People always think theres always an ending. Or the start of doing something new. Well in most cases yes it's true but not in my case. Time seems to keep repeating it's self with me. Causing me pain and stress. Let's just go to my name? Arianna Goldenstye. Did I asked to be named this? No. Did I ask to have "Golden" in my last name? No. Yes, "No" is in my vocabulary. I don't like agreeing to people. If they disagree with me....... They wont ever see the sun agian. Honestly what do I have to do to get people to agree with me. I'm a normal teenager. 15 years old. And with my 15 years on this dreadful Earth I have learned alot. You have to fend for yourself. Not everyone is going to treat you like your worth something. Anyways...

Love is starts and it begins. You never know who you fall for. Or how your going to fall for someone. Love can hurt. Love can be beautiful. Or Love can be a bitch. Now your probably thinking that this is some sad sobb story. Well I got news for you its not. But if you wanted to hear a sobb story I might just add that.
"Arianna" Someone said a couple feet away. I turned around to see who just called my name and it was my sister. What the hell?
"What" I practically shout at her. I dont like her. She is such a pain in my ass. She is always trying to copy me and trys to act like me. Cant she be her own person? I guess not.
"I told you to wait for me" She said in an annoying whiny voice. Yea I was really going to wait for this pain in my ass. As if.
"And I told you to go to hell" I replied
The worst part about my sister is that she is a year younger. But that still means she goes to my highshool. WHY!?!?!? I am so sure that I have curse on me. That would be wicked cool! Well not all that much but sort of.
"Just WAIT!" She trys to draw attention to herslef alot. I keep walking. We live close to the highschool. Its like a two block walk.


Finally at school. I didnt want to be seen with my sister. Her name is Jaylinn. I actually like that name its pretty. I search the hallways with my eyes trying to look for someone. Nope. I dont see him anywhere. Just then I feel hands wrap around my waist. Normally I would fist punch the asshole who decided to put his hands on me. I knew who this was. My hot boyfriend. Well my almost boyfriend. We been best friends since grade school. And over the past few summers he had developed some hot genes. I always had a small crush on him since the first day we started being friends. He understood me in a way no one else did, he listened and he was the most extrodinary boy ever. Im not even exaggerating. I wish I could tell him how I felt but .... I cant.
"Hey" I say to him
"Hey back" He hugs me. This is something I could get used to. REALLY used to. Maybe we are better off as friends? Sigh. Maybe?? Possibly even more?
"You ok?" He asks
"Derek I'm perfectly fine." I break out of his hold. Am I just imagining that he is triyng to hit on me? Probably .....


The whole day was hell. Well the frist five periods. I walk to ym fifth period class. I remebered that me and Derek always meet at my locker so we can walk to class together. And just as Im ready to go to my locker I seem him. I see him with my best friend Menet. What the fuck? She never meets me at my locker she always complains that she doesnt want to be late. I start walking towards them when, she kisses him. Surprised and shocked I push her off him and punch her in the nose. I heard a faint cracking noise. Musta been her fake ass nose. She screams in terror, and Derek trys to help her. Before he completely walks her way I bitch slap him. My girl best friend knew how I felt about Derek. And my guy best friend just goes along with her slutty ass? Does he not know she slept with the whole football team? Bitch probably got aids. This day just got better and better. Just in case you didnt understand that I was using sarcasm. Why would he even do this to me? Thats a stupid question cause guys will do anything to get a piece of ass no matter what. Guys are pigs, Im not saying ALL guys are pigs but most of them yea they are. Instead of crying over him. Im going to have a rage attack. Those of you who dont know what a rage attack is; it bascially is be being in over the edge and losing my temper and I get to break shit. I also dont give a fuck about Derek and Menet. They can go to hell and burn. Really burn to death.


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To my friend.

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