“Honey, get up.” I feel my mom shake my shoulder. “ You have to get ready, they will be here in two hours.” I  groan and pull the covers all the way over my head. I hear her shut the door.


As in they, she meant the boy I have to meet. And his family. Since I’m going to be 16 in 6 months. And have a duty to fill. I hate it, I was only 5 when it happened. Why is it my duty to help replenish the earth? I pull the sheet down and look at the blue cracked paint of my ceiling.Letting out a sigh I climb out of bed and look at the golden floating to the earth. And the squirrels racing to prepare for the long winter ahead. They are in a rush and enthusiastic. To bad I don’t feel the same way.


The leaves are singing a happy tone as they change into the most beautiful colors. Gold, red, orange and brown. So vibrant. So peaceful. I want to be one of those leaves floating to the ground.


“Rose!” my mom yells down the long hall. I slip on one of the many dresses that my mom is making me wear. It’s peach and if flowy, I reaches my knees. I go to the mirror and brush out my long brown wavy hair that reaches to my mid back. I look at myself, from my bright green eyes to my smooth tan skin.I always get told that I’m pretty. I hate it, they should stop lying to me. I hate my nose and long arms and legs.  


I walk back into my room, and see it’s 11:30. Half an hour until I meet them. One of the very many people that my parents arranged for me to meet. There are dozens and I’m not going to fall for a single one of them. Ever, I plan to not get married. And if I turn them all away, they will stop trying, hopefully. There is knock at the door.


“Rose?  They will be here in 10 minutes. Are you ready?” she says as she comes in.

“No.” I mutter as she looks me over.


“Oh, rose, you look amazing!” She squeals and runs to hug me. It’s hard to believe she’s 45 years old, she acts like she’s 16.   


“Come, they will be here soon.” She takes my hand. “You have nothing to worry about, he’s a nice boy” She smiles at me.


“You do realize that I have never talked to a boy right?”


“ That’s okay. You will do fine.”


Yeah, right. My mom has kept me holed up in my house for the last 11 years. After the bombing. The only reason we lived is because we were in a subway.  And in that time the only guys I saw were the ones in books.But I hate them already. They are probably ugly and rude and crude and stinky. I have thought of all the things they are for the last couple years and good in not one of them.


“Stop day dreaming, they are almost here.” She pulls me into the large ball room.


Did I mention that we have a jumbo house? If not, our house is huge. There is an upstairs that has 10 rooms and a downstairs that has a huge ball room, living room and kitchen. We have 900 acres and a stable. I have a black stallion with a star on it’s head, so her name is star. She is very strong and big. I captured her when she had a sore leg. I kept her and we bonded. I hear a car pull up.


Knock, knock


My mom rushes to open the door. I hear a few murmurs and a very hot guy walks through the door. He has blond hair and dull blue eyes.  Pale skin and strong jaw. My heart picks up speed as he steps forward his eyes poring over me like hot lava. Causing my cheeks to heat up and turn my head. His eyes meet mine as he smiles. I smile to as he steps forward again, taking my hand he smiles again.


“Hi, I’m Matt and it is so nice to meet you.” He leans down placing a delicate kiss on my hand, sending chills all the way up my arm.


“H-Hi, I’m rose.” I stutter! What? I have never done that in my life. Ever!  He smiles again. He gently lets go of my hand as my mom leads us to the dining room.


As we sit at the table, Macy and Gloria place dishes on the table. Macy and Gloria are our maids and my only friends. As they bring more I realize we are going to have a feist. Matt sits across from me and gives me smile. As we eat Matt’s family asks me all kinds of questions. Matt is making me so unsettled I can hardly eat. The butterflies in my stomach are ready to burst.  


The way he looks at me makes me cold and uncomfortable, almost as if he needs to study and learn everything he can. When we are done we move into the living room to talk more. I take a seat and Matt sits across from me. My mom talks to them forever. Almost like she’s never going to stop. About everything. Even the weather. I try to focus on them and chime in when needed. Mostly because I want to make sure they don’t say anything about me. And also because Matt won’t stop looking at me. I hate it.


It goes on forever and I start to get used to Matt's eyes as they continue to seek mine. My mother suddenly looks at me.


“Rose, why don’t you show Matt around a little.” I look at my mom. It was not a question it was a command. If I didn’t know better I would think she just wants to get rid of us. Nope, they won’t talk about me when I’m not here. She narrows her eyes as if reading my mind. I get up and look over my shoulder to make sure Matt’s coming along.

I walk to the front door, put my jacket on and goes outside. No longer caring if creep follows or not. I walk to the stables. Which is very large. Other then Star I have, Dora, Mickey and Memo, my goats. I get yummy milk from them every day. At first my mom hated them, but then she had there milk. I saved them from a storm and they never left.


“Is this your horse?” Matt asks snapping me out of my trance. He’s looking at Star.


“Yeah.” I say simply staying where I am, I want to go to her but he’s in the way. She is getting a little flustered. She doesn’t like him either.


He reaches out his hand to her, she backs up a little. He turned back to me.


“She is a beauty. Where did you get her?” He gives me a smile.


“I found her in the woods.” That’s all he needs to know. His eyebrows knit together.


“Really? She is a monster.” He looks back to the horse. 


“Yup” I walk further into the stable to my goats. We would have gotten another barn for them, but I don’t think I’m going to get any more horses I’m okay with Star.


“I love goats. Do you?” He says coming up behind me.


“Obviously! Why else would I have them?.” He smiles at me as I anwser.


“Well I certainly know a lot about you now. And I like what I know.”  He takes a step forward.  “ I also like what I see.” He smiles as he puts a hands on my hips sending shivers everywhere, leaning down to my ear. “ I think I want to know you a little better. He moves his head towards my lips.


“No!” I back up and run to the house. Up the stairs and to my room. Before I shut the door I hear my mom go into the ballroom.


Why am I acting like this? Why do I feel the way I do? Why do I feel bad?


 I wake to the sound of birds and beautiful rays of sunlight streaming through the windows. I lay in bed, what I often do. What happened last night, was it a bream? My dress on the floor told me no. Did he leave?  Please tell me he did.


My mom walks into the room and I immediately shut my eyes. She sits on the end of the bed.


“I know you're awake.” She says after a couple minutes. “You hide under the covers usually and you look more peaceful to.” I sigh and open my eyes.


“You know me too well.” I look in her eyes and instantly knew there was something wrong. I hide under the covers when I see that look in her eyes.


“Rose……” She sighs and pulls the covers to my chin. "You can’t hide from my and you know it.” I look away because I did know it, I’ve tried it before. I let out a breath, shut my eyes and get ready for her speech.


“Next time tell me.” She sounds sad. My eyes snap open and almost fall out of my shocked face.

“What?” I look at her in disbelief.


“Rose, I understand. I was in the same spot.”


“You were?” She smiles


“Yeah, my parents wanted me to marry young and I hated most the guys that came.”  


“Oh?” For the first time in my life I was speechless.


“But do it right next time, don’t just run away.”  She looks at me seriously.


“Sorry, what do I do then?” I did want to know because then I just turn them down fast.


“You tell me and then I will act appropriately.”


“And what if it is a need to get out of there fast moment.” I raise my eyebrow.


“You tell him that you're sorry and he will understand. He seemed nice though. Why did you run?”


“Reasons” I say quickly as I hide again. There is no way I’m going to tell her.


“Okay” she huffs and then leaves. Once she’s gone I get dressed and follow the smell of bacon. I go down the stairs and go into the kitchen and see Macy and Gloria eating at the counter. When they see me they start to move.


“No, it’s ok.” I smile at them and they look at each other not sure what to do.


“Hey take a seat with me.” I sit at table.


They move next to me and do the same.


I eat and head to the stables. I need a good ride to get my mind off of everything. And I’m guessing that  she is still upset from last night. I am, my skin is still crawling from where he touched me.


“Hi, Star.” She whines at me. “ I know, I’m really sorry. It was mean of me to run from you like that but I didn’t want to be like that. Do you forgive me?” I look at her eyes. As if understanding what I said she moves forward and rubs her nose on my chest and licks me like a bog. “ I take that as yes.” I grin at her. Bring her out and hop on her back. We take off and I feel the wind in my hair. Wiping and pulling at it. I shut my eyes and let Star lead.

I love to ride. It brings me closer to everything in the nature and makes my think about when I found Star a year ago.


The sun was going down and I started to go home from a walk in the woods. I was about 2 miles in. A little scary when you are alone. As I walk home I hear the thump of feet and then a whine cuts into the sky, being an animal lover I ran to the rescue. I was pretty sure it was a horse, nothing else is that loud. When I saw it was love at first glance. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  But she saw me and tried to run and ended up falling again. I came closer and she let me since she couldn’t move in the first place.


After looking at the leg i stayed there with her all night and she began to get used to me. I left her and told her I would be back, but in truth I wouldn’t be surprised if she left anyway.  So I went to get food. I set off again and after half an hour I hear the crunching of leaves and the breaking of sticks. I hide in a bush afraid that a bear would find me and rip out my face.  So I sit there ready to attack when I hear a whine. I step out and see star standing there blinks her blue eyes at me. I let out sigh and bring the food to her. I walk home and she follows. From there on I knew that she was the horse for me. And the fact that I tried to let her go, but she wouldn’t. I have had her ever since.


I am so glad that I found her. It was meant to be. She would be dead without me, I’m not saying that to make myself feel better, but because it’s true. But I would be empty without her. She even comes to her name. What horse does that. Oh, yeah. Mine. I can let her walk around the yard as much as I want and she won’t leave. It makes me happy that she wants the stay.


It fills my heart with pride and love. I will never let her go. I have enough trust in her to let go of the reins. I’m putting my life in her hooves weather she knows it or not. I open my eyes as she stops and recognize where we are. It’s where I found her. It’s as if she can hear what I’m thinking, heck maybe she can.


I get down and look around. I sit down and Star sits behind me. I shut my eyes and relax against her. Then Star moves and I hear a deep growl. I open my eyes and see 3 wolves staring back at me.  I jump up and almost have a heart attack. Star is already up. She puts her head on my shoulder and pulling me back. They look really hungry and skinny.  Two really bad combinations. The biggest one comes forward and growls louder. Then 3 more come out of the bushes. Why did I come out here?


My heart kicks into gear and so does my head. I slowly get on Stars back. I don’t want her to get hurt. I don’t know what to do. Then I think about the small stream we have that all the animals go to. It’s half a mile away. I don’t know if we can make it or not. But we have to try.


I look at the 6 approaching wolves and kick my foot into Star’s side. I hope that they are weak from loss of food. They are nipping at her heels and she lets out a sqeal. But as we run further they run slower. We make it to the river and they make it when we jump across. We watch as back away and jump to.


We take off running about half way there I fall to the ground.  There is only half a mile left to go. I hit hard and feel dizzy, so dizzy that they pounce on my before I can get up. One dives for my neck but I roll into a ball. One grabs me by the arm and I feel him latch on, his teeth sinking into me.


I start to pass out, when I hear a yelp and see a flash of black.I feel myself fade away as I feel blood flow. The last thing I see is black. I know this is the end I feel my body being dragged away into darkness.


I love you mom and Star.


 I feel warm and cozy. Am I dead?


“Rose?” Mom? I open my eyes and there she is. Mom. I look around and see that I’m in my bedroom. Wait. I thought that the wolves drug me off. What is going on?


“H-Ho-How did I get here?” I look into her eyes as I struggle to talk and my throat burns. Instead of answer she gives me water. I drink my fill and she smiles down at me putting her hand on her cheek. “ Mom, how did I get here?” I try again and my throat feels better.


“Star.” She smiles at me again. What is with her and all this bamn smiling? It all makes sense she was the black streak and what made the wolves yelp. But how did she possibly get me all the way here? Did she drag me all the way. A doctor comes into the room holding a clipboard and flipping through the papers and charts.

“We ran the test and….” She stops when he sees that I’m awake. “ Oh!? Hi Rose, how are you doing?” She smiles. “Ummm… oh! Yeah. I was just going to say that I went over the test data and you tested negative for rabies. You are lucky to be alive, any later and you would not be here. You sure have a good horse.” She walked out. My head is spinning and my arm hurts.  I turn back to mom.


“What happened? Am I okay? How did Star bring me all the way here? How long was asleep? Where is Star?” My mouth is going a mile a minute.


“Wow, slow down. Okay lets see. I don’t know what happened, I was hoping you would fill me in on that. You will be okay. You got 8 stitches to your arm and it’s starting to heal really good you will only have a little scar. I seems that Star carried you all the was here on her back, I don’t know how she got you there in the first place. You were asleep for a week. And you lost a lot of blood and almost died, they had to treat you with a lot of things. I will get you something to eat, I love you.” She plants kiss on my head.


Star is the reason that I’m alive.


Mom comes back soon with soup. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until I smelled the fresh chicken and dumpling soup.


“Thanks mom.”


“Anything for you” She says with a smile. Then she looks away in thought. “Okay, so I’ve been thinking and I think that it’s a good idea for you to go to school.” She smiles at me again. This time a little shaky.  I almost choke on a noodle.


“What? Why?” I look at her all my life I had been homeschooled by her. Why would that change now?

     “ Well….It’s a good chance to meet some new people.” She looks away.


“Okay, sure that’s why mom. And it just so happens after I turn 16 ½ right?”


“Fine, I want you to fine a boy.” She looks away again.


“You still think that I’m going to marry? And sending me to school is the worst idea you have ever had. They will eat me alive, then spit me out and do it again.”


“No they won’t. You are plenty smart. And there is nothing going to change that.” She smiles at me.


“I’m not talking about being smart. I’m talking about the fact that the only place I have ever been in life is here. Or the fact that I have never talked to anyone except for you. I don’t know how to act, when to go there, what to do or how to dress.” I glare at the wall.


“You will do fine. Oh, and it starts next monday.”


“Next monday, as in 4 days?”


“Yeah, your arm is already healed. And you don’t have anything else to do.” She smiles at me and then leaves.


Great school.Why does she have to do this to me. What did I ever do to her? Nothing. Did she make a split decision?





2 days can go a lot faster than you think. Especially if you spend your time in bed and thinking about school. Which is still on my mind . I accept it, but I will never forgive my mom. Ever. She means good. To get me married, but still, school. Macy and Gloria never got to go to school and are really jellos. If mom would let them they could go for me. I have not left our house or land since I was five. And know she thinks that I can go to school. Fat chance.


She’s off getting clothes and school supplies. She already signed me up and everything ahead of time. Good thing I’m not stating in the middle of the year or anything that would be the worst thing in the history of humans.


Macy walked into the room with a basket of freshly washed clothes.
    “School can’t be that bad. I mean if all the guys are as cute as the one that came, then you would be in heaven.” She sighs. Macy is one of the many people that don’t know why I ran out on Matt.   


“You never know.” I look at her.


“You're right, i wouldn’t know. I never got the chance to go.” She meets my eyes and frown.


“I’m sorry, you're right, I should be thankful.” I look away as she leaves.

Sure thankful, since that's something that I’m good at. I suppress a yawn and lay down on the pillow.


I think back to the day when Macy came to us. Her parents died and she never got the chance to go to school. 


Feeling myself get pulled away into darkness.


Yet again surprised how fast time flies by. And now it’s friday. School starts at 8:20. Right now It’s 7:45. Yay first day of school. Fun.


I look at my closet and wonder what to wear. I shrug grap a tank and shorts. It’s going to be hot today. It’s usually sold in the morning and at night. I get dressed and go to the mirror. I put my hair into a long braid that falls the the middle of my back. I put some sandals on and get going. I rush down stairs grab a piece of toast and take off. Glad that mom let me get my license.




I’m going to be early, great. I can’t just be on the right time can I. It’s weird to drive around town since I’ve never been here. Follow the direction and find my way to the school. It’s good size and is made out of bricks. I get out of the car and walk into the school. I go into the office, easy to find.


“Hello, I’m a new student.” I look at the short women behind the desk.


“Oh hello.” She looks up at my face. “ I’m Mr.Miller. And you must be Rose Tino?”


“Yes that’s me.” She hands me my schedule.


“Welcome West High.” I walk out. And look at my schedule. I walk into the high school hallway, eyes follow me down the hall girls and boys alike. I find my locker and after a couple tries I get it opened. A girl comes up next to me and opens that locker. I look over at her and meet her widening eyes. She sticks out her hand.


“Hi! My name is Katy. You must be new.” I shake her warm and clammy hand.

“Oh! I’m Rose.”


“Wow, that’s a cool name where did you come from?” she looks back to her locker.

    “I’ve here all my life, my moms making my come.” She looks at me and I see her blue eyes again.


“Wait, are you the rich girl that lives in the big house?” I hate being called rich.


“Uhh, yeah.” She looks me up and down. I do the same and see pretty blond hair with tan skin put on a cute body, she must be popular.

“Cool, I thought that and old granny lived there or something.”


“Oh!” is the only thing I say. I turn to my locker and look at my schedule. I look for a couple minutes and try to figure out how i’m going to find my math class.


“Do you need help?” I hear a voice and see Katy. I smile.


“Yeah.” I look away as she looks over my shoulder at my schedule.

“Cool, we have first together, follow me.” I shut my locker and follow. People continue to watch me, there eyes following me all the way. We walk into the classroom and am greeted by a fat dude. He turns to us.


“Ahh, you must be Rose?” He smiles showing a double chin I suppress a smile.


“Yeah, that’s me.”


“Well take a seat anywhere. And I'm Mr.Chub” I hold back a laugh. I pass some guys and they start to whisper to each other.  Katy looks over at me. We seat in the back and the eyes still seem to travel with me.


“Why is everyone looking at me?” I whisper to Katy. Some of the boys smile back.


“Well you are new here and not bad looking.” She laughs at me.


The bell rings.


“Now everyone focus…..”


All through the class they look at me and I try to focus on Mr. Chub, but they look at me and when I go to look at them, they blush and turn away.Class after class It’s like that. Like there eyes are glued to me. I’m lucky enough that all my classes are with Katy. And then it’s lunch, that is a mess. There are people running everywhere. Wow at the mention of food everyone runs, I make it through the line with katy and we go outside to sit and eat.


“So, what do you think of the school so far?” she says in between mouthfuls of food.


“I don’t know.” I say and she smiles at me.


“That’s what I thought that you would say. But everyone else seems to like you.” She wiggles her eyebrows and I roll my eyes. “Okay, you have to admit that you're hot.’ she looks seriously at me as I choke on the goss food of the school.


“Uhhh.” I’m not even sure how to respond to that. She laughs at me.


“Seriously. You have the brightest eyes I have ever seen. Your hair is amazing and your skin is gorgeous. And then you treat people better than yourself. You walk like you don’t care and you have the cutest outfit on I have seen all day. And you're just wearing casual clothes!” I blush and smile at her. “Oh, and your smile is perfect.”


“You are really pretty to.” I  snort at that.


“You don’t get out much, do you?” She tilts her head studying me.


“No my mom hasn't let me leave the house since I was five.” Her eyebrows knit together. “ and I’ve only talked to one guy before Mr. Chub and I’m not sure if he counts.” She lets out a laugh.


“Really?” She fownes. “And you're a junior?”


“Yeah.” I shrug.  


“Wow, you lived under a rock all your life.” she nods. I was going to say something then stopped when a couple girls came and sat next to Katy. I saw her talking to them ealer.  Katy looks at them. And then at me, I see them adsorb me.


“Rose this is, May and Morgan. Guys this is Rose.” Oh, yeah I have them in a couple of classes.


“Hi.” I smile and her eyes widen causing me to frown, all the while Katy laughs.


“Yeah, she's hot isn’t she.” They nod and I blush. “Not only that but her mom had her trapped at home since she was 5.”


“Really?” They say is shock.


“Yeah.” I shrug glaring at Katy  


. “Wow.”  May looks at me, and I just want her to change the topic  “So what is your last class Rose. And by the way I love your name.” Her voice is gentle as her light brown hair falls in her face. Her caramel eyes holding mine.


“Gym” I have the schedule memorized.


“Oh, me to.” She clapped her hands. I smile back. Then I look at Morgan and smile.


“Hey” She just looks at me.  


“Hi, I love your hair. I wish I had hair like that.”  I look at her beautiful straight black hair and bright blue eyes.


“Why? What’s wrong with yours?” She frowned and Katy smiles. Clearly Katy feels the same way.  “Why do you want to change something that’s already perfect?” Katy grins then looked at Morgan, who turned into a tomato.


“Because I’m ugly, and I hate my stupid pale face and to big nose.” She frowned and I raise my eyebrows.


“Really, if you really hate your hair, why not change it? If you hate you skin, then why don’t you put makeup on? If you hate your nose then why do you hold your head high? You know you're pretty, stop avoiding it.” I stare into her widening eyes. Watching as Katy’s and May’s do the same.


“Well, I ummm..” She looks down.


“You clearly need to be more confident in who you are.”


She raises her eyes to mine and she smiles at me. Her smile is dazzling, I wonder why she doesn't use it often. I smile back as she raises her head.


“Look who’s coming.” Katy looks up and Matt coming to the table.


 Katie, Morgan and May all sit a little straighter and fix their hair. Obviously wanting his attention. Wait. Is he one of the popular kids? No they usually have a posse following them.He gets to our table and I casually continue to eat, as the others look at him.


“Hey, Rose.” I hear behind me. I roll my eyes as the girls look at me in shock. He comes and stands at the head of the table. He smiles down at me and the girls blush.


“What?” Rude I know, but he is the last person that I wanted to see right now.


“I just wanted to say hi and ask if you would want to hang out later?” He smiles at me again. Oh, I see, He's a player. Now it’s clear, it wouldn’t have been the first day because that was a formal meeting. The girls smile expectedly at me.


“Nah.” I say biting into an apple.  The girl's chin hits the table and Matt frowned.


“Why? My mom thinks it’s a good idea if I get to know you a little more.” He smiles victoriously.


“Yeah, I thought I let you know a couple weeks ago what the answer was.” I get up. “Oh. If not then here it is, No.” I turn and leave, all the kids that were standing near looking at me in shock.  


I dump my tray what should I do? I think dy the time I go back he would have left. I turn and smash into a wall. Or at least I think I do until I step back and see a hunk of hotness looking back. He has curly hair, and the brightest eyes I have ever seen. And not to mention a his tan skin.  I feel him look me over and It’s like a pot of honey is poured onto my head.


“Sorry.” I go around him and he puts his hand on my arm, sending a ray of warmness through my body.


“Nah, it's fine.” He smiles at me. Begging warmness. What a player. I try to go around him and feels his hand fall away. Leaving her arm cold. I make it to the table and clears the webs from my head. I take a seat and they look at me weird.


“What? Do I have something on my face.” I blush at the thought of anyone seeing me like that.


“No……..It’s just that one of the most popular guys in the school just asked you out and you said that you don’t want to get to know him. And what did he mean when he mentioned his mom? How did he know you?”  They stare at me as Katy talks.


“Oh. well he mentioned his mom because they came over to my house a couple weeks ago, my mom wants me to find a man.” I roll my eyes. And they all nod.


“I wish my mom set me up with someone like Matt.” Katy looks over at the table that I’m guessing has Matt himself.


“I’d rather have Tye.” May blurts out with a sly smile. I’ve heard the name…. I think that I have a couple classes with him.


“Me to.” Morgan adds in.


“Tye?” they just look at me dumbly.


“Really? He’s only the hottest guy in the school.” Katy raises an eyebrow.


“And the most popular.” May adds in.


“Ok, he is the most sought after?” Morgan adds trying to get me to get it.




“Ok, well I have Art. See you later” I turn and head to the art room.


“Wait!” I hear behind me, and then there is Morgan besides me. “I have” She’s a little out of breath.


We walk in to see a nice lady, maybe in her 20’s.


“Hi, are you Rose?” She says sweetly when she sees me. I nod.


“Good you can sit anywhere. Oh! I see that you made a friend. Hi Morgan nice to see you.” We take a seat in the back. The room is white like that rest of the school and there are art projects everywhere. This is the most colorful room in the school. Other people shuffle into the room and then I see him. Hunka, Hunka himself. He takes a spot in the front seats. And then Matt comes in smiles at me and sits next to Mr.Hunk.


“Okay today we will get to know each other a little bit more with an ICEBREAKER!!” The class groans. “Oh, it will be fine, we will spend the next couple days to make a portrait about you!” When nobody shouts with joy, she goes on to explain what the assignment is.


"You have to create a peace about you. You can add favorite color, sport, hobbie, dream, fun fact or anything that you want, you have to have at least three things, but you can have more. If you add more you get extra credit."


I brain storm and out of the corner of my eye I see Matt looking at me, so I keep on going.  




I pick up my stuff shoving all the things in my folder, watching as one slowly floats to the floor. I sigh and shove the rest in. Going to get it, I stop when I see it in front of me. I look up to see Matt holding out the page for me, how sweet.


“Here, I think you dropped it.” He smiles at me, seeking to melt my heart. I grab the paper and walk out of class, after shoving it in my folder with the rest of the crap, er, I mean stuff.


I go to my locker and get my stuff for science. Yay, fun. Look up and see Mr.Hunk walking down the hall with his crew behind him. I look away and shake my head. Stop looking at people, especially that person. I go to class and the class after that. Then there is P.E. I walk to the gym with everyone else in that class, including May. I like to do stuff outside so this might not be that bad, only thing is I stink at running. The gym teacher comes out and I dislike gym a little more. The guy is almost bald with a gant pot-belly sticking out. Wowser.


“I thought that gym teachers were supposed to be fit?” I whisper to May sitting next to me. She snorts then covering her mouth to make sure that nobody else saw, all the while blushing.


“Nope, clearly not all of them. His name is Mr. Helare, or Mr. Nohair. He only likes that kids that are good at sports.” She shakes her head.


“Class shut up, and listen to me!” I look at May and she smiles shaking her head. That was a very long class, but I learned that Mr. Hunk is in there, along with Matt. Great.


“Hey, Rose? How are you going to get home.” Katy says coming up next to me and Morgan.


“I have a truck.” I open my locker and start to get my stuff.


“Oh! A truck?” She looks at me.


“Yeah, and I just happen to love the old gal.” She smiles wide


“You are such a country girl, no wonder all the boys look at you.” I roll my eyes. Then focus on the question that she asked.


“Why do you ask?” I raise and eyebrow at her.


“I thought that if you didn’t I could take you home.” She smiles at me. “ You know just to help a fellow friend.” I roll my eyes again.


“You can come over if you want.” I look at her with a smirk.


“Yeah, how about this weekend?” She smiles slyly.


“Yeah, you guys can come over.” She smiles and skips down that hall. I pack up the rest of my things and shut the door. Turning I see Matt come towards me.


“Hey. Rose.” He smiles splitting his face in half.


 “What?” I turn away and walk through the hall.


“Why are you so mean to me? What did I do to you, except be nice?” He says catching up to me. What did he do? Oh yeah, He was bad. I ignore him as I pick up speed.


“Oh, you don't know do you?” He picks up speed. Screw him and his stupid long legs.


“Can you just leave me alone?”


“No, I can’t. Not until you tell me why you ran from me.”  I stop and glare at him, which he matches with his own dull eyes.


“No, you don’t need to know!” I try to control my level of voice.


“Well, if we're going to marry then i need to know what to do to make you fall for me.” His face turns red. Marry? Who said anything about that?

“Good thing we're not going to marry.” I frown at him.


“My parents said that we might, they have been talking to your mom to.” He smirks.

“No.” I turn and run.  My legs pumping and my bag hitting my back.


“You can’t out run me, I’m one of the fastest runners in the school!” He yells at me. I hear his feet right behind me and pick up speed. I didn’t even know that I could run this fast. It’s like I’m flying through the hall. I hear hit pant and curse when I make it ahead of him.


And I thought I was the elephant, he makes me look like a gazel. I burst out of the door. Looking back I see him round the corner way down there.


“Wait!” I hear him pant out as he tries to get me to stop. Yeah fat chance on that.


Soon I can only hear the pitter patter as I approach my car.I get out my keys and fumble at the lock. Yeah, I still need keys to open it. This old ford still holds her beauty and I love it. I hear the front door open as I hop in and start it. And leave the panting mat behind.


Matt's P.O.V


Holy hell. She can run. I hear someone come out of the school.


“Who did you chase and how did they get away. I’m the only one that can outrun you.” I look to the side and see the smirking face of Tye.


“Yeah, I've been having a bad day anyway.” A lie of course, but how did she beat him?


“Yeah, is that why I beat you every time?”


“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” I raise my eyebrow at him, he seemed to always have somewhere to be.


“No, what ever do you mean?” A smirk playing to his lips. Oh yeah like he has no idea what I mean, since he IS the biggest player is the school.


“Oh, you know. The endless chick supply that you have?” I look at him again. He cups a hand to his ear.


“Oh! And I think i hear one chirping now.” He salutes and goes to his car, which of course has one of those chicks waiting.


Why does Rose hate me? I DID try to kiss her, but that’s because she was so damned hot. Does she even know how pretty she is, she doesn’t act like it. And she has a sweet truck. I really like her and I need her to feel the same way, no matter what.

Rose P.O.V 


What a creep, chasing her like that. I pull up to the house and hop out, fastest guy in school. Yeah right, i’m as slow as a snail and still beat him.  I walk through the front door.


“Mom! I’m home!” I really don’t need to do that, she can obviously hear the door open and close. She comes from the living room in one of her nice dress.


“Mom? Is there some hot new guy that deserves to see you dressed like that?” My mom never wears those clothes, never.


“Sweetie…” She sighs and walks up to me. “This is about you….” She glances at the clock. “I guess you can come with to. Where something nice.” I hop up the stairs basically like a crazy elephant.


I hate it when people talk about me when I’m not there. It’s just rude. I look at my closet at pick out a dark blue one that’s fluffy around my knees without showing to much or looking like a little kid. My mom was wearing something dark and so will I. Mayde there going to a funeral and going to talk about how I’m going to be next when I fail school.


Leave my hair in the side braids and hear out the door, after slipping on some sandals. I don’t go out, but I still have a killing sense of fashion. I hop down the stairs picturing i look like a buying gazel, stumbling and panting for it’s last breath.


“Rose…” My mom said from the door with a hand on her heart. Maybe she’s a vulture and seeking death, well she found me, so..  I step off and look at her. Tears basically flying from her face.


“What?” I look down at myself, my hand flies to my face. “Do I have ketchup on my face?”  She shakes her head and smiles.


“It’s just…….well darling you are beautiful. I’m so proud of you.” Mom walks and hugs me.


“Oh that’s all? Wow, way to freak my out mom.” I pat her shoulder.


“I’m sorry about being so mushy, gushy.” She wipes her nose


“Don’t we have somewhere to be?” I look around  


“Oh, they're going to pick us up.” She let go of me and stepped back, wiping a tear away. What is going on?


“Who?” I try to keep the command from my voice.


“It’s going to be okay” I pull back and she won’t look me in the eye.


“Mom, what’s going on?”


Knock, knock


She jumps a little. Then smiles nervously at her. Then grabs my hand pulls me out the door. I see a limo sitting there.


“Who is this, the queen of england?” My mom rolled her eyes and opens the door. She ushers me in front giving me no choice but to get in. Good thing that she did because once got in I tried to retreat.


Sitting there is the Stanley family, whose all smiley when I get in.


 Great, I had to go with. Why? But I knew that they would be talking about me so I had to come.  Mrs.Stanley looks at me and smiles.


“What a surprise! We had no idea that you’d want to come!” She looks at the rest of them. “ I must say Catica I’m surprised you could get her to come to this little get together.” She smiles at me again.


“Ummm, maybe I can get back out.” I go to stand but my mom stops me. I see Matt frown


“Sorry, Rose. But we are already moving.” Mrs.Stanley smiles again. I focus and see that we are indeed moving. Crap, way to foil my plan. I sit there and look at the pitch black windows.


"Where are we going?" 


“Honey, that’s a surprise.” Mrs. Stanley smiles at me then turns and whispers something to Matt. Matt nods and smiles at me. Wow, he is hot. No, he’s a jerk face stupid stranger.I look back out the window and let out a breath. Our parents talk for a while and I continue to stare at the black window. Black like my soul. Not really. I find myself being lost in it. Then the car stops and we pile out.


They took us to a gorgeous restaurant, wow. I smile a little bit. Then I feel something brush my arm, I look over and see Matt. I jump a little.  I turn and walk to my mom. We walk in and get a large booth in the corner. I am of course sitting next to Matt, close to him to. Our parents smile at each other. On top of that, he even smells good, great. 



We eat and when we are done, the serious stuff begins. It starts off with Mrs. Stanley smiling at me.


“So, Rose? How was your meal?” Her dimples show. The same ones that I see in Matt all the time.


“Wonderful, thanks.” I look at the table.


“What do you think of West?” I look up, I had already thought that the conversation was over.


“I don’t know, I’ve only been there for one day.” I look at her.


“Ah, yes. Maybe Matt can give you a tour of town sometime.” Matt smiles at me.


“ There’s no need, i hardly go into town much anyway.” I look at my mom and she frownes. Oh, I see there trying to get me to go do something with Matt. Ha, good luck to them.


 “You should come over sometime then.” Mr. Stanley says. Hey, there teaming up, that’s not even fair.


“I’m sure I’ll be busy.”


“Rose..” Matt starts looking in my eyes. “There’s always the weekend.” He smiles.


“Sorry, but I don’t feel like going to jail for stabbing somebody.” I smile as he lowers his now bushy eyebrows.


“Rose will you just spend some time with Matt. It will be great for you two to get to know each other.” She looks a little upset and yet determined. Huh, weird.




Good way for saying no. I hear Matt cough and our parents look at each other. They all nod.


“Well, Rose..” My mom starts. “Uhhh….well there is no good way to slam this into some body, but……..and …..Matt are……….uh….engaged.” I feel Matts hand on mine and I look at my mom pulling my hand from his.


“What!?!?” I raise my voice looking at all of them.


“Honey, this is a good thing. You and Matt are so perfect together and you go to the same school. You only live 5 miles away.” Mrs. Stanley smiles at me and I skoot away from Matt. Frowning he looks to his mom.


“You can’t just do this! I don’t like him. He’s a spoiled rat. Mean, annoying,cruel and weird." 


“As your parents we can, sorry. You can't say that about my son when you don't take the time to get to know him.” Mr.Stanley. “We will hear no complaining. Rose, you will come to live with us  until the wedding.”


WHAT!?!?? I open my mouth to yell, scream and cry. But Mr.Stanley glares at me, causing the words to run back down.


“This is going to be okay. You will move in tonight when we get back. We had the maids pack and move your things.”


I look down at the table. What can I do? Wait until I’m 18 and run away? No, that will be too late. I can’t do anything. I feel the bench move and Matt gently take my hand, I try to pull back but can’t. I raise my head and glare at him. He smiles down at me.


“Rose, everything will be fine. I’m here for you.” He says squeezing my hand. I rip mine away.


“That’s what I don’t want.” I hear a sigh, but he doesn’t move. And he’s pressed against me.


For the rest of the time I look at the table.Then when it’s time to go, I am forced to sit by Matt. All the way home I feel his shoulder and side against mine. Then we pull up to my house. I go to hope out but Matt grabs my hand. I look back at him.


“You live with me now, love.” He smiles. Love? Gross. I plop back down, letting go of his hand. Mrs.Stanley was right when she said that we live 5 miles apart. I step out and see a beautiful mansion. Of course, what did I expect from a rotten brat. It’s white and has two pillars by the front door. It’s huge.


“You like what you see.” Matt says in my ear, causing me to jump.


“No you rotten brat.” I step away. And he just laughs.


And now I look like I’m two.


“Here I’ll show you where our room is.” He takes my hand and leads me into the house. As we walk into the house I grab my hand away. He continues on down a bunch of halls. Then we come to a room and he opens the door stepping to the side he lets me in. Then steps in behind me. Matt. That’s the first thing that hits me. It smells like him. Then I see his clothes, and bag.


“Uh, I think you took me to the wrong place. This is your room.” I turn and ram into his chest.


“I can learn to share, love.” I shiver.


“That’s a big pass, thanks anyway. Stop calling me love, its gross.” I try to get around him, but he blocks the whole door way.


“No, this is now your room. What’s your is mine and what’s mine is yours. I can call you what I want to.”


“There’s something you will never have.” I turn and look out the window. Second floor,hu. And there's a roof. “Ok I’m going to leave and run home, k?”

“No, this is your house now.”


“But you forgot something.” I look at him.


“No we didn’t.” I cross my arms.


“My horse.”


I run to the window and jump out. This is the worst idea ever. I land on the roof and look over the edge. 6 ft. Crap. I hear feet land behind me and I take a leap of the edge.


“Rose!?” I hear Matt yell. I hit and look around. I hear Matt land close to me and I take of running the way home. Since I’m wearing a dress, is not easy. On the way I lose my shoes. But I keep running. I start to get tired. Yes, I lost him. I run and am grabbed by a movement in the bushes. I scream. I land on my back and look up at the monster on top of me, pinning my body to the ground.




“Why did you jump from the window?” He’s puffing. Good. I realize how close we were and tried to get away. But I couldn’t. “Nope, not until you answer all of my questions. Deal? I will maybe forgive you to.” He gives me a joking smile and my breath leaves me. He is truly gorgeous.


“Fine.” I puff out, because being this close to him is making me short of breath.


“Okay. Why did you jump out the window?” he looks down at me.


“I said that you forgot something” I look into those dull blue eyes.


“Your horse? We could have gotten her.” He smiles.


“No, you wouldn’t have. She would have killed you.” I smile at him. “You know what? You should have tried.” He frowned his eyebrows join together again. I laugh, I can’t help it.


“It’s rude to laugh at people.” Even though he’s smiling.


“Yeah, and I needed a nice long joge.”


“Sure. That was more of an olympic run. Oh, and is that why you are still wearing a dress?”


“Yup. Are you going to stop smothering me know?”


“Nope. That was one question. Okay, lets see. Oh, where did you get your horse?”


“I told you before, in the woods.”


“Yeah, right before you ran out on me.” He looks at me. “Okay, why did you run out on me?”




“That’s not an answer. Am I really that bad?”


“Yes.” I glare.


“Why? What did I do to you?” He looks hurt, good. “Is it because I tried to kiss you?” I frown. “It was just a kiss.” He leans in. I take advantage of this and hit him in his…..soft spot. He groans and rolls off me.


“I don’t want my first kiss to be to you.” I turn and run through the woods to the road.




I pick up the pace when I hear him behind me. Trying to catch up. I run and run then I see my house in front of me. He is still behind me, 20 feet maybe. I run hard to the barn, through the door open grab star and mount. I turn her and we fly out the door, almost running Matt over.


“Rose, wait!” I look back and see his pleading face. I shake my head and keep going. I make it back, and go to put star in the stables.


“Hi?” I turn and see a stable boy. He walks up and tries to take her reins. “Let me help, she is a big girl.” He smiles and I frown at his and whip the reins away.


“I’m fine” Again he tries to take the reins from me. “I can control her better than you.”


“I doubt it.” As he takes the reins. Star whines then looks at me. I nod, I know exactly what she’s going to do. I walk out and step to the side. Seconds later I hear a shout and Star comes running out with the stable boy in toe. He runs and skids and yells and swears.


“Star, nepo.” That means stop and come here. She walks over to me. I take the reins again. Looking at the shocked and startled stable boy. “I can take care of my own horse. Thanks for the amusement.” His face turned red and he stomps away. I take her back to the stables and put her in the closest stall to the door. Give her feed. I have to search for the water. I find it and go back. I see a girl standing there looking at star.


“Hi.” I say cautiously. She turned to me. While I was in the back I changed into some of the Stable clothes. She is pretty and familiar with bright blue eyes and curly hair.


“Okay, I came here to get a horse for the racing competition at the school and I think I want this one. She is the best I’ve seen in all the places I’ve gone to. Good build, strong legs absolutely perfect. So get her ready to go and I’ll get you the money, my brother will help you put her in the trailer.” Wait, what? I look at my clothes. Ah, she thinks that I’m a stable girl.


“Come on.”


“Oh, sorry. I’m not a stable girl.” She raises her eyebrows and looks at my clothes. “Yeah I had nothing to change into after I was riding.”


“Then what are you doing here?” She looks upset and like she gets whatever she wants.


“I live in the house.”


“Oh, so you're a maid.” She frowned.


“No.” She brings her eyebrows together and looks at my clothes again. I take the chance to do the same with her. Rich. is the first impression.


“Oh, I knew you were too pretty for that.” She smiles at me. “Okay, but I still want this horse.” She points to star.


“Sorry, she’s not for sale.” She frowns


“Then why is she in here?” She is pissed.


“Because she’s mine.”


“Huh, how much?” She looks me in the eye.


“Not for sale.” I bring the water to star and open the pen to give it to her. I place it on the ground and shut the door again. I find her at my side. Both me and star jump.


 “I want this horse.” She glares at me. “I get what I want.”


“Too bad this is my horse and she will stay mine.” I glare back.


“I bet you can’t even control her. I want her to race. Not just for looks”


“You think that you could control her?” I raise an eyebrow. Really? Only if she knew.


“Yes, because I am a master horse trainer. Even though I’m 13.” Yup, I knew that she was young.


“I can control my own horse. Sorry, you can’t have her.” I look at Star and she’s looking at me.


” I get what I want” She practically growls it out.


“Nope, know if you don’t mind. I was going on a ride and I’m going to see it through, your highness.” I bow mockingly. She turned red. I open stars pen and grab her reins.


“What are you doing? Finally loading her up?”  she has a triumphant smile on her face.  I glare at her.


“No.” I hop on her back and go out of the barn. I see a truck and trailer. A shadow is leaning across it. He looks up and I see blue shining eyes, the kid from school.  Mr.Hunka. 


“Hey, Mad. I see you found a beauty.” He has a deep voice as he looks at Star and then at me. 


“Sorry, I was just going to go on a ride Didn't mean to intrude.” I smile as Mad’s face turned red.


“I want that horse!” She points to Star. “She said I can’t have it because it’s hers! I doubt she can even control it!”


“I am sorry, master horse trainer But this is my horse and you don’t always get what you want.” She turned red, and the guy laughs. “Good day you highness.” I bow in my seat. Causing  him to laugh even more.


“Don’t laugh with her, I want that horse!" She screams. 


I ride off to the trail that I saw earlier. He salutes and I do the same. After a good ride I go back and they're not there. I put Star away and go into the stupid room that me and Matt share. I change and crawl into the bed. I can still smell him on everything. I hear the door bang open and I know it’s him. I slam my eyes shut and shallow my breathing. Why? No, idea.


 I hear him go into the room, really loudly. He must have seen that I’m “asleep” because he started to walk slowly and quietly. I know he was looking at me and that made my skin crawl. He sighs and I hear him walkover to the bed sit at my feet. I feel his hand wipe my hair away from my face. It took everything in my body not to flinch from him. He sits there for a while. To the point where I actually start to go to sleep. My mind is spacing but I catch a couple words.


“I’m sorry.” then everything is gone with my mind.


 I wake up and see light streaming through the window. I yawn and look around, the first thing I notice is Matt lying in the bed. Ugh. I roll over put clothes on and go to feed Star. I make it to the stables and see the stable boy inching to Stars pen and Start looking at him baring her teeth. She spots me and whines.


“Well hi there.” I smile at star. The stable boy whips his head around to me.


“ I can’t go two feet from her and she tries to rip out my face. How in hell do you do it?” I looks at me.


“Well..uh…” I don’t know his name.




“Oh? Tommy, I grew with her and worked with her. She trusts me and I trust her.” I smile


“Yeah, I see that know. You gave her a nod and she about tore me to shreds and then you said and word and she walked over to you like a puppy dog.”


“Bout time you realize that she’s my horse.” I take the hay he was holding over to her.  Tommy laughs.


“Don’t you have school?”


“Yeah in half an hour.” I turn. “See you later. Careful she will bite off your fingers.”


He looks at her and shivers. I walk back to the house. When I go into the room I see Matt still lying there sleeping. I walk over and put one of his dirty socks on his face. When I get my clothes out and start to walk to the bathroom, I hear him gagging.


“Yuck, gross.” I laugh and walk into the bathroom. I take a shower change my clothes and brush my hair and teeth. I walk out and see that he has already changed and ready to go.


“It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for you, love.” He turned and hands me my bag.


“Why?” I take the bag.


“So we can go.” I look at him, he talks like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.


“Don’t wait for me. My truck is slow.” I walk to the door.


“There is no way a beast like that is slow. Guess I’ll find out soon.” He smiles at me.


“No you won’t. I like to ride by myself.”  


“Well, future wife of mine. Get used to it, you are stuck with me for the rest of my life.” I shiver.


“Yeah, good luck with that.” I go out of the house and to my truck. Matt following all the way.


“No. You are not riding with me, ever.” He sighs and goes to his own truck.   I hop in and drive to the school, not able to leave Matt in the dust. I really hate him. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s the fact that we are being forced together. I get out of my truck lock it and head into the school. I find katy by my locker.


“Okay, what happened. It looks like you got hit by a bus.”


“I wish that’s what happened.”


“Matt won’t leave you alone?”


“Yup and what made it worse is our parents.” She raises her eyebrow and motioned for me to continue on.  “If I tell you, then you might tell everyone.”


“No I won’t. Girl scout code.” I smile.


“Well...uh.” Matt walked up and I stop talking.


“Am I interrupting?” He looks at us and Katy smiles.


“Yes, now leave.” I turn my back to him and he sighs as he leaves.


“Okay, that was that.”


I roll my eyes and get out my crap for my first class.




I make it to lunch and everything is good. I have my first with Matt. Then I have my 2nd and 4th with Mr.Hunka I sit outside with Katy, May and Morgan.


“You look depressed.” May starts the conversation. I’m glad that I have a few classes with them.


“To tell you the truth, I am.” I look at the cold turkey and chicken sandwich in front of me.


“Oh! You never told me what you were going to.” Yes, I never did. And I was really hoping that she would forget.


“That’s okay.” I shrug.


“No, it’s not.” Mogan starts to cough. We all look at her.


“Incoming” She whispers to us all. My head snaps up and I see Matt coming over.


“Crap” They all look at me. Then sit taller. He takes a seat next to me. I scoot over. And he scoots closer. I have had enough. I pick up my tray and sit by Katy. Matt frowned.


“What did I do?” He looks hurt, so be it.


“Everything.” I pick up my plate and go to dump it. It is still full of food, but I’m not hungry anymore. I walk to the dumping place, eyes still follow me. Not as much as yesterday, but still a lot. I pour the food into the trash and sit in front of my locker. Alone.




Crap, I can’t be left alone for two seconds.


“What?” I look up to see Mr.Hunka coming down the hall.  


“Sorry. Just wanted to see if your ok. It looks like you're going to hit some body.”


“Yeah, that would be nice.” I look at him.


“You can hit me if you want.” He holds out his arm.


“You're not the one I want to hit.”


“Oh, you have somebody in mind?” I shrug as he sits next to me. “Is it the same person’s house you were at?”


“Yup.” I smile at the thought of slamming my fist in that stupid smug smile of his.


“By the way my sister hates you.”


“Yeah, I figured she would.”


“She even thought of all the ways she could break into the stable and steal your horse. When I first saw her I wanted to do the same.”


“Yeah, good luck. She would tear you apart.” I laugh realizing how close I am to him.


“I’m sure she will.” The weird thing is, there is no sarcasm in his voice, just understanding. I look over at him and see that he’s looking at me.


“By the way, why does she want a horse anyway.” I look at the locker in front of me to avoid getting lost in those amazing eyes.


“Who, Maddie?”


“I think so.”  


“Oh, she wants to be a master horse trainer so she’s on a hunt for the perfect one to be her companion, she also wants to be a racer.” I bust out laughing and then nod. 


“I have to go to the bathroom, see you later.” he nods and I get up and go to the bathroom. I didn’t really have to go, I wanted to get away. I feel weird around him. Like a bee hive was let loose in my belly If I say the wrong thing, there going to sting my insides. Why do I feel like this.


Do I like him? No, I don’t even know who he is. And then we have the whole Matt issue. I look in the mirror to see how I look. Stop! I have never done that in my life. There is something wrong with me.


 “You are to bring an extra change of clothes. If you don’t you will be docked points. The first couple weeks are going to be testing. Running, lifting, benching, squatting, jumping and all the things inbetween. You are to give it all you got and no less. I will be able to tell. If you are good enough you can join a sport. After the first couple weeks you will do things like basketball, football, volleyball baseball and softball.” Mr. Chub is going over all the rules and stuff.


It has been a long day. In art we had to work on that project and it’s due thursday. The other class, Health. was bad we had a pop quiz on the video that we watched.


“Okay, I’m splitting you into teams and you are going to do the workouts for the next couple weeks.”


“Matt and May.”


A bunch of kids that I don’t know.


“Rose and Tye.” Isn’t he that hat popular dude that the girls were talking about


“Good luck, and don’t fall for him to fast.” May smiles and walks over to a frowning Matt. I go to the bottom of the bleachers and Mr.Hunka walks up.


“Hi, I’m Tye.” He holds out his hand with a smile.


“How nice it is to meet you.” I smile and he laughs.

“Rose that’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smiles and I frown and roll my eyes. Turning so that I’m standing next to him I look at the teacher. I really don’t want to look at the stuck up player.  


“Okay, chat and get to know what the other person can do.” He smiles at Tye. I turn to Tye.


“Okay, what can you do?”


“Well, I can do lots of things. Such as breathing and talking and……” He stops when he sees me glaring he smiles at me. The bees are getting there stingers ready.


“Okay, fine. As of right now I am the fastest runner in the school. I also play basketball and football. How about you?”


“I’ve never really seen how fast I can run. But I like to play basketball and football. I usually play with the servants and stuff.”  


“You like to play football?” He raises his eyebrows.


“Yeah, I barley know how to play.”


“You know I could always teach you?” I shrug. Thinking of him seeing me fail. 


“Oh and I could get Matt to help.”


“Help with what?” Matt says overhearing.


“Teach Rose how to play football” I shake my head as Matt and Tye make plans to cream me.


“Okay Rose. Mee us at the football field after school.” Tye says coming back.


“And then what, you’ll cream me”


“We’ll see.” I roll my eyes as Tye tryes to think. Or at least look like he’s thinking.





“Okay, do you know what to do?” Tye and Matt look at me after they tell me how to play this really over complicated game of football.




We get into position. Me and Matt against Tye.


20 minutes of getting pounded later. I have not been able to even get past Tye to run. This is stupid. I can do this, but I’m tired now. I could figure it out if I wanted to.


“Come on, Rose. One more time.” Both Matt and Tye look down at me as I lay in the grass.


“Fine, but don’t tackle me so hard this time.”


“Hey, what can I say? I did tell you I was the fastest kid in the school.” I roll my eyes and go to get up. I find two hands outstretched in front of me.


I look at them both and then do a flip to land on my feet then walk in between them. We get into position and I shut my eyes what can I do. I try to get around him and he’s there.That’s the problem! I can’t get around him. But they never said that I can’t go over him. The hard thing will be running once I get over He’s a big dude it will be hard to get over.


Then we start. He charges at me. I jump up and do a flip off is back I land and I take off. I can hear his steps behind me and I pick up speed. Tye lets out a growl I know he’s close and I have to keep going. Faster, faster. I make it to the touchdown line and turn to find Tye coming full speed at me still with a wicked smile on his face. Matt has a shocked look on his face. I jump up and push off of his back. I look and he is on the ground.


I look up and see Matts jaw is just about hitting his knees. I walk down the field to Matt and give him the ball. I look back and see Tye get up. He has dirt on his face and clothes.


“Run” I hear Matt say next to me.


“I’m going to get you” Tye says as he starts running full speed down the field. I see Matt take out his phone and I run I go onto the track and hear the thump thump of his feet on the pavement behind me.


Crap, Crap, Crap.


I am tired, but if he catched me. I am done for. That makes me run faster. My feet are flying across the track. I have never ran this fast in my life. I let out the last of my energy and go faster. Somehow I am still going. We have been around the track once already. I glance back to find Tye five feet behind. Sweating and panting. I stop. Jump to the side and let him barrel past. He stops and faces me, panting.


“How in the hell…” He puts his hands on his knees.


“Why are you so mad. Is it because I got a touchdown?” I start singing you can’t touch this. He busts out laughing. Rolling laughs that won't stop. By this this time Matt has already made it over and is laughing to. I can’t help but join in to.


“Dude, you are never going to live this down.” Matt pats Tye on the back.


“Shut up. I’m not even sure what happened.”


“What happened is you got creamed by a girl.” I jump in victory.


“You will pay.” He growls.


“Will I? Oh, guess not you can’t catch me.” I laugh and Matt does to. Tye just watches me with a weird gleam in his eyes.


I walk into the room and plop down on the bed.


“Well it looks like you're tired.” Matt says as I shut my eyes.


“Odiviouesey.” I mumble against the pillow. He laughs and I start to lose myself to the realm of sleep.




I wake up to the sound of birds and someone shaking me. I look to see Matt.


“Hey, it’s time to get ready.” I blink my mind fogy.


“What?” He laughs.


“It’s time to get ready for school.”


“School!” I sit up hitting Matts forehead with mine.


“Oww….”Me and Matt moan out.


I slide out of bed and go to get ready. I step out of the bathroom and grab my bag and go down stairs. My belly growling like a bear. I stop in the kitchen and eat cereal. My belly full I go to the door. Matt stops me and puts his hands on my shoulders


“Are you okay?” He is so sincere I lean in and hug him. He is warm as he hugs me back. I am too tired to fight my emotions. He puts his chin on my head. “Well if you’re hugging me, then you are not okay.” I laugh.


What am I doing? I’ve not even known him for a week and I’m hugging him. I step back and run up the stairs. My gym crap. I grab some shorts and a tank top and meet Matt at the door I walk out and hop in his truck. So much for driving myself. Matt looks at me and drives to school. He keeps glancing over.  I hop out and go to class. I sit next to Tye in that class. Go figure.


“Did a bus hit you?” He looks at me.


“No, you did.” I put my head down. Trying to forget the moment between me and Matt. He laughs.


“I will get you back.” He whispers.


“I’m sure you will.” The class starts and I fall asleep. I wake up to a shaking and see that Tye is waking me up.


“Class is over, you're lucky that everyone else is asleep to.” I yawn and go t o get up but fall over into Tye.




“Oh, no problem.” He smiles and I realize that he’s still holding onto me. I shiver and he lets go.




I go to the rest of my morning classes then to lunch. I put my head on the lunch table and almost fall asleep.


“Rose, are you okay?” Katy asks as she comes over and sits in front of me.


“Yeah.” She raises her eyebrows and then claps her hand over her mouth.


“Is there something going on in between you and Tye? He has been watching you all day. And that’s saying because he watches a lot of girls and he’s mostly focused on you.”


“Well, I out ran him.”


“Outram who?” Matt comes to sit next to me.


“Mind your own business.”


“Oh, Tye?”


“There is no way that you out ran him. He is like the flash.”


“I have it on video.” Matt takes out his phone.


“You do?” Me and Katy says at the same time.


“Yeah, I had to. It was funny and Tye was getting mad.”


“Tye was getting mad about what?” Tye who was walking by just happened to hear that last part. And now his boy band had us surrounded. A lot of them kept looking at me when the thought I wasn’t looking.  Me and Katy make eye contact.


“Oh, only the fact that Rose kicked your butt.”  Matt dares him to say different. I take a bite of my sandwich. The guys then look at me and then at Tye. Saying ohhh.


“What?” He says looking at the boys. “That was only because I was tired. I bet I could beat you now.” He says looking at me. Wow, he was really arrogant.


“And now I’m the one tired.” I look at him.


“I’m just kidding.” he walks away, but his eyes tell another story. Matt pats my back and I wiggle away.


“What just happened?” May and Morgan ask spotting Matt.


“I truly don’t know.” Katy says winks at me.


I get up and dump my food into the garbage. I sit in the hallway in front of my locker. I hear footsteps and know who it is.


“Your an arrogant butt face, aren’t you?” Tye chuckles and sits next to me.


“Nah.” I roll my eyes. “Good job last night, you really did cream me.” He smiles.


“Thanks for the work out.” He laughs and I realize he’s not the same, weird.


“Yeah, no problem.”


I yawn.


“You tired?” He looks into my eyes. I hold his gaze but have to look away.


“Yeah, that’s why I yawned.” He rolls his eyes. He gets up.


“See ya later.” He starts to walk away. “Oh, and you should try out for track.” He gives me a smile and I think that my heart skips a beat.   Track? I shrug and stand up as the bell rings.


“They like you.” I look over at Katy. but she’s not going to say anything else.


I head to the art room and have to present the stupid project that we had to do. Mine was one of the best, guess I don’t suck at art.


Everyone else has to go to. And I find that Tye’s is the funniest because he makes faces and does goofy things. My stomach has butterflies flocking around.


Stop! I don’t like him. Good lord, I’m engaged to someone! Even though I hate the person that I am to.


I sigh and look at the table in front of me. What is happening to my life? Last week I didn’t even leave the house and know I have to go to school. And I’m engaged. I put my head and before I know it, I fall asleep.




I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder.


“What?” I say waking up and looking at the owner to the tan hand that woke me.


“Sorry, next time I won’t wake you when the bell rings.” I look up at the smiling face of Tye. My heart goes a little faster. I yawn and stand up, almost falling. But Tye, is there to catch me.


“Sorry. How long did I sleep?” I step away and grab my stuff off the table.


“Oh, just the whole time.” He smirks at me. I look into his deep blue eyes. I look away and walk to the door.


“See ya later sleeping buetie.” He goes the other way as I go to science. I roll my eye. Guys are Jerks. I turn into the hall and face plant into abs. I would have landed on my tush if it wouldn’t have been for the hand there to catch me.


“You okay?” Matt, I recognize the voice and I walk around him. His hand dropping to his side he follows me.


“ want to go do something later?” He smiles at me biting his lip. What is he nerves?


“Uh, why?” There is something wrong. He’s off.


“Well….. I want to get to know you better.” I stop and look at him, he stops to. He looks intently at me. “I’m sorry for everything else. I should have never pushed you.” Then he walks away.


What is going on?  For the rest of the classes I didn’t talk at all. He won’t even look at me. What is going on? I had hugged him this morning and now he won’t even look at me.


"Wait!" I yell as he walks away. 




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