenced Survivor’. It’s quite cool if you ask me,” Kieran says. I freeze. Famous. Me. No. But why would he lie? I’m going to believe him. Only him. And the two others he mentioned. “Who are the other two, may I ask?” I question, the feeling has returned to my face now.

“Erm... the ‘Paralysed Survivor’ is a five-year-old orphaned girl called Makara and the ‘Silenced Survivor’ thirteen-year-old orphaned boy called Callum. The Owen guy that’s been on the news for the past five weeks has gone missing too,” Kieran answers. I freeze at that. He lied to me... it WAS him... “Missing... Like ran from the police, gone into hiding?” I ask my heart beating like a sledgehammer in my chest. “Think so. “Why do you want to know?” Kieran replied. I cover my face and take a deep breath, “He was my husband and the explosion that he is being held responsible for is why I’m here, blinded.” I take another breath, waiting for the “Well he wasn’t a very good lover, then”. It never came. “Well do you think that it was him? And I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I need to go now, see you soon,” he says. I smile waving. I don’t hear the door shut so I do it myself... Idiot! I’m not supposed to do that... My head is spinning with not only my thoughts but two others... No three... A girl... It’s Makara... A boy... It’s Callum... And a man... who, I don’t know. Yet. I’m going to meet them soon... I’ll find a way... I have to...

The thoughts get clearer: Something is going to happen. Something that could change the world. Something to do with us. I can feel you, I want to meet you.

I smile.

Monday 10th October 2005, 12:20


She is going to hate me. God, I hate me. I promised that nothing would happen. Not after last time. No. I will not think of that. God I love her. I can’t think like this. She hates me. What have I done? I’ve killed my friends, my family, blinded my wife and I have run from the law. They can’t know who I am. What I am. What I can do. I’m dangerous. What happened five weeks ago proved that. I blew up my lab and killed around twenty people. I am a monster. Don’t say I’m not, because I am. I have a… gift. No. I have a curse. Eva, she has a gift. But I can never see her again. I have to keep running. From the law. From Them. I have to keep running. They won’t go after Eva, she hates me, and she doesn’t know where I am. She will be useless to Them.







Texte: Me. Please don't copy this and say it's yours. It has taken me a few years to think up the ideas and build up the courage to write this story down. Tears were shead, friends lost, hope lost then found, trust built and determination discovered
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This is for my cousin, Evie, my BookBuddy, Jasmin, and my Sister-Of-Heart-Not-Blood, Emily, they are always there for me - even in the darkest of times. And Thomas, whose witty ways have cheered me up and helped me to keep writing even though he wasn't trying to. They have all been an inspiration for my characters. The witty, carefree and clumsy side to the characters come from them and so do the more serious side to the characters, they have got a silly and serious side that sticks out more than everyone else's. Also, for Jess. Who read my book and couldn't put it down even though she doesn't read. I love you all!

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