My Life

Always live life to the fullest.

That’s what they say you should do. They live by it, they encourage other people to live by it. But the problem with that it those people is that they already have lived the life they want to live. And now they tell other people to live like them; to the fullest. Oh yes, just spend all of your time trying to live the fullest and greatest life ever.

Don’t worry about the small things, like family and friends. Well, it’s not like that matters to me anyway since I don’t have any of those. They live by that, but I have learned to live by another rule. Because life at Morro Bay sometimes isn't as nice as it seems.

Learn to live in misery, and always fight back.

I’ve not always been like this, I’ve just learned to live by a saying just like a lot of people do. It is my life saying the thing that has kept my from falling apart completely. But when you get as low as I am you learn that you can’t get any lower.

When the people around me started to not care about me, I guess I did the same. That’s the way that it has been, ever since mother died. Back then I could cope with my surroundings. I could push past them and look at the things that really mattered; family and school. I was a straight A student, and now I would be lucky to get a report that doesn’t have the enitial for failure.

It’s not like my dad cares anyway, or my brother Tod. Most of the time my dad is at home parting with his girls and my brother is living with his girlfriend. But they are one of the same, potheads. And now at school I am labeled the future pothead. You see, when Mother died my dad lost it and Tod followed suit. I never tried pot, but I have been drunk before. That was the first and last time I ever touched a drink.

A year ago, when I was 16, I came home and my dad was having one of his parties and somehow I forgot to go through the back door like I always do. I walked in and instantly realized my mistake, to late. I tried to turn around but felt a hand pull me back in.

I turned to see the face of my father.

“Hey, Mia” He looked around him and grabbed a beer off the table. “Here you go, you should loosen up a bit” I could smell the beer on his breath.

“Ummm, ok” I took the beer from him popped the top. And chugged. Hey, how bad could it be anyway?

News flash, that was the worst idea ever. After I had chugged 3, i think, wait no 4 I lost track of everything. I got so drunk that all I could remember the next morning was my dad’s face looking at me before I took that beer.

Things come back to me now and then, flashes of colors and boys. But the thing I remember most was waking up and getting sick all over the sheets, the headaches and how I felt like crap. And the next morning I also realized that the beer wasn't even that good. Good thing I didn’t try any drugs.

At the time my Mother had only been dead for two years. She would have killed me before the drugs anyway. That’s the way she was, fiercely protective and also hole hearted. To bad that hole hardness didn’t pass to Tod. For he is one of the worst people I know and I have to go to school full of Heartless haters.

But even before the mom left he has been like that. So when father lost it, he jumped at the opportunity to drop out of school and be a dope. He is two years older than me, so he was out of school when he was 17. It’s not like I care anyway the only time that I talk to him is when he tries to get me to do drugs or hook up with one of his friends.

Even though I’ve told him no a million times he still can’t seem to understand that he is not in charge of me and he will not get me to be like him. I may be a dork and ugly troll, but I will not just throw myself away like garbage. I have thought about it, but I decide to live, for my mom. I will try in school. I will try to get friends.

Oh great, here I am again saying that I will try to live and do school and everything like that. I’ve been over this over and over. But the truth is that I have tried, I gave it a chance for three years. I tired to the best of my ability to get good grades. But the friend part?

No way. Not happening.

Even if I did try I would fail miserably. And look at that I would yet again get another ridiculous nickname and be teased as the friendless juniour. Come on, what juniour doesn't at least have one friend. Well I guess one person, me, Mia Meth as the people call me at school. But my actual name is Mianna Mavis, something that I am not proud of.

But who would be? Who would want a name like that? Not me, no wonder I’m the class failure. No wait, the school failure.

But it’s not like the kids at school care if I actually do any drugs or not. All they care about is whether or not I’m liked by other people. When I was in Middle school and my mom was alive I was liked, I had lost of friends. And then the accident happened. It wasn't about my mom it was about my dad, like I said he lost it.

And when he did he made a bad impression of himself and that went to me. At first people were still my friend and then dad went to jail. It went downhill from there, they just left. Well not exactly, during the summer they all decided that they didn’t want to be around me. And that was the end to any of the friendships that I have ever had.

        Now It’s been over three years and the haters never stop. Sometimes I think about just quitting. But that was not what mom wanted for me. That’s the only thing that has kept me going.



Lost Chance

 In a two weeks I start school. The haters will be waiting, like they always are. So far this summer I have accomplished my one goal, never give in. Sometimes I don’t know why I care about anything. I don’t know why I try. Why I live.

      All summer for me was spent at the library and in my room. No matter what day it was I could not get away from my dad, or Tod. All summer they were parting. Sometimes they would try to involve me, but it always ends the same way.

       They also make fun of me for being at the library all the time. But the truth is I actually like to read. I just don’t like to learn. I can’t focus in school, not like I want to anyway. It’s just the teachers are so annoying and have to give us an overload on homework. Good thing I don’t do it anyway.

        “Hey” I hear over the sound of my music. I look up and see a new face and am instantly annoyed.

        “What?” I say as I pull my earbuds out.

        “Sorry…’s just that I’m new here”

         Like that’s not obvious.  I take her in. She has blond hair that goes to her mid back, she is short. Well compared to my height of 5’8. She looks about 5’2. I can already tell that she is one of those people that talk way too much. Ugh.

       “Ok” I say trying not to yell at her for interrupting me.

       “Do you go to Stanford” I want to run at the mention of my dreadful school.

      “Yeah, why?” Can’t she go away.

      “What grade?” She looks almost hopeful, great.

      “Does it matter?” I look at her as she sits down across from me.

     “Yes, because I will be going to that school to” She looks a little less optimistic.

     “Cool” She lets out a long breath, seeing that she is getting nowhere.

     “I will leave you alone if you tell me”

      That was not what I expected her to say. Wow, that surprised me.

      “Fine I’m a junior” I sigh.

      “Really, me too.” At that she looks happy. Bursting with happiness.

      “Why are you talking to me?” Pop, just like that all of her happiness leave her.  

      “What do you mean?” She looked truly troubled, that’s nice.

      “I mean, out of everybody you could talk to. You decide to talk to me.Why?” I look at her in the eyes as I say this.

      “Because you look like a nice person” I bursted out laughing at that, and instantly stopped when I saw that she was serious.

      “Your kidding right?”

       She looks down and continues.

       “No, and I don’t see why you have to ask me that.” She stands up and I see that I have made her mad, she has that look in her eye’s. “ Sorry for interrupting your busy schedule.” She is about to walk away and then she look’s back.

       “Oh, and just so you know, the world does not revolve around you. Nobody likes people that pity themselves.” With that she is gone just as fast as she came.

        Just like that the only chance I had to make a friend was gone.  

        It’s not like I had a chance any way.



When I got sick of the library about an hour later I go to the beach. I got a bag of chips and a mountain dew form the gas station and head to the beach.

         Was I self centered? Was I self pitying?

         People must think so.

         Actually no. Because that was the only person. And she was new. She had no idea of what I did. And I blew it, great. Come to think about it she was nice and was not one of those annoying people. Ugh. That makes it even worse.

          I sit on one of the benches and munch on my chips. I’m fat enough already, at the weight of 125. Goodness I hated to think about it. I thought  about reading one of the books I got from the library. But it is to nice outside to read anything.

       I get up and start to walk across the beach. I slip off my flip-flops and hold them in my hand. As I walk I think about everything that has happened to me over the past three years.

        Mostly I think about when I found out about my mother’s death.


I was at home getting ready to go to my friend’s house, Mira. Well that was when we were friends. I was so excited to go, even though I go there just about every weekend. Especially now that it is summer.

        I sat on the couch to wait for mom to come, she said that she would pick me up to go to Mira’s. Like she always did. She worked at the animal shelter. She worked for free, she thought that the animals should get the money instead of her. And dad mostly brought in all the money anyway. He was a lawyer, he was passionate about the law and helping to enforce it.

          I was waiting for half an hour when I heard the ambulance drive by. The the fire truck came by to.  

           I called my mom. She did not pick up, at the time I thought that she probably left the phone in her car and was working later. I called dad next and after three rings he picked up.

          “Mianna, I’m busy. What is it?” I hated to talk to him when he is busy but I need to.

          “Mom didn’t come home” I simply say.

          “I’m sure she’s fine” His voice has taken on a gentle tone.

          “Are you sure?” At the time I would have believed anything that my parents.  

          “Just wait a minute, I have a call coming in. I will call you when I’m done with the call.” With that he hung up.

       When he didn’t call in an hour I lost my patience and called him again.

       “ You told me that you would call. Did you talk to mom? Can you te…..” He cut me off before I could get any further.  

       “Mianna, it’s not a good time” I could hear the tears in his voice. I stared at the phone, what just happened? Did he hang up on me?My phone rings and my heart picks up.

       “Dad?” I hope everything is ok.

       “ What? No, why are you so late?” My hopes drop to my flip flops when I hear Mira on the other end of the phone.  

       “Sorry, my mom’s not home yet.”

       “Oh, wait why did you want it to talk to your dad?”

       “ I thought that he could tell me if everything is ok, he told me he would call in an hour.”

        “Well, you don’t have to come, I could hang out with Matt.” Ugh, I hated Matt, Mira’s boyfriend. It wasn't a big relationship since we were only 14, but the way he looked at her told you that he wanted more.   

        “Ok, talk to you later” trying to hide the disappointment.

        “Bye” She mumbled and was gone.

         I sat on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and was about to drift off to sleep when the telephone startled me awake. I got up and walked to the home phone.

        “Hello?” A woman answered the phone.

        “Hi, is Tom Mavis there?”

        “My dad? No, he’s at work. Can I take a message?” My parents told me to say that if anyone called for them.

         “Umm…. I guess so. Tell your dad to call 1-800-962-3376. And that Mrs. Lee is sorry for his loose.Ok?”

         “Yes” I say as I write it down on the paper near the phone.

         “ Have a good day” She hung up.

         Sorry for his loss

         What was that supposed to mean? And who was Mrs.Lee? When I later find out what that means I wished I never asked the questions in the first place. I call my dad and he picks up on the first ring, something that has never happened before.  

        “I’m on my way home, talk to you soon.I have a lot to tell you.” And yet again he hung up on me. Great.  

        I decided that I should probably eat something. So I ate the only thing that I really wanted, ice cream. The food of life. I got the gallon of peanut butter ice cream and got a spoon. I don’t like bowles, and yes, I do have a reason. A minute or so later when I was settled on the couch with my gallon of ice cream. He came slowly through the door.

       “I though that you were going to Mira’s.” An emotion surfaced in his voice that I’ve never heard him use, that’s why I couldn’t determine what it was.

       “I didn’t have a ride, oh and by the way Mrs.Lee left a message for you. By the way how is she anyway?” He sat on the couch and put his face in his hands. There was something wrong. He shrugged.

       “ That’s not important. Where’s Tod?” The emotion was sadness.

       “ At Marks, why?” Why didn’t he know that, Tod is always at Marks, his friends house. And I heard Tod telling dad yesterday. Dad removes his hands and looks up. I almost drop my ice cream from what I see on his face.


        “I need to talk to you two.”  Never in my life have I seen him cry, not even when he had to get stitches in his arm.

        “Ok, whatever I did I’m sorry.” I had to have done something, what else would have happened.

        “ You didn’t do anything. Call Tod and tell him to come now.” His face took on the serious trate he uses at work, or when we do something really bad.

       “O-ok” I stutter. I get off the couch and get my phone from the counter where I set it. The Ice cream. I go back to get it. When I make it into the living room Dad is in the same spot staring into the distance crying. I grad the ice cream and go to the kitchen, put it in the freezer and call Tod.

       “What?” Clearly he is agitated.

       “You need to come home now” I hate talking to him so much.

       “What? Why?”   

       “Dad needs to talk to us.”

       “What did you do?” Of course he would say that, actually I said that to.

       “ Shut-up! There is something wrong! You need to…….” He cut me off.

       “First off, don’t boss me around. Second, there is always something wrong. And third don’t yell at me.” That’s his way of talking command.

        “ Dad is crying, get home” I hang up. I understand why people hang up on my, it’s fun.

        He came home and me and dad were sitting on the couch when he walked in 10 minutes later.

        “I’m here. What?” He looks at dad and freezes. He apparently thought that I was lying. Dad got up looked at Tod.


A New Ending

 That was the beginning of the end. From there he told us that Mom had ran into the ditch to avoid hitting an animal. She died on the way to the hospital. He also told us that Mrs.Lee was the judge. He also told us that the person that called was the nurse that was in the helicopter with her. The reason she called was to tell us her last words. By this time we were all an emotional wreck. He read from a paper:

        “I need my family to live on” My dad had to pause so I took it from him and continued. “ Tell them that I will see them when the time is right. Tell them they can live without me. Tom need’s to know that he made my life complete. Tod brought much happiness to me. And Mia is the most optimistic person that I have ever met”

        That was the end and I will never forget it. I will also never forget the funeral. It was a rainy day and a lot of people came, she was loved. That was the day I lost everything that I loved, Tod left, Dad’s mind was gone. I was alone, the only one that hasn’t gave myself to the drugs and drinks.

       I look down and see a sand dollar. One of the famous morro bay sand dollars. Since this place is happy and shelly. Sure, some people are. I reach down and pick it up. I run my thumb over the surface and touch the small barnacle on the surface. The cool thing about the sand dollars is that they look like a flower.

       I think the reason they call them sand dollars, is because they want people to think they are worth something. They sell them at the tourist shop on the beach. What a waste of money, especially when you can go to the beach and get them yourself.

       Sitting on a bench looking at the beach I think of all the times I came here with my mom. Looking at the surfers makes me want to surf to. When I was 9  I would come out every day and go surfing. Even though I haven't gone in three years I still know how.

       It’s like…...talking after you do it for so long, you can do it without thinking.

       I don’t have the money to go any way.

       Maybe I should get a job. Never mind just thinking about it makes me tired. But I could use the money………..

      But I hate people, because they hate me. I stand up and walk across the sand. I feel the sand between and put my shoes.  

      When I get to town I pass stores and restaurants. People spending money on the things they think they need.  

       I look down at my shoes and fall on my face. I get up and look around for the thing I fell on. To the side I see a big help needed sign on the concrete, it has a tear down the center. The sam’s sandwiches sigh is broken, great. I start to walk away.



 “Hey, you” I heard someone yell at me. Please not be talking to me.

      “ You in the green get back here.” Crap. That’s me with the loose green shirt and sweatpants. I turn around and see a tall man with an apron on inspecting the sign. I walk over to him. He stares down at me with bark brown eyes.

      “You ruined my sign.” He looks at his sign, crap, he’s the owner. “You are going to have to pay for it. This sign was a hundred bucks.”

      Yeah, right. A little homemade sign is worth that much. My suspicion must have shown to my face by the way he snapped at me.

      “Don’t you doubt me, girl. You broke the bottom board to, the one that holds this together.” He holds out his hand. “Money”

      “I don’t have any money” His face turned bright red with anger.

      “I will not take pity on you. You will work here for two months. That’s a long time yes, but how will people know there is work needed here if the sign isn't here? Come tomorrow at 9:30 am. Don’t be late.” With that he went into the restaurant.

     I look up at the sign.

    Sam's Sandwiches

    Great, I have to work at a sandwich shop for two months! How can he just tell me I’m going to work in a place like that? All I did was break a stupid sign.

      I start my walk home. As I walk I get madder and madder. Why? Two months? Yeah I said I need money and 16 is a good age to get a job but I don’t want to work there. If it’s like the outside it’s crap, like everything in my life.

     I make it to my house and see the cars parked in front and hear the music coming from the house. Another one of his parties. Just what I need right now. I walk around the house and go to the back door. I smell of smoke hits me. The reason I go to the beach and to the library is to get away from the smoke and parties.

       To get to the stairs you have to go through the living room. And that just happens to be the place the party is. I take a breath and walk through the doors. I creep to the wall around both drunk boys and girls. I look over and see my dad sitting on the couch surrounded by girls, some of them look about my age. Tod is in the corner with his girlfriend. I make it to the stairs, then to the upstairs hallway.

      “Hey, where are you going, Mia.” I turn to see someone stumble up the stairs. One of Todd's friends, Dan. Two years older than me.

      “Sleep” I turn and go to my room. I pull out the key. Yes I have a key for my room, only because if I don’t lock it I find people in there asleep or doing other things. I feel his breath on my neck and his hands go to my waist.

     “Mind if I join you?” Dan’s thumbs rub circles on my waist. I unlock the door.

    “Yes I actually do.” I pull away from him and go in. He tries to go into. “ Good night, Dan” And I slam the door in his face, something I do all the time.

     I hate my room. From the bright blue walls to the fluffy floor. I reminds me of the times I would have friends over. My bed is in the middle of the room and a desk sits in the corner next to the dresser next to my few clothes.

    I go over to my bed and climb under the blankets. I will have to get up at 9:00 in the morning to get to stupid work on time. And I turn on the radio that sits on the night stand. Questions fly through my head like mine rocket ships.

   What do I have to do? How much will I get paid? What is the time I have work? How will I go to work and school? How will I get up at 9:00 in the morning?

   I close my eyes and the sound of music slowly ebb away.



Badly Wrong

 I slowly open my eyes. Light streams into the room. I look at my watch.


       I close my eyes again, then realize I have somewhere to be. I jump out of bed and pull some new clothes on brush my hair and teeth and am out the door in 5 minutes. I run down the street, Sams is two miles away.

       I run up the the entrance at 9:29. I use that extra minute to catch my breath again then head into the restaurant. A bell tinkles over my head.

      I can’t believe what I see. It’s not a subway thing like I expected. It’s a nice restaurant. The walls are a light peach color and there is a front register by the entrance and the smell of delicious food floats to the door from the back. There is a sign that says the speechless. Ribs? Chicken? I thought it was a sandwich shop?

     “What is your name, sign girl?” Sam says coming out of the kitchen.

     “Well it’s not sign girl. Its Mia. Why?”

     “Why? Because you work for me know, Mia.” He tells me. “Follow me.” Then he walked back into the kitchen. I hurried to follow. Once I got in there he handed me a pair of clothes.

     “Put these on. There’s a bathroom down the back hallway and to the right.”

      I go down the hall and to the right and sure enough there is a small bathroom. Once I get into the bathroom I inspect the clothes. There is a pair of dark jeans and a white tank top and a red apron. I put them on and look in the mirror.

      Bright green eyes look back to me. My face is surrounded by dark brown hair that goes to my waist. My tanned skin shows my dark pink lips. I could be called cute, by a troll. I put on the apron and walk to the kitchen. This is the first time I’ve worn jeans in a couple years, I never had the money.

      “Well you clean up nice.” He tells me. “Here take this.” He hands me an order pad. “And this” He hands me a pen. “You are to follow Ruby around today and tomorrow you will do it on your own. Right down everything the customer says. Go through them doors and she will find you.”  

I go through the doors and see a woman with long blond hair, same clothes as me, dark red lips and way too much makeup. I can tell she doesn't take crap from nobody. She comes up to me.  

     “Hi, I’m Ruby. Follow me.” She walked over to the counter that runs in front of the kitchen window. Then she faces the dining room. “I will teach you everything you need to know in the next hour and you will follow me around all day. Ok?”

    I nod. “I thought this was a sandwich shop? Why do you have ribs and chicken?”

   “Because that’s what we started with. Then we improved, but we are still known for the killer sandwiches.” She smiles. “Now let’s get to work”

     I spent the rest of the day learning how to get drinks, soup and dessert. The hardest part of the day was to face the people when the people came in and when they left. They walked in the door and Peggy meats them and tells them where to sit. Then me and Ruby will give them the menus and get them drinks, tell them the specials and to greet them.

     I could tell that Ruby needed help, she was rushing back and forth. She was in charge of all thirty tables. Ruby said we would split the tables once we got going. 8:00 p.m, the day was finally over. We cleaned up and both of us sat at the counter, This whole day sucked, I hated it.

    Sam comes out of the kitchen and hand them menus. I look down at it in confusion. Sam laughs.

    “You work hard you get a meal. On the house” There’s nothing like free food.

    “I’m not the one that did everything, Ruby is.” I look down at the table.

    “Yes you did, you helped me and I’m glad you're here. You should have seen some of the people that came here to work. They thought that if they were nice to the people they didn’t have to do anything.” Ruby smiles, and takes a breath. “I’ll have a chicken breast, with the side of soup.” Sam nods and starts to head to the kitchen then stop.

   “Mia, you will eat. What do you want?”

   “Fine, Fries and soup please.” He shakes his head.

   “Hamburger and fries coming up. And you can get the soup yourself.” He leaves to the kitchen. I look over at Ruby.

   “He doesn't take no for an answer does he?” She sighs.

   “He just is happy to have found somebody.” She looks at her. “Ok so I’ll tell you how it works. We get paid each Friday. We know you have school and you can work 4:00p.m to 8:00p.m. On the weekends you work 9:30 to 8:00. Long shifts yes, but a lot of people can’t keep the job.” She gets up and goes over to the soup pots. “ What kind do you want?”

    “Chicken noodle” I smell the hamburger and chicken flow through the window between the kitchen and dining room.

     Ruby brings the soup and puts it in front of me. I dig in, I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch and all day I’ve been regretting it.

      “ You keep all of the tips and you will get paid as much as you deserve. Sam and I will be the judge of what you get. On a good day you can make $30 in tips. And of course the money will get taken off for the sign. Trust me it will not be easy. But the way to get good tips is to go over the top to make the customers happy.” Ruby then looks at me. “You got that?”

      “Yes” I say finishing the soup.

      “Dinner is served” Sam declares as he carries in the food. He sets the most delicious looking sandwich I have ever seen. “Dig in, you deserve it”

       We close up and head our separate ways. Even though tomorrow is sunday we still have work.

       I slowly head home dreading going to work in in the morning.

       School is a week and four days away and now I have to deal with work to. I hope none of the people from school came in today. Tomorrow I will have to do everything by myself. Well, the fifteen tables I have. I agreed to have the right side. There are 7 workers all together.

       Sam the head cook and owner. Mod and Nibe the other cooks. Ruby the manager and Lenette the waitress who works half time. I know this because Ruby told me she never came in on time. Nolie is the admission, also the person who tells you where to sit and then is the one who they pay.

      I get home and go in the way I usually do, but there is no party. I have no idea why, but at least I don’t have to worry about them.

      I change and go to bed, but also set the alarm to 8:30. Just because I needed half an hour to fully wake up, by laying in my bed.

      As I close my eyes and let the dark invade, I hear sirens.   



My Worst Night

  I wake up on a plane. I don’t know how I got there or why. I look down and am in the same clothes as I was before.

     I look over the edge of the plane at the rolling hills of the desert. When the wind goes into my face and the dizziness takes over, I turn to look into the plane and Todd shows up. I try to get around him but he pushes me to the edge. I feel the wind pull and tug at my hair, daring my to look away from Tod.

    “You should not be here, all you do is ruin everything. I thought you were supposed to be optomic? Oh well, at least I brought happiness.” He smears to me.

    His words slice through me like a razor sharp knife, straight to my core. Tod pushes me back until I feel the backs of my shoe go off the edge. When he comes forward, instead of backing up I go straight ahead. Tod them pushes me all the way out. I feel the wind attack me it grabs me and spins me through the air.

    “You should have never been here.” He yells from the plane and disappears from sight. I scream out and the air fills my lungs. I can’t breath and I quickly close it.

     I flip over and look at the rolling hills that lost their beauty. Adrenaline fills me and I can’t think. I plummet to the earth. The further I go, the faster I get. I sped through the air the air let’s go and I fall even faster. It reminds me of the movies when the person is saved by another plane that comes. I look around.

     Nothing. There is nothing and nobody coming for me.

    I am alone.

   The story of my life, that used to be a joke. But the more I think about it, the more it seems true. That’s because it’s true. I start to cry, letting the tears flow from my eyes.

   I know see my shadow and spread. I fall and fall. 100 feet, 50 feet…….

  Beep, beep, beep

  My time is out.

  I scream my lungs feel like they will collapse. I cry, my vision is blurred.

  Beep, beep, beep


      The sound of the alarm jars me awake.

      I wake up gasping and my face is wet with tears. I’m in my bed, safe and sound. The more and more I have this same dream the more and more it seems real.

     Beep, beep, beep.

     I take a breath and hit the alarm on the night stand. I look at the clock.



     But it was set for 8:30. I slept through it for 25 minutes. I hope up and put on the clothes that were given to me yesterday. Put my hair in a pony tail and head out the door.

     I make it to Sam’s by 9:20.

     I’m greeted by Nolie at the door.

    “Your early, great job.” She smiles at me. I hate people like that, I’m not 2.

     I go to the back and get the apron order pad and pen. Head to the dining room and stand at the counter looking out at the tables. Ruby comes next to me.

     “When you get here early, you make coffee and get the soup ready.”

      Yay, I get to start the day.

      I start on the coffee when Sam comes out of the kitchen. He looks at me and gasps.

      “Sign girl came early? The world is falling apart.” He says with mock surprise.

      “I know, and she made coffee.” Ruby joins in.

      “Lord, help us all.” He raises his hands to the sky. I can’t help it. I bust out laughing. They soon join in. “You sure unadjusted well.” He strides into the kitchen whistling.

      “Ok.” Ruby says taking command again. “Can you handle 15 tables? It’s going to be a busy day and you seem to have it down.” She looks at me with a really serious expression.

       “I will give it my all.”


        Soon the smell of coffee fills the air.

        The bell tinkles and three people come in. They must have been at church because they are all dressed fancy. They are seated on the left side, Ruby’s side.

        Soon a group of four people come in. Nolie turn’s sees Ruby hustling and puts them to my side at table 2. I take a breath grab four menus and walk up to them.

        “Hello, I’m Mia. And I will be server today.” I smile at them, hoping they don’t notice it’s fake.

     “Would you like anything to drink? Coffee?”

      They all take a coffee and I leave them to look over the menu.

      I grab the coffee pot and head over to them, almost slipping over a chair. Oops. I look around and hope nobody saw me. I give the coffee to the old folks.

      “Thanks, honey.”

      “Your welcome.”

      “I haven’t seen you here before, are you new?”

      “Yes, I am”

      “Well I’m Tinne.”

      “Nice to meat you,Tinne. Can I take your order?”

      “Yes, hon.” I pull out the order pad. “I’ll take the mini oatmeal.”

      Mini oatmeal

      “Big banana pancake,please”

      Large banana pancake

   “Omelet with peppers, ham, bacon, onions and extra cheese.”

       Omelet:Peppers, ham,bacon onions and Extra cheese



   “Coming right up” I  put the order on the order wheel as Sam calls it. Three new people arrive, they sit at table 6.
       I take there order, drinks and all. They come here a lot and now exactly what they want, even the two kids.


   Orange Juice………………………………………………….$1.50

   2 Coffees………………………………………………………$2

   Chocolate chip mickey mouse pancake……………………….$4

   Ham and cheese morning sandwich………………………….$8

   Hash Browns, eggs, toast and bacon………………………....$6

    “Is that all?”

     “Yes, thankyou.”

     Order wheel.

     I get the kids drinks and grab the coffee pot.

     “Number 2” Sam says as he puts the food on the window ledge.

      I rush over and get the food, putting it on a tray.

     I hand out the food.

     The rest of the day goes like this, taking orders, getting drinks and handing out food. But the best part is when I get tips, they are usually good.

     Lucky me, none of the haters came. But there was a one point in time when the place was packed full, and there was a waiting line. It went on like that for two hours. Busy on a Sunday, shocking. Not a lot of places are open on sundays though. I have no idea why, but a lot of people like to take the day off, even the owners. The rest of the day is back breaking.

      Me and Ruby sit at the counter waiting. This time I ordered a chicken sandwich.

     “Ok, here.” Ruby hands me a pouch. “Instead of putting the tips you get in your pockets put them in here, you get them at the end of the day. People seem to be happy to be served by you, good job.”

     I count the tips I made and am shocked at the outcome.



     “Dang, girl you had a good day.”

       For the first time in forever. I look down at the money in shock. To me it’s a lot of money. Compared to the money I usually have, none.

     “Dinner is served, girls.” Sam walks through the door. “Good job today.”

      I eat and walk home. Enjoying the day because something has gone right for the first time in a long time.

     Sure it’s hard work, but the money is worth it. As I walk home I also notice the things that are going on around me. The kids running all over the parents on their phones. A lot of things in life have been earned, but some are given.

     When I come onto my street something is wrong.

     There are police cars lined up on the street.

     Please not be my house. I walk up the street, past police and when I see my house, my heart nearly stops.   

      There is no party. There are no people here. Instead there is police tape on the door. There are police swarming around the house like bees. The police look at me and starts in my direction.   

      There is something really wrong.

      There are so many thing going through my head, I chose the worse choice to do.

      I turn and run down the street to the only place I can think of.


As I run I look over my shoulder to look at the two cops that are pursuing me. Lucky for me they are out of shape and can’t keep up. But I currently hold the record for fastest mile, in the high school.

      I go through an ally and hide on the opposite side of a garbage bin, all before they even get to the front. I hear there huffing and puffing as they run past. I can’t believe that worked. I start to get up, but the police have stopped at the end of the ally.

     I knew it was two easy, dang. I huddle in the small space and pray for them not to look back. I feel as if the whole world can see me. They start to talk and even though I catch bits and pieces, I put it together. Knowing my life just crashed, before it even got up.

      “We don’t know who told………...hunting them for three years ……. .lawyer …….. death… …...drugs. ...bad people…... ” The chunky one tells the other ones.

       “Finally…….. 40 ……… Bedroom … Didn’t… thought…... Daughter’s… …were…….. Pursuing … got away.” The bald guy says.

       The next words cut through me, because I can understand them completely. They are getting louder.

       “ We need to find the Mavis girl, her family may be gone. But she can pile things on top. And we can get her for running away. I’ll have the team watch out for her.” Chunky says.

        “Should…….. sings out?” Baldie asks. I hold my breath waiting for the response.

        “No……... ourselves” I release the breath.

        “I feel like a doughnut. There is a bakery over there.” Chunky walks in the direction of the bakery.

        “By the looks of it, Stan, you don’t need no donuts.” Bladie follows Chunky Stan anyway.

       I sit there and becode the words.

      Yet again, I don’t know what they said. So, I guessed. A million questions fly through my head, so fast I can only catch a few.



I arrive at my destination, Sam and Ruby are coming out the door.

       “Hey, Mia.” Ruby says a I walk up. “Hon, what’s wrong?” Clearly she can see the look on my face.

       “They took my dad and brother away and were chasing me.” I look Ruby in the eyes as they grow in shock.

       “WHAT! Why?”
       “They did drugs and drank, they thought I would give them information.” I look at my shoes.

       “Where will you stay?”

       “I don’t know” I say still looking at my shoes.

       “You can stay with me.” Ruby looks happy.

       “I don’t want to barden you.”

       “Mia, if anything, Ruby would be happy to look after you for a while. You have potential.” Sam says stepping in.

       “Ok.” Ruby says. “Follow me” She walks down the street and stops in front of a ford truck. “Get in” I get in just as a police car turns the corner and comes down the street.  I duck down in the set. “Do you know the officers that are coming?” Ruby, for the first time since I met her, looks nervous.

      “I don’t know. Is there a fat one and a bald one? If so yes.” Ruby nods indicating there is. She turned onto the street in front of the awaiting police car, and I hold my breath.

       As we go further and further away, the more and more I relax.

      “Thank you for helping me.” Ruby nods.

      We drive for twenty minutes without talking and turn on a road with a dead end sign. We drive up the road and come to a beautiful cabin, with an even better porch.

      “You live here” I say as I get past the shock.

      “Yeah, but it’s messy inside.” She hops out and we walk to the house.

      I guess her meaning of messy is a few books on the ground. Compared to my house, it’s heaven. I take off my shoes and walk across the hardwood floor. There is a plush gray couch in the middle and a stand to the side and a light blue chair by that. In the middle of a wall is a huge T.V. I start to walk past the couch and almost make it to the end when I big ball of white and orange fur tackles me to the floor.


     I shut my eyes and let out a scream and get ready to throw what ever in is when the ball starts to purr. I open my eyes and see a big fat white and orange with light brown eyes looking back at me. I hear laughing behind me.

     “I should have warned you a spoiled beast  roams this house.” She laughs more and takes a picture. “Her name is tiger” Ruby takes the cat as I remove myself from the floor.

      I walk to the kitchen and see two fuzzballs running around the kitchen. I scream.


      Ruby looks at me then at the balls of fur and laughs.

      “What? These two bundles of love? Did I tell you tigers a Mom?”

      Ruby sure has a way of making you feel completely stupid. I look at the fuzzies and can see now that they do look like kittens. One is orange and the other one is black white and orange.

     “Lucky for us they are both girls, because boys stink.” I go down and  pick up the fat orange one.

      Ruby studies for a minute as I walk around her kitchen.

     “What’s your deal?” She says abruptly.

     “My deal? What in the hell does that mean?”  I set the kitten down and meet her glare.

     “Well……… The way you act, and dress. I mean, you're pretty but you cover it up with crappy clothes. I saw it the first time you walked by the store. You might be a good worker but I see you glare into the distance. Like there is a giant black bubble over you head.” She continues to glare at me. She looks down in defeat.

    “Your room can be one of the ones upstairs, probably the one at the top of the stairs.”  She turned away. “Oh, you will pay your keep and I will keep you safe. By the way, the room at the top of the stairs has clothes in it. Probably your size, my daughter left her clothes when she left.”

     I walk into the large room at the top of the stairs. My mine might have peed a little, that's how big it was. I look around the room. I go to lay on the bed but look at my stained work clothes.

     With a sigh I go to the closet and my heart stops for a beat. It is the biggest walk in closet I have ever seen. Clothes line the walls. From skirts to pants to shorts to skirts to shirts and dresses. Shoes line the floor.

      “Yeah, she had a lot of clothes.” Ruby says.

      " Yeah" 

      The phone rings and she goes to get it. I look back to the closet. I hear her talk and then rush up the stairs. 

      She reaches the room, out of breath and panic on her face. 

     " They know where you are and there coming." 











Sorry it's not finished, tell me what you think. I really want to know. I will try to find time to end it. Thank you so much for everything. I really am glad you read it. This is just something I came up with in my free time. I still go to school and am in High School. I love to write and i hope you liked it. 



Texte: Lilly W.
Bildmaterialien: BookRix
Cover: Bookrix
Lektorat: Nimic Neltil
Übersetzung: Ben Miknilly
Satz: Bookrix
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 11.10.2017

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