Name: A.J Beth
Age: 14
Siblings: One brothers; Dave 18
About: I am a scene kid (meaning I am super colorful and upbeat.) I am an ex- cutter (I use to slit my wrists *emo*) I just moved to a different city in Maine, after hearing my dad died.

“A.J.. Would you walk to the post office? Your brother has the car.” My mother asked me when I came out of my room. I looked at her smiling, “Sure!” I hadn’t seen the town by walking yet, but we’ve drove around a little bit. Dave knew his way around because before I was born they lived here.

My mother handed me something to give to the post office people and I began to walk town the road. I didn’t really see anyone out of their houses and then I came to a split in the road, on the right lead to the store and if I went straight there would be the post office a few minutes away.

While I was walking I saw a short man, no one my age. He looked at me and it creeped me out so I began to jog to get away. I got into the post office and people were looking at me weird. I walked up to the person behind the counter. “Hello, I need this mailed to…..” I forgot then I looked at my hand. “.. 79 Ridge Road, Linneus, Maine. Please.” I gave her the money and she took the box away. She didn’t even say goodbye, people in this town didn’t seem too cheerful.

I went and decided to explore town the road that led to the store, I had some money left over so I wanted to spend it. I walked in and bought a big bag of tropical skittles. There was a road right next to the store and I went down it, to find a park. There was a boy that looked my age there, he was tallish had shoulder length flippy black hair, and was wearing black skinny jeans. I went and walked up to him, “Hey.” I said, he was sitting on the swings and he looked up at me and smiled. “Hey!” He kinda laughed, I smiled and sat on the swing next to him, “I’m A.J…” I said, he was still smiling and took a breath, “I’m Andy
nice to meet you A.J.” He told me putting his hand out to shake. I shook his hand and I kept looking at him, “So want some skittles?” I asked him holding the bag out. “Sure! I love skittles!!” He expressed.

We hung out for awhile, then I gave him my number and left. I got home and mom was at the kitchen table. “Holy Moly did you get lost?” She asked me, I looked at her. “No I went and got some skittles…” I indicated, I held up the bag that still had half of the skittles in it, “Okay fine.. Oh and I found your ipod. Here ya go.” She said handing it to me.

I grabbed it and ran into my room, my music was one of the only reasons I’m still alive today. While I was a cutter, I would always have to stop every few minutes to change the song. After changing the song I would get different thoughts in my head and feel there was no need to cut anymore. (By the way, my mind works a lot different then most people. Keep that in mind)

I put my head phones in and turned it up all the way, feeling the pressure of the day slip away into the music. My phone was in my pocket and it vibrated scaring me, looking at it I turned it off. It was an old friend that annoyed the living hell out of me. I ended up falling asleep on the floor.

I woke up screaming and gripping my hair, my eyes super wide. I always had nightmares, but they were never that bad. It was mourning so I ran downstairs to see my mom. She was at the kitchen table playing on her laptop, I sat down across from her and she put her laptop away. “A.J is something wrong.. Your never up this early?” My mother asked me.

“Mom… my nightmares are back..” I told her, last time I was only 7 or so and we had to go to the psychiatrist.
“Oh.. I’ll make you an appointment with a psychiatrist. Today.” She said grabbing the phone. I went back upstairs and turned my phone on.

I had a text from Andy, ’Hey.. Want to hang out today?’ I sigh because I couldn’t, but I wanted to. “Can’t have to go see a psychiatrist today.” After a few moments of waiting he texted back. “Mind if I come with? We could hang out afterwards?” I just typed yes and turned my phone off again.

“Honey.. Your appointment is in an hour so hurry hurry.” My mother advised me. I got my clothes and make up on, I was about to walk out the door and Dave came in. “Why are you up this early?” He asked, he was just getting home from his friend’s house. “I have an appointment my nightmares are back, have fun home alone.” I said pushing past him then headed out the door to the car and I asked mom to pick Andy up so she did.. We made it to the place and we walked in, we were in the waiting room and then a secretary walked out with a list of names, “A.J Beth. Dr. Williams will see you now.” I got scared and walked up to the door.

“Ah. Your mother called me, A.J. Sit sit.” He said putting a pen to his mouth. I nervously sat down putting my hands in my lap.

“So tell me about your night mare.” He instructed. I sat back and let out a sigh.
“Every night I have nightmares… but last night was the worst.. I was running in the woods while it was dark out… I made it to my house and ran inside, I see my mother and brother slaughter. So I run out and hear laughing behind me millions of laughter I run faster trying to get away.. I run into my friends house and he hung himself in his basement. The laughter circled around me and it wouldn’t stop then a bunch of children are standing around me chanting something I couldn’t understand. I close my eyes and when I open them a man is standing over me in all black, slowly he slits my throat.” I explain to him.
“Have you always had such vivid dreams?” He asked me concerned, looking over his glasses at me.
“Yes! It feels like I’m there every time…” I explained more. “..Some times I even feel it when someone hurts me..” I whisper going on about my nightmares.

He was writing it all down, then looked back up at me.
“Are you ever depressed?” he asked me. I looked at him with my eyes wide.
“Not really.. Not very much. Rarely ever.” I said. I could keep my answer straight.
“Well I think you suffer from unknowing depressing.” He said, handing me a bottle of medication. “.. I’m going to put you on this anti-depressant.. Please tell me if you have any feeling of suicide or anymore nightmares.” He told me showing me out of the room.

I looked up from the medication and walked over to Andy and mom. “Well that was weird…” I said, they stood up and we walked out, once we were driving I saw a mall.
“Hey mom could you drop me and Andrew off at the mall?” I asked her. She looked back at me and drove to the mall.
“Now call me when you need a ride. Be safe.” She said while we were leaving the car.

I laughed and walked right next to Andy, “Not so talkative in front of my mom I see.” I said nudging his shoulder, he looked at me and smiled. “Yeah a little bit. I’m shy when it comes to girl’s parents.” He said. We were walking side by side when he grabbed my hand so he could hold it in his, and I smiled taking his hand. We went into the mall and walked around, didn’t buy anything.

We went and sat at the food court part. We were laughing having an amazing time, until my mom called.
“Yes mom?” I said. She took a moment to answer and when she did she sounded excited.
“I got a boyfriend!!!” She told me. I just said “Great” and hung up the phone.

“So that great didn’t sound very enthusiastic.. What’s wrong?” Andy asked me. I looked up at him and sipped my slushie.
“My mom got a new boy toy…” I pouted. He got up and took my hand again, I walked with him. I didn’t care where we were going, I liked being with him.

We walked out of the mall and down the road, I clung to him when I saw a bunch of creeps looking me over. He looked down at me and smiled (yes he taller than me.) We walked back to his house and we sat on his couch, “What was the point in bringing me back here?” I asked him smiling.

“I don’t really like malls.. To much going on.” He replied. I stared at him and then stared off into space, “Woah! A.J your eyes!” I heard him say before drifting off. It was a day nightmare, first I’ve had in awhile. Once I came snapped out of it, I blinked and looked at him. He was starring at me with a strange look, “What?” I asked him.

“Your eyes… They just went from black to blue…” He explained smiling he thought it was cool, but odd.
“Oh… I’m sorry..” I apologize. I looked at my phone and check the time.
“Oh I have to go.. Lets hang out tomorrow Andy.” I say running out of the house. Once I made it to my house mom was looking at me with a mean look.

“And where were you? I looked for you at the mall.” She said impatiently stomping her foot on the floor.
“I went over to Andy’s house.. He had a headache.” I lied she slapped me across the face and sent me to my room. That was the first time she had ever hit me, and I was worried. I went out of my room to get a drink and saw a man sitting on MY couch.

“Mom! What the hell is this guy doing on my couch?” I asked her gripping my soda close to my chest. My mom walked out of her room, “This is my new boyfriend. Alan.” She said, I rolled my eyes and walked into my room. I decided to text Andrew, the usual. ‘Omg my mom has a new boyfriend.. I don’t like him!’ I texted. I got on face book to talk to my friend. ‘Oh.. I’m sorry.’ He texted back.

Then out of no where my old best friend began to talk to me.
Alice: Omg A.J u better get back here soon I miss you!!! And Bryce likes you ;)
*Bryce is a guy I had a crush on.*
A.J: Can’t… I might be back to see you guys every once and awhile though.
Alice: Aw L He like really really likes you.. He was just afraid to tell you while u were here.
A.J: aw that’s sad we would have been cute. Oh well xD
~End of chat~

“A.J come out here sweetie.” Mom demanded sweetly. I walked out of my room feeling like something bad was going to happen.
“Yes mom?” I ask, she looked at me. “Alan wanted to get to know you.” She said, turns out Alan and my mother were old friends until my dad came along.

“Well what would u like to know?” I say hiding behind a fake smile. I didn’t want to be mean, I just didn’t care for his presence in my house.
“Well… Are you a virgin?” He asked leaning forward. My eyes go wide and I lean back.
“WOAH! UM. I’m done here!!!!” I yell walking away, and my mom went in front of my room and put her hand out.
“No its just a question, go answer it.” She demanded. I push past her arm.
“Fuck to the no!!! Nobody asks me that!!” I stated. I shut my door in her face and plugged my music into my ears as high as it could go. My mom came in a dragged me out digging her nails into my arm as she did it.

I kept my music in and answered randomly to all the questions.
“Yes… No.. I don’t know.. Why do you care?… Yes.. No. Maybe.” Is all I said until I went back in my room to go to sleep. I had another nightmare, and when I awoke I sat up as quick as possible breathing heavily. I rub my face and look over to the other side of the room and see Alan starring at me.
“Jesus Fuck! What are you doing in my room! Fucking freak!” I yell softly. He walks over to me and puts his hand over my mouth, I punch it over and over trying to get him to take it off. “Shh. Shh. Don’t worry.” He says softly, my eyes get wider and I bite his hand. “Ow you little bitch!” He rants about, I get up and run outside. I didn’t know where to go Dave wasn’t home so I couldn’t go to him, but then I black out again. I see him chasing after me, I come back to myself and run to Andy’s house not knowing what else to do.

I knock hard on the door scared, looking back and forth afraid he found me. Andy finally opens the door and I ran inside.
“Oh my god.. It’s like 1 in the mourning.. Why are you here?” He asked me rubbing his eyes. I blinked and look up at him.
“My mom’s new boyfriend just attempted to rape me… I didn’t know where else to go.” I cried. I was sitting on his floor crying into my hands, Andy comes and sits next to me rubbing my back.
“I’m sorry sweetie. It’s all right I’m here now.” He replied. I look at him and hug him crying on his chest.
“I don’t know what to do..” I say, we heard large knocking at the door and look up scared. “Its him! I know it.” I wiped away my tears and run upstairs as Andy opens the door.
“Yes sir. Is there a reason you’re here?” He asked with a little attitude.
“I’m here for the girl! I know she’s here, her mom wants her home.” He demanded.
“There is no girl here! Why don’t you leave sir.” He commanded. He closed and locked the door, running up to find me.

“A.J… I think you should stay here for the rest of night.. I don’t want you going home to that.” He told me helping me up. We went into his room and I feel asleep on his chest while he held me tight. Even though Andy wasn’t as big as Alan, I felt protected anytime I was near him… Anytime I was near him I felt like I belonged, which I never felt with anyone not even my mother.

I slept soundlessly all night, I didn’t even have a nightmare. I finally woke up to the sun shining on my face instead of my screams. I got up and went home, Andy wasn’t even up yet. I texted him to let him know I left and wasn’t kidnapped. When I got home, mom was sitting on the couch looking out the window. I attempted to sneak off into my room, but she caught me.

“And where were you!?!?! Sneaking off in the middle of the night!” She said angrily. I look at her with a look I’ve only given to people I hate.
“Your fucking boyfriend attempted to rape me!!!! Obviously I didn’t sneak out I ran away from him!” I yell pointing in different directions. My mother got up off the couch and slapped me on the chest.
“Don’t you ever talk like that again!” She demanded, my mother wasn’t right after my father died.. She seem so much different, especially once we moved here.
“Urg, I’m leaving now!” I say walking out of the house, my mom didn’t even attempt to stop me. I get right outside the front door and Alan is coming in, he tries to touch me and I hit him, and because I did that he pushes me down the rest of the stairs. He walks in and I get up, it really hurt but I’ve been trough worse.

I walk to an old dump truck that was for sale, but was never going to be sold and climb to the top part of the dump. I just sit up there and think about what’s happened lately, I almost cry but tried hard not to. Then I got a text scaring me yet again ‘A.J, I want to talk to you.. Can you meet me at my house?’ I smiled and hopped down from the truck.

Once I got to his house, I walked in and didn’t see a anyone. “Hello? Andrew?” I say cautiously walking through every turn of his house. I was beginning to get worried and then began to walk slowly up the stairs. “Andy?! Where are you.?” I was getting pretty aggravated, when I walked past a door, someone grabbed me holding me tight then throwing me gently onto Andy’s bed.
“Jesus. Andy you almost gave me a heart attack!” I said smiling. He was just laughing, “You loved it.” He stated, I just smiled bigger and gave him a hug.

“…So what did you want to tell me?” I asked him sitting back down on his bed. He looked down and sat next to me,
“I don’t know how to tell you…. Well I do I’m just afraid of the response I’ll get it.” He said rubbing his neck. I looked at him and smiled.
“Just tell me, I won’t think of you any less.” I told him. In fact I couldn’t think of him any less even if I wanted to. He smiled at me, and looked me straight in the eyes.
“A.J I like you…. A lot more than just a friend.” He looked down again scared for my response. I took my hand and put it under his chin to lift his head back up, I kissed him gently and smiled.
“Well I love ya, hun.” He gave me a hug. I frowned thinking that I might have to go soon.. So I just decided to ask him.
“Andrew… I was wondering if I could stay here with you? I really don’t like it at my house…” I asked. He just looked at me, “Of course you can. I love having you here.” He smiled sweetly and it took my breath away every time.
“Thank you sooo much… Be right back.” I said, he looked at me.
“Well where are you going?” He asked nicely. I looked at him, “Well I need to get some clothes.” I giggled. He got up and took my hand.
“I’m not letting you do that alone. I’m coming with you.” We walked to my house and went inside. I tried being quite as possible going into my room.

We made it to my room and I grabbed some clothes, my make-up bag, and my ipod. Then when we were about to leave my mom spotted us.
“And where to you think your going?” She said. I looked back at her…
“..I. I’m going to spend a few nights at Andrew’s house..” I said. She looked at me.
“Um no your not. I’m not letting you go out an be a whore!” She commented.
“I’m not!! I’m going over to my boyfriend’s house to get away from you and your god damn boyfriend!” I yelled. Alan walked out of my mom’s room and looked at me.
“I think you should stay.. I like having a daughter.” He argued. I rolled my eyes at the thought.
“No! I hate having a father! And now I HATE having parents in general.” I yelling going out of the house.

We ran to his house and shut the door, luckily he only lived a few minutes away .
“Ha ha that was fun.” he smiled sarcastically, we wasted our whole day just talking and having fun. At around 11 at night we were in Andy’s room playing patty cake looking like fools, and we heard a giant crash outside his house.
“Jesus… We should go check that out.” I say, He looked at me and nodded. We get up and walk down stairs slowly, I grab his hand while we walk into the kitchen. We didn’t see a thing, there was nothing there at all. It was just me and Andy there because his mother left some where and had been gone for 2 months.

He smiled at me and started putting his shoes on, “Come on.. I want to show you something,” You think he would be scared a little, but he wasn’t his mind had already shifted and he was thinking about something else. I put my shoes on and took his hand, we walked to the park and just played on the stuff like little kids.

We were laughing and having fun, then we begun to play tag in the dark. I ran after Andy then once I caught him we fell to the ground and starred at the stars. I lied down on his chest and held his hand and we shut our eyes. I fell asleep and when I woke up I was on the back of a truck, alone.

“What the…” I said rubbing my eyes. I was scared and had an unsettled feeling in my stomach. The truck was moving so no point in yelling for Andy. I didn’t have my phone and didn’t know what to do, the truck had a top over the back part so I couldn’t see a thing. I knocked on it hard as I could and begun to scream. “Help!!!!!! HELP! HELP ME!” I yell out, but not a soul heard me. I attempt to open the back but once I jiggle the handle thing, I hear chains hit each other.

There was two windows one on each side, and they were tinted. I could barely see a thing so I decide to make my own way to see. I punch the glass as hard as I could and it shattered, leaving little shards of glass in my hand. I took my hand and push out the rest of the glass to stick my head out the window. I didn’t even look at my hand for fear of how bad off it was, it hurt a lot but I tried not to pay attention.

The truck stopped, and I was in the middle of no where. I couldn’t open the door for the back of the truck and the only way to get through the window was to crawl through it on either my back or my stomach, but if I did that I would be full of cuts and wouldn’t know what I would be landing on. I was trapped like a rat then I hear someone step out of the truck so I pretend to be asleep.

He or she unlocked the door and opened it. They grabbed me and threw me over their shoulder, it was pretty obvious that it was a guy by now. After he threw me in a shed and locked the door, I got up holding my side coughing, he threw me onto a cement floor it kinda hurt a lot. The room was almost all dark except for a little hole in a piece of wood and of course I didn’t have my lighter on me.

I knocked on the door millions of times until the sides of my hands bled even more then my left hand had already. “Let me out of here!!” I yell. After realizing no one could here me or they didn’t care, I went and sat in the corner and decided to cry. I was all alone the one thing I hated the most, I didn’t know how long it had been since I was thrown in there and my throat hurt a lot.

I screamed almost ever moment I had my breath even if it hurt me so much. I couldn’t think of anyway to get out, I kicked and dug at the walls and the door. I was getting thirsty from having no water, but there was nothing I could do, there was nothing in that room. I hit every possible spot and still couldn’t find my way out, I went to sleep just to get away from this.

In my dream I kicked the door repeatedly until it finally broke open, then I saw that I was in the woods. So I run out, I run to my house to see my mother being tortured by Alan. Dave was no where to be found, I run to Andrew’s and see him slitting his wrists and crying into a puddle of tears and blood. I tried to speak and no one could hear me, then I woke up.

I did as the dream was, I kicked it over and over again. Nothing happened, but then a man came and opened the door. I went to the corner and he came in leaving the door wide open. “Now Now. I’m not here to hurt you.. I just want to play.” He smiled and it was creepy as could be. As he got closer to me I just did as I saw in every good movie, I punched him between the legs and ran out of the little shed.

I ran through the woods until I saw a light and I ran after it. It was a street light, I walked down the street until I found a convenient store. My clothes were ripped and torn from the bramble of the forest, I look at the guy at the counter who just looked astonished. Who wouldn’t my clothes were ripped, my make up was running down my face, and I was bleeding.

“Where am I? What town?” I asked him, I could barely talk. He looked at me and then shook his head.
“Your in Littleton.” He said. I was worried because that was a long ways away from where I lived.
“Could I use your phone please.. I need to make a call.” I asked, he didn’t even hesitate he handed me the phone.

I called Andrew.. I didn’t want to talk to my mother I was afraid of her now, and Dave was no where to be found.
“Hello.” He answered. I sighed in relief.
“Hey… Um this is A.J.” I say.
“Oh my god.. Where did you go? I’ve been worried.” He told me.
“I was kidnapped…. Now I’m in LITTLETON!!” I yell out. I was angry about it, but not at him.
“Holy!! I’m coming just stay there.” He said.
“Okay… I’m at a convenient store…” I told him before he hung up the phone.

I give him back the phone and smiled. “Thank you.” He just smiled back and left the counter. He walked over and grabbed a bottled water. “Here.. You look like you could use it.” He said handing me the water. He was a nice guy, and I was really grateful. After an hour or so, Andy came with the Jeep his mother left behind.

I ran out and gave him a huge hug. We got into the car and he looks me over, “Your okay.. Everything’s all right?” He asked me. I held up my fist. “Oh just this, but when we get home I can fix it.” I told
him. He started the car and we went home.

“What was it like?.. Could you tell me about it?” He asked me focusing of the road. I looked at him and every few moments a light from the street lights would hit his face.
“I woke up in the back of a truck, with a top over it so I couldn’t jump out or something. The windows were tinted so I could barely see a thing, so I punch one of the out. Leaving my hand bleeding, then the man threw me onto a cement floor and closed a door, which was my only light. I hit and kicked at the walls and door until my hands bled even more. He came in and tried taking me somewhere else, but I got away… Then I ran into that store.” I explained “…It was horrible.. I screamed and no one heard me.” I began to cry and he pulled into the drive way. We walked inside and into the kitchen, he sat next to me and he pulled the shards of glass out of my hand and bandaged it up.

I took a shower and then we feel asleep on his bed with every door in the house locked, he held me tight as we feel asleep. After the mourning went away, we went over to my house. When I got there, mom gave me a hug and almost cried.
“Oh thank god your okay.” She said. I was super confused, considering a couple days ago she was beating on me and swearing at me.
“Um… why wouldn’t I be?” I asked her, she looked at me and pushed my hair out of my face.
“I hadn’t seen you for over 2 weeks!” She stated. I looked at her weird.
“What are you talking about I’ve only been at Andy’s for a week.” I said. They both look at me.
“A.J you were kidnapped a week ago. It was even on the news.” Andrew said sitting down in one of the chairs, mom looked at me with her eyes wide. My mom never watched the news so she wouldn’t know,
“WHAT?! My baby was KIDNAPPED!” She yelled. My mouth just dropped.
“Yes mom…. Why are u even being nice to me! On.. Two weeks ago you were hitting me and swearing at me!” I ask her a little mad.
“I was really mad at Dave for leaving.. I guess I just took it out on you.” She said.
“…Oh…. Well I’m still going with Andrew.. I always feel better when I’m with him.” I said, she didn’t even try to stop me.

“Okay.. Just check in every once in awhile.” I couldn’t believe how understanding she was, but I liked it.

So we went back to Andrew’s house and mom would come over ever day. To check up, we were all watching the news and then it came on.
“So The girl who was kidnapped… has she been found, was she murdered, or is she still trapped somewhere.. More after this news break.” I just laughed thinking they must not be looking. We still watched to see what they ‘think’ and then it came back on.
“So She was found! She escaped and was last seen at a convenient store in Littleton… Now we will get the inside scoop for the clerk working that night.” The news man said passing the microphone over to the clerk that helped me out.
“Well I was working one night, then a girl around 14 or 15 walks in her clothes torn and ripped, bleeding from her left hand. Asking where she was and if she could use the phone. After an hour of her company she left with a boy around 16 with black hair.” He explained.

I looked over at Andrew and kissed him on his cheek.

~~~~~~ A few months later ( Now September)~~~~

It was the first day of school, Andrew and I were in 9th grade. We walked through the schools front doors holding hands, everyone whispering. I only caught a few, “Oh my god.. Look it’s the girl that got kidnapped.” and another that was just stupid. “Oh look a new emo couple.”

I rolled my eyes and then went off to class, the teacher looked at me and smiled. “Oh! Class this is A.J Beth… She is new.” The teacher Ms. Bitters, everyone looked at me and I felt awkward because I hated that much attention. The day was like any normal day, I had people confront me about what was wrong with me and ask a bunch of questions.

For the rest of the year I only had one friend and that was Andy, but I was okay with it. In July after the whole school year was over I went back to Island Falls to check everything out . When we got there, I went to Bryce’s house. I knocked on the door and after a minute of waiting he came to the door.

“A.J!!!” He said hugging me tightly almost lifting me into the air.
“I’ve missed you too hun.” I said after he put me down. We went inside and sat on the coach and he just sat there looking at me smiling.
“So! How was it down there?” He asked me, I smiled then frowned a little bit, it was good but was awful too.
“Well if you didn’t see the news I got kidnapped… and I found a boy we’re going out now” I smiled showing him the background for my phone, which was of me and Andy at the park and he frowned.
“…Oh…” He said awkwardly. He was sad about it and I felt a little bad.
“Oh my… I’m sorry Bryce.” I said putting my hand to my mouth.
“Don’t worry about it…. I had my chance and I blew it.” He half smiled .
“Well wanna have a together, since I’m back and I know how good of a partier you are.” I asked him smiling, he looked back up and smiled really big.
“I’ll bring the beer.” He smiled I looked at him and gave him a hug.
“Okay tonight, at our favorite spot.” I said, I had to go. It wouldn’t be a get together with just two people so I went and got some other people.

I drove over to Steven’s house and knocked on his door. He opened the door and gave me a hug.
“Where were you? Haven’t seen you all year!” He acknowledged, I looked at him and took a breath.
“I moved, but I’m back for the summer. There’s going to be a get together tonight.. At the abandoned house Tell Alice too.” I smiled he laughed.

“Wow not even here for a day and you already got something planned. You were always best at that though.” He smiled, I have him another hug before leaving.

I posted it on my face book, then at 9 at night everyone met at the old house, I found Bryce and he brought the beer. I went up to him and gave him a hug, “You’re the best.” I didn’t get drunk but I had a few beers, then Alice my best friend showed up with Steven, just the four of us like old times.
“Honey!!!” I yelled running up to her, she looked at me and gave me a big hug.
“Babe I’ve missed you!!!” We both laughed, we weren’t lesbians but in this town that’s how all the girls greeted each other. When Steven and Alice showed up it was perfect, the old house was beautiful inside, but no one would buy it, and only the four of us knew how to get in it.

We were all hanging out in the kitchen when Steven took Alice’s hand and they went upstairs. So it was just me and Bryce with some beers.
“So whatcha wanna do?” I asked him, he looked at me and took a sip of his beer.
“Want to go lie down on the porch and stare at stars.” He asked, I loved the porch of this house, it was off the ground and pretty high up. I smiled and took his hand.

We lied out and just looked at them, I ended up falling asleep like I always do. I sat up fast as I could after having another nightmare, Bryce was gone. I got up off the porch and went inside, “Bryce? Alice? Steven?” I asked, I had a bad feeling in my gut that something had gone wrong.

I walked all through the first floor of the house, and no one was there. The I was getting even more scared and it was almost pitch black so I couldn’t see very well. “This isn’t funny come out where ever you are!” I said aggravated, but no one came out. I check everywhere in the closets, the bathrooms, everywhere.

Then I texted Bryce, ‘Where are you guys?! This isn’t funny!’ I never got a text back, I didn’t know if it was wise to leave or to stay. I called Bryce’s house.
“Hello.” He grandmother picked up the phone.
“Oh hello ma’am is Bryce home by any chance?” I asked her fidgeting with my fingers.
“Oh why no he’s not..” She told me I sighed and took a breath.
“Okay.. Thank you for checking.” I said before hanging up the phone.

I went outside of the house and then into the barn. “Hey! Are you guys in here!!!” I yelled out. No one answered me I was tired of this so I walked back to my house. In the mourning I got up and went back to the house, I walked into the boiler room, but no one was there and everywhere else. I just sat on the floor in a room and sighed, it was completely silent until I hear something a scream it sounded like Alice.

“Alice?!!?!?” I yelled out worried. I kept hearing screams and I jumped off the porch which kind of hurt, but oh well. I ran towards her screams, they were coming from the woods. I found her tied to a tree, I ran up to her trying to untie the rope. “Why are you here? Who put you here? What the hell!” I asked her, her eyeliner had ran down her face from all her tears.
“I don’t know… I went to sleep with Steven and woke up here.” She explained, I untied her and took her hand.
“Come on we have to go find those two.” I said before running farther into the woods.

There was a trail that we followed to an old shack, it was old and had mold on it. I ran up to it and looked inside and it looked like someone was living there. I still went inside with caution and Alice stood outside for guard. “Bryce? Steven?” I whisper, it was a bad feeling in my stomach so I took my knife out. I learned to bring it everywhere with me since the kidnapping.

I heard a muffled sound coming from a room, I walk in and see Bryce and Steven tied up in the corner. I take the bandana away form their mouths and untie them. “Tell me what’s going on..” I said after helping them up. They just shrugged and ran out of the place.

After we get back to the road we are all out of breath from the running. I gave Bryce a hug happy he was okay, “Well that was crazy… maybe we should stay away from abandon houses from now on.” I said. Everyone nods yes and we go to my house, when we got there everyone got something to drink and we sat on the coach. My mom came out of her room and looks at all of us, “Now what happened, you all look like you’ve been rolling around in the dirt.” She giggled, I looked at them then my mom.
“Yeah.. That’s what we did.” I smiled and everyone nodded. My looks back at me and then her light bulb went off. “Oh right A.J. Andy is going to be coming down he should be here tomorrow.” She told me. I tried to pretend not to acknowledge what she said to make Bryce feel better, but on the inside I was saying ‘Yay!!’

The day went on and we just hung out together, until it was around nine and I went to stay the night at Bryce’s. We played video games that he beat me at each time, we laughed and had a good time. I feel asleep when he went to go take a shower, I woke up to my phone going off. Bryce was next to me, but he kept his distance even though he was sleeping.

I answered it, “Hello.” I said rubbing my eyes awake.
“Hey hun, I’m over at your house.. Where are you?” He said excited to see me.
“Omg! I’ll be right there.” I smiled I ran over to my house because I didn’t bring my car. When I got to my house he was in the living room, I ran to him and gave him a big hug. “I’ve missed you so much!!” I said, I gave him a kiss and he smiled.

“Lets go for a ride.. I wanna show you around. I’ll drive!” I say taking his hand.
“Your not old enough to drive.” He stated. I laughed at him.
“Yeah I know.. But in this town everyone cares for everyone, and we’re really tight like a huge family.. So no one tells the police or anything.” I explained.

I drove everywhere showing him around, then I stopped at the park that was in town. It wasn’t as good as the other one, but it was fun to just hang out. We sat on the swings holding hands, I smiled.
“You remember the way we met.” I asked him, he smiled at me.
“Yeah. It was the best day of my life.” He said, I looked at him and looked up at the sky.
“I was looking through the town.. When I see a boy with a beautiful smile, who shared my love of skittles…” I explained to him. “…When I saw you, I thought you would never like me. I almost didn’t come over and stay hello to you that day.” I continued explaining.
“I loved you when I looked up at you that day, and I am so glad you said hello.” He told me. I smiled at him and I felt loved and my heart skipped a beat.
“Lets go get some skittles!!” He laughed. We got up and then went to the store. After buys a huge bag of skittles we went to the abandoned house, even though what happened yesterday was horrible I figured I was safe.

I took him inside and we went upstairs, eating skittles and playing patty cake like little children. We started kissing and then here a horrible sound, it sounded like finger nails on chalkboard. We stop and get scarred it came from downstairs so if we went down there who knows what would happen. I took Andy’s hand and led him onto the roof.

“That was terrifying there’s something here… We should go.” I said with my hand on my chest.
“Yeah, but how it’s probably inside and going in there doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.” Andy replied. I shrugged and then went to the part of the house facing the road, I slowly hung my feet over the edge so they would land on the railing and then dropped. I was okay, I watched so many movies and had done so many things that doing that was a breeze.

“Do what I did and be careful.” I tell him. He looked at me,
“Um. I may be different then most people, but I can’t do that.” He said, then he decided to just jump off the side, it didn’t even hurt him.
“Ha ha we can go now.” He smiled, I looked at him astonished.
“How did you do that? That would have broke someone’s leg for a normal person!” I asked. He laughed and took my hand.
“Yeah, but I’m not normal people.” He smiled lightly as we ran. I thought to myself, ‘maybe that’s why I felt so protected by him?’ We got into the car and just sat in it for a moment. He started the car and we drove off.

“…..What did you mean your not normal?” I asked him, he starred at the road and stayed silent. “Andy, you can tell me.” I tell him smiling. He looked at me and then back at the road.
“Nothing hurts me… well maybe getting shot, but not little things, like knives; punches; falling; jumping.” He explained to me, my eyes got wide.
“That is so cool!!” I smiled, he looked at me and smiled sweetly.
“You know you can do something ‘cool’ too… I’ve noticed it since the beginning.” He told me, I was confused I never felt like I could do anything.
“What would that be?” I said. He giggled a little bit.
“Well you aren’t afraid of anything.. And how you can do things other people can’t… Like at the house the way you precisely knew where to land, if anyone else tried they would have fell and got hurt .and your nightmares, they‘re more like premonitions” He explained to me.

I was kinda confused, but also not. I laughed and we pulled into the drive way and went into my room. I ended up falling asleep, I didn’t have a nightmare but I saw Bryce getting drunk and falling into the river. It looked dark in my dream so I immediately got up and went to the car.

I drove to the river and waited there too make sure Bryce wasn’t coming. When it was around 2 am I heard something coming my way, just incase it wasn’t Bryce I pulled my knife out, but it was and he was drunk. He headed for the river and then I got in front of him and put my hands on his shoulders, “Bryce what are you doing?” He looked at me in a haze and took another sip of his beer.
“Your gone… your going to leave me here alone.” He said, I didn’t know what he was talking about and I sat him down on the grass.
“What do you mean?” I asked him, he just looked at me and his eyes were watery.
“Your going to leave me here! You don’t care about me! After you go back at the end of the summer your just going to forget about me.” He explained to me and a tear feel from his eye, and I gave him a hug.
“Darling, I would never ever forget about you! And I’ve cared about you even when you hated me. I would do anything for you just to see your smile.” I said holding my hand to his cheek. He just looked at me as I smiled at him, he put his head on my shoulder and cried.
“I don’t want you to go.. I don’t want you to be with Andrew.” He cried, I was starting to feel bad and I didn’t know what to say.
“Stop that! Stop feeling bad for me. I don’t need your sympathy!” He yelled out. I looked at him confused.
“Bryce I never said that.” I tell him, he looked at me.
“Yeah well stop thinking it to.” He said crossing his arms… I looked at him.
“It’s obvious your drunk… come on Bryce, I’m taking you back home.” I tell him trying to lift him up, but he shrugged telling me to get my hand off him.
“Come on Bryce! Stop acting like your 5! Your fricken 17!” I demanded.
“No! Why don’t you just leave and go back to Andy!” He yelled. “I bet he misses you.” He snarled his lip, I sighed.
“I know you care and I love you for that, but please come on.” I asked nicely, he looked up at me.
“I want to go swimming.” He said, I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“No your just drunk.” I acknowledged. He looked up at me and got up.
“No I want to go swimming. Come with me.” He said taking my hand. I didn’t even attempt to stop him there was no point. We went into the water that was up to our ankles and he sat down in it. I laughed at him being so childish, it was nice to see him like that though.
“Sit down, it’s super ass fun!” He said tugging on my hand, I tried hard not to laugh and then he tugged me hard enough and I feel down and laughed even more. “I’m all wet I hope your happy.” I said splashing water onto his face. We were just sitting in the water and we started to hear thunder. We looked up and it starts pouring rain we got up out of the water and ran around on the road, we looked like idiots, but neither of us cared.

After awhile of playing in the rain like children I drove Bryce home, I walked him inside and tucked him in like he was my child. When I was just about to leave he grabbed my hand, “Do you have to go?” He asked me, I sat down next to him.
“Yeah, if you remember I have a boyfriend who is in town.” I said, he frowned.
“But you know we would be better together…” He said as I got up, I was thinking of it, but only vaguely. I sighed and looked back a little, “Bye Bryce.” I drove home and went into my room.

I fell back asleep for another hour until someone called me.
“Hello.” I say waking up.
“A.J. I was so depressed last night… I cut for the first time in awhile.” Alice told me.
“Alice! Why were you depressed?!?!” I asked her worried.
“Steven got a girlfriend, and it wasn’t me! After we made out!!” She told me.
“I’m sorry, but I need to go.” I tell her before hanging up the phone. I didn’t need to go I just didn’t care for that. It had happened to me 3 times before and I got no support from her.

I didn’t even try to go back to sleep, I got up and walked outside. I began to have a day dream, but it wasn’t bad, I was with Bryce and we were just hanging out then we’re talking and I snap out of it when I feel someone’s hands around my waist. “Mourning sun shine.” Andy said. I smiled and looked at him, “Mourning sweetie.”

I went inside and got dressed for the day, and I didn’t know what Andy and I were going to do today, but I didn’t care. “Whatcha wanna do? I can’t think of anything.” I laughed, he looked at me.
“Hm. I don’t know. I haven’t met your friends yet.” He smiled, I looked at him and we went to the car. I took him to see Alice first.
“Alice! Come here.” I yelled to her. She came out of her house and then smiled.
“Omg! A.J I’m so happy for you hun!!!” She expressed, I laughed and gave her a hug.
“I’m sorry about you and Steven, that wasn’t right.” I said. She shrugged.
“Don’t worry about it. I found someone knew, butt thanks for the sympathy.” Se said. I gave her one last hug and we went to go see Steven.

After driving awhile considering he lives in a different town we made it to his house. “Steven!!” I yelled out as I saw him, I gave him a hug,
“Steven this is Andrew. Andrew this is Steven.” I giggled they shook hands and I got a text. ‘A.J come over to my house.. I’m not feeling good.’ It was from Bryce, “Hey keep each other company I need to go somewhere alone for a sec.” I said rushing to the car.

I went to Bryce’s house and ran inside. “What’s wrong?” I asked, he was on his couch with a knife next to him.
“..Bryce what did you do??” I asked worried. He takes his hands out from under the blanket and I saw huge slits in his wrists. I sat next to him with my eyes wide, then I looked up at him.
“Why did you do this?” I continued talking. He took a breath.
“Because, my life sucks and you were the only highlight of it and your gone. I feel like I don’t even know you anymore.” He explained. I actually started to cry a little bit, I loved Bryce and he ‘didn’t know me anymore’ I was pretty damn sad.

I hugged him, “Bryce I love you! You should know that. I’ve always loved you and I haven’t changed.” I told him. He looked at me as I got up and got some paper towels. I cleaned up his arms and bandaged them up.
“ You have changed, you may not have noticed, but ask everyone. Your a lot different then you use to be.” He said. I was getting pretty aggravated, all the shit that just happened to me and I’ve changed.
“Well I’m fucking sorry if getting kidnapped, almost getting raped Twice, and my father dying changes a person!” I pointed out with my arms going in every direction. “Now come with me.” I commanded taking his hand. I led him outside,
“Why would you want to leave this behind. There are a lot of people who care about you, I know at least 5 girls that would want to go out with you, and even if that isn’t enough you will always have me. No matter how much you want to deny it. Stop dwelling on the bad, remember when I did that. I cut so much I had to go to the hospital to get blood at the age of 13!” I explained to him.
“….I may not know exactly what’s going on in your life, but I don’t want to see you like how I was. If you ever need to talk or just hang out tell me.” I continued on. He smiled at me and then I gave him a hug good bye, I went and got Andrew then we headed home.

I paced around my room think on whether not to leave or stay at the end of the summer.
“Now why so much pacing hun.” Andrew asked. I looked at him and shrugged.
“I think I might want to stay here when the end of summer comes…” I told him.
“Why?” He asked me a little snobby. I looked at him I hated it when anyone was snobby.
“Because all my friends are here and they really need me.” I explained to him.
“There’s nothing you can do. Your friends are all depressed freaks that won’t listen to reason.” He said, I looked at him and snarled my lip.
“If you didn’t know I an the leader of my ‘depressed freaks’ I was just like them once!” I barked and he just looked at me.
“Yeah well you grew up! Just leave them behind you have me now.” He said all high and mighty.
“I can’t just leave them behind they’re my life! No matter I’m here or with you in Bangor!” I almost yelled.
“Okay, I’m leaving today so either your coming with me or your not! Make your decision soon because I’m leaving at noon.” He said, I turned my back and crossed my arms.
“You can leave today, I’m going to stay but I’ll be down later this summer. I need to do some stuff before I leave.” I told him, he got up and walked out of the house and got into the Jeep. He left without a goodbye or a hug. I was a little sad, but I had to go find Bryce.

He was at his house just watching T.V. “Bryce.” I smiled and sat next to him. He looked at me with a blank look, and I kissed him. He smiled and then kissed me again.
“What was that for?” He asked, I looked at him with a huge smile.
“Because I love you and only you.” I told him, he gave me a hug and then kissed me again. I walked out of the house while he put him shoes on, then we went to go get Alice and Steven. We went to get Alicr first and when we walked into the house holding hands she looked at me with a bad look.
“A.J! Cheating is not good!!” She yelled at me like my mother. Bryce and I looked at each other and laughed.
“Me and Andrew are threw. I’m not cheating.” I smiled she smiled back at me and we went to the car. Alice leaned up to the front.
“So.. Since your done with him… mind if I take him?” She asked me giggling.
“Go ahead hun,” I said. We got Steven and then went to the house, we weren’t scared anymore.

We walked into the living room and then sat down in a circle. “Okay so I have something to tell you guys.” I said fidgeting with my hands, they all looked at me like go on.
“Well I’m not normal… I have premonitions and I can do things you guys can’t.” I explained, they all looked at me weird and then they all looked ashamed.
“We can do stuff too.” They all said looking down, then Alice took a breath to talk.
“I can control the weather..” She said. I smiled thinking that was epic.
“I can heal.” Steven said, we all looked at him and then Bryce un-bandaged his cuts for Steven to heal them.
“I can read minds.” Bryce said afterwards, I already knew that from the night he was drunk.

We sat around and then I had a cool idea, “Why don’t we move in here? All four of us. We could like buy furniture and stuff.” I laughed, they all thought for a moment and we decided to stay, and we turned the lights and the water on. So at night it wouldn’t be scary, we fixed it all up because a few rooms weren’t finished and we redid the porch.

After all that we only had a week or two before school started, so all we had to do was pick which room was ours and get our clothes in it. Bryce and I shared a room and after a few days Alice and Steven stayed in the same room after he broke up with the other girl. Most of my clothes were at Andy’s so I had to go into Bangor.

When I got there we looked at me and gave me a hug, “I knew you would come!” He expressed, I went and got my stuff.
“I’m sorry Andy, I love you but I can’t stay..” I said while putting my stuff into the car. He looked really sad and depressed, and it made me feel bad.
“I’m sorry… I know a girl that would love you though.” I tried making him feel better, he looked up and had a small smile.
“Who?” He asked, I thought for a moment. One of my old friends Jennie had a huge thing for emo boys.
“Jennie. She’s really cool. Look her up.” I said before leaving.

The house was finally complete, and I was really happy. We were a big happy family, our parents didn’t care that we did this. We were meant to be together, and it was obvious to us now.

I woke up to my alarm clock, first day of school. I got my clothes an make up on, then Bryce and I drove to school. All of us walked through the door together Bryce and I were holding hands just like Steven and Alice. We kind of kept to ourselves, but would still associated with the rest of the school.
“Hey!” A girl super excited said coming up to me. I looked at her and smiled trying to be polite.
“Hello.” I replied, she looked at me and then turned her head slightly to the right.
“I’m Jennie remember?” She said kind of losing her smile.
“Oh yeah! Sorry you’ve just changed.” I apologized. We almost had a conversation until Bryce came over and took me somewhere else. The day was pretty normal, other than a few people coming and asking me about being kidnapped.

I went home early while everyone else stayed and when I got into the house Andrew was sitting on the couch. “Jesus, Andy you scared me!” I said. I looked at him and he just was starring blankly.
“Andy, why are you here?” I asked him going closer to him, when I sat down next to him in his eyes it looked blank as if nothing was going on. I looked at him and then brushed some hair out of his face, he blinked and I saw him again.
“Andy.. why are you here?” I asked him again.
“..I.. I don’t know. I think there’s something wrong with me.” He told me.
“What do you mean?” I replied looking at him a little weird.
“I keep blacking out and doing horrible things…. I need your help.” He advised me.
“Me? Why me?!” I questioned him yet another time. He flipped his hair out of his face and took my hand.
“Because.. I don’t have anyone else, your were and are my only friend. Please help me.” He pleaded, I couldn’t just not help him but I had no possible clue what I could do.
“Okay… stay here with me and I’ll figure something out.” I told him, a few minutes of waiting and everyone else got home.

Right when Bryce walked through the door I could sense the hatred in his every word. “A.J why is he here?” He asked a little tense. I took Bryce by the shoulder to attempt to calm him down.
“He needs our help hun.” I told him, he was less mad but you could still see it.

Alice was already to Andrew’s side looking him over, she loved new experiments. “Ooh play toy!” She expressed her happiness. Steven smiled thinking of how funny it was.
“..A.J what’s wrong with his eyes?” She asked me almost pulling his eyelids to his eyebrow.
“…Oh no, step back Alice.” I told her taking her away, he sat there for a moment ant then got up. I went by his side, I didn’t want him to hurt anyone.
“Andrew.” I said trying to snap him out of it, he looked at me and began to choke me. Bryce and Steven got him off of me as I backed away coughing. We all decided to put him into the room none of us used. He couldn’t hurt us there, when everyone was sleeping I went into Andrew’s room and he was crying. I sat down next to him and rubbed his back, “What’s wrong hun?” I asked him.

“It’s all my fault. Everything is my fault.” He replied, a looked at him with a weird look I had no clue what he was talking about.
“Hun I’m not following.. What was all your fault.” I questioned, he finally looked up from his hands and at my face.
“All the deaths… So many people screaming.” He said, I didn’t understand because no deaths had occurred lately.
“Andrew… There were no deaths, no one died, I think your hallucinating.” I told him, then he started hugging me and crying. I couldn’t help but comfort him.
“I hear them everyday, they’re screams repeating in my head.” He whispered, I put my hand to his cheek.
“Andrew. There were no deaths!” I said lightly, he looked away and then got up.
“W-what am I doing here! Why are you here! You…. Your dead! I saw you die I was there.” He said scared. I didn’t understand what was going on, I figured it would be best if I went to sleep.
“Andrew.. Come into bed, it’s nap time.” I told him, he crawled into bed and I said there with him for a few minutes when I was just about to get up he took my arm.
“Please don’t go, the nightmares will come back… You’ll be dead, I don’t want you to be dead.” He cried, I could see the fear in his eyes there was something really wrong, and it was killing me inside that I couldn’t figure it out,

I stayed with him and fell asleep in the chair I pulled close to his bed. In my dream all my memories went through my head of this year, and then I saw Andrew he was in a cell in like an old jail or something, he was in the corner rocking back and forth as a million screams you could hear coming from further down the corridor. I ran to see why I heard screams, when I slowly pushed open the door lobotomies were going on while the patient was still awake. A girl reached her hand out to me and cried ‘Help me’ it was horrible. Someone noticed me, ‘Hey! She’s out of her cell!’ a man yelled. He threw a knife at me and I woke up.

It was almost 4 in the mourning, if that is what really happened to him then I understood why he was so messed up. I looked to the bed and he wasn’t there, I looked all the way around the room and heard him whimpering in the closet. He was whispering something over and over again, “Andrew.” I said opening the door.
“A.J. Please .. Please kill me.” He pleaded handing me a knife, I could never kill a person but I took the knife.
“No.. Don’t worry Andy we’ll get through this together… I saw what happened at that jail. I know how it must be.” I said, he busted out of the closet slamming onto the floor.
“Do you do you really know?! I was there for every single lobotomy! I saw person after person get murdered! You don’t know how it feels to watch innocent people get killed and there is nothing you can do.” He explained, my eyes got wide as he said it.
“Maybe I don’t know exactly what it was like, but I’m going to help you!” I shouted, he looked up slowly with watery eyes.
“You could have saved me you know. If you just would have stayed with me! I never would have got thrown in there…” He almost whispered. I was speechless, I couldn’t think of what to say. The only think that kept going threw my head was our fight we had.
“If you didn’t leave without a goodbye, I would have stayed! I would have come with you.” I told him almost angry even though I felt it was my fault. He got up and came close to me lying his head on my shoulder.
“All I can ever think about is you. The day we met, all the times we had, how beautiful you are, your smile, the way you helped me when I was down, the first time I held your hand. And all it makes me do is want you even more, I miss you and I wish I could take every bad thing I’ve done away.” He whispered into my ear. All of this year seemed pretty damn dramatic and I seemed to always be speechless, I was getting pretty sick of it.

“I need to go. We can talk about it later.” I said, I left got dressed and headed to school even though the doors didn’t open for anther hour or so, I brought my ipod and just plugged it into my ears and turned it up as high as it could go. I felt better but when I leaned against the schools doors and closed my eyes I could still see all the drama.

I was confused, I was only 16 and how could I know what to do. I just figured out my friends and I could do something crazy, I almost got raped and now I had to chose between Andy and Bryce. I felt alone even though I had 5 people who would do anything for me. I sat there and thought, ‘Was it smart coming back here? Who is the right one? AH!’ Kept going on in my head. Then one of the teachers came and tapped my should, it was my favorite Mrs. R.

“A.J is something wrong? Last time you were here this early your parents were fighting and that was 2 years ago.” She asked me smiling, Mrs. R was like a second mother to me she was always there for me even when I wasn’t in her class anymore.
“Huh, a lot on my mind. I have a big decision to make.” I told her getting up of the ground and dusting off. She opened the school doors and lead me in with her hand on my back.
“Would you mind telling me. Maybe I could help.” She smiled, I smile slightly.
“Well now I live with 2 of my friends and my boyfriend, and I have to help my old boyfriend who I might still have feelings for while he’s staying with me and now I have to choose between them…” I took a breath, and she laughed a little bit.
“I’m not sure if I could help you with that, but why don’t you think really hard. Who has always been there for you?” She advised me, I thought for a moment. Andy opened his door to me at 1 in the mourning, but Bryce was the one who drove me to the hospital when I lost that much blood.

“Well Mrs. R that’s the thing… They’ve both been there for me since the beginning. Urg this is hard!” I said almost slamming my head onto her desk.
“How about this, bring them to me at different times and I’ll tell you who I think is better.” She smiled again I looked at her and smiled, the bell just rang and I had to rush out her room while her 8th grade students came in.
“Okay thanks Mrs. R, You’re the absolute best!!” I said running out of her classroom tapping the side on the door frame as I left.

All the little kids watched me as I ran down the hall, but I had to make it to class. I ran into the classroom and the teacher Mrs. C was already teaching, the whole class looked at me and she peered over her glasses and cleared her throat.
“A.J your late again! That’s another detention.” She advised me, I shut the door slowly.
“But I was talking with Mrs. R” I argued, she sat back down at her desk.
“No excuses! Sit!” She demanded, of course then meanest teacher I get for homeroom/ English.

Mrs. C put her glasses on and got up to hand out books, a new literature assignment I suppose.
“Okay now we are going to begin reading ’How To Kill A Mocking Bird’” She told us, the whole class grumbled and sighed. All of us hated those books she handed out.

At the end of the day when I was about to leave Mrs. C’s room she decided to grab my arm. “And where do you think your going?” She asked impolitely, I tugged my arm back.
“I’m going down to Mrs. R’s room. She is helping me with something.” I told her with an attitude.
“Oh no your not you have an 1 and a half detention.” She commanded. I sat down and did nothing for a few minutes until Bryce came into the room.
“A.J come on.” He said in a rush. I looked up and tried getting up.
“No she has detention.” She said crossing her arms. I just ran out of the door isn’t like she could catch up to me. Bryce and I ran and somewhere else in the school so she couldn’t find us.
“What is it Bryce?” I whispered, he smiled and laughed a little catching his breath.
“Mrs. R wanted to see you.” He told me, he always stayed after and helped her out. I walked into her room and she was sitting at her desk.
“Wanted to see me.” I said smiling, I always felt better when I walked into this room and she could tell.
“Well tell me who are the two boys? I think this is important.” She smiled, I toddled with my feet a little and looked down.
“Bryce and a boy named Andrew.” I told her, she looked at me.
“Well I’ve met Bryce and I know he would do anything for you. I would go with him but that’s just me.” She told me, I sighed it wasn’t very much help. Mrs. R was getting ready to leave and she was in a hurry.
“Well I’m sorry I can’t help. Little Ellie is sick and I have to get home. Here the keys to my back door of this room, I know it makes you feel better.” She kept smiled and gave me a hug, then bolted out of the school.

I went back to Mrs. C’s room and finished my detention. I went home and it was all the same, I still had to decide who. I went into Mrs. R’s room and sat in the corner, I cried a little bit. It was silent considering it was like 11 at night, but it was coming from a different room, so I got up and walked out. I was scared because I stopped carrying my knife around, and it sounded like an old marker righting on a white board.

I walked into the after school program’s room and saw writing on the board, when I walked in the marker dropped to the ground. It said ‘Hurry Bryce is in trouble!’ I blinked at it was all gone, I was in Mrs. R’s room still crying. I whipped away my tears and ran out of the door, I didn’t know where to go but my premonitions never lied before.

I went into the house, Alice and Steven were sitting on the couch.
“Where is Bryce?!!?” I asked hurried, they looked at me.
“We thought he was with you.” They said, I growled and ran to see if Andy was in his room, and of course like in every stupid drama show I’ve ever seen he was gone.

I was pretty worried, in my head I was just about to give up! But I couldn’t it was Bryce. I ran to the park, the only place that Andy would know in this town. They weren’t there, but the old train station was right next to it and I ran inside.
“Andrew! Bryce!” I yelled, no one answered me but I still walked threw the station cautiously. I started to hear coughing, but I couldn’t tell where.
“Andrew honey, where are you?” I said hoping he would come out.
“A-A.J!” I heard someone yell. I run into the basement of the place and see Andrew strangling Bryce with a wire.
“Andrew, put that down, and we can go home. Just let Bryce go.” I tried coning him into doing it. He let the grip go a little bit, but still had Bryce’s neck to the wire.

“And how do I know your not lying.” He asked, I walked over and kissed him. He let the wire go and kissed me again, he gave me a hug and almost cried. I touched a certain nerve on his shoulder and he fell to the ground asleep.

“Bryce I am so sorry, are you alright?” I asked him, he was running his hand over his neck.
“Okay well I guess.” He said, I took his hand. We grabbed Andy and tied him up to the bed in his room.

“God DRAMA!! This whole year has been worse a freaking crappy drama skit by abc family.” I said about to lie on the couch with Bryce.
“Ha ha I guess you just attract drama.” He laughed, I have him a kiss and smiled.
“I am so done with it no more drama. Just you, me….” I said then Alice runs down the stairs laughing, “Ha ha your funny looking.” She said before passing out onto the floor. “..And of course Alice and Steven.” I giggled.

We took Andrew to the insane asylum, we didn’t know what else to do. I still felt bad for him, he had lost his mother and he only had one friend and that was me, I don’t see how he could love anyone after all this.

I finished the school year and went to see Andrew everyday until they let him out in August, he was back to normal. The police tracked his mother down and then he got to see her, they live together now and she doesn’t plan on leaving him anytime soon.

All the drama left my life… Until the end of 12th grade, but that’s a different story.


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