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This group is for those serious about the quality of their writing. This is where you can post links to the short stories you have written as part of the Writing Right contests. And yes, there are prizes!

What makes these contests different, perhaps, from most others is that first, everyone who enters a qualifying story is a winner. The prizes are gift cards, the amount of each to be determined by how... Mehr anzeigen


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Zombie Horror Von: Rookie Burwick
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Zombie horror combines with military battles, guts and gore exploding from the pages of this super awesome, action-packed read. If you like a fast moving, thrill ride of a book, be sure and check this one out.


Amazon.com: Bloody Raged Corpses eBook: Rookie Burwick: Books https://www.amazon.com/Bloody-Raged-Corpses-Rookie-Burwick-ebook/dp/B078G4S36Q/ref=sr_1_1_twi_kin_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1514687058&sr=1-1&keywords=bloody+raged+corpses Bloody Raged Corpses - Kindle edition by Rookie Burwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Bloody Raged Corpses.
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What Ever Happened To This Contest?! Von: judycolella
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Hey, everyone. I know this was supposed to be judged and a winner announced quite a while ago. Sadly, one of our moderators has been horribly ill, and hasn't been in any condition to even think about the judging. However, I've read the entries (and I'm SO impressed - you guys really get it!), so I'm going to contact both moderators this week and see if we can't get this part of the contest concluded soon. That way, I can post... mehr anzeigen

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No need to apologise, Judy. Everyone who knows you, knows you are true to your word so any delays that occurred would have been beyond your control. :)

If the worse scenario had happened & the contest had needed to be cancelled all who entered would have gained invaluable tips &... mehr anzeigen


Thanks for that, Chris - I appreciate your kindness and understanding. You're always so encouraging! =D

Gelöschter User

I agree with Chris, no need to worry!

This amicable contest was a great challenge. Its effect can be felt. It has affected my view on some words (sadly, I was making some of these mistakes...) I have therefore emended some of my texts and adopted the correct version. I am not... mehr anzeigen

Need a image? Von: Gelöschter User
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This group needs a great image, I can design it as I have done for others.

Gelöschter User

I think golden fountain pen would do the thing.


Put together a design for me, please, and let me see how it looks. ')

Gelöschter User

Okay, I can only do that if you make me the administrator for a day.

Entry Deadline Von: judycolella
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I've decided to make the final deadline for this next Saturday, February 28th, at midnight. That means midnight wherever you are, not necessarily midnight here in Florida. On the 29th, the moderators and I will fill out the checklists to find our winner. Best of luck, everyone!

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5 short stories, 5 days.


As soon as I get the scores back from the moderators, I'll tally them with mine and the winner will be announced. This should probably happen today or tomorrow, depending on their schedules. Either way, it will be soon. ')


Looking forward to it :)

Contest # 1 Von: RavinderOzha
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I am in

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That's great! Post a link to your story as a comment in the thread below titled CONTEST #1 ENTRIES. Thanks for being a part of this! ')

Glossary List for Contest #1 Von: judycolella
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- From Barron’s Essentials of English, Third Edition

A, an - Use a before words beginning with a consonant sound: a book, a unique necklace. Use an before words beginning with a vowel sound: an apple, an urchin [NOTE: It is the sound, not the actual letter, which determines the form of the indefinite article: a university, an R.C.A. television set, an 8-sided object.]

Accept,... mehr anzeigen

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You could make it part of a conversation in which someone is explaining the difference to someone else, maybe? That way you'd be able to use all of them comfortably. Just a suggestion. But yes, since this contest is designed to challenge the writer, all of them have to be used.... mehr anzeigen


Doesn't fit in the story, but okay.


And I can do it, I just sort of am adapting all these words into a story I already had the base idea for XD. It has complicated things to say the least.

CONTEST #1 ENTRIES Von: judycolella
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Post your entries here as a comment to this post.

Lucia Morosanu

Here is my attempt. It's a bit over 1.000 words (just 100 words or so).

Hope you enjoy it!


Gelöschter User

Well, I guess I will try too. It was really challenging, and I'm sure there are still mistakes, but it was fun! Thanks for the game :)


Thanks for all the entries of this round - the results will be in soon!

Contest #1 Von: judycolella
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Here are the rules:

1. Write a short story (1,000 words or less, give or take a few) using each word in the Glossary list at least once.

2. Be sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end, that there is both conflict and resolution, and that it is posted as a book with a cover.

3. If you write in the third person, keep it that way throughout. If you write in first person, keep it that way throughout.

4. Tense must be... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

That sounds fun! I can't find a deadline for this contest. Isn't there one?

I'm not sure I will be part of it, but I will definitely read the entries... With such a weird mix of words, it can only get interesting!!!


The deadline was midnight tonight, but I'm thinking I should extend it another week, especially if you'd like to be enter a story.

Gelöschter User

I am trying to write something, but I'm not sure I will enter the contest. I guess it will depend on my satisfaction level after polishing the thing... But I really love your idea, and I hope you will have more entries on this contest!

Who is 'you''? Von: lazarus67
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Who is 'you''?

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Oh, for the love of Mike. I don't know what happened. That was supposed to be a simple "you'll." One of the gremlins in my house must have nudged my arm while I was typing...Gonna go see if I'm allowed to edit my own post now. Grrr and lol in a simultaneous, incomprehensible sound.


Gremlins.... yep... they get blamed a lot... lol.

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