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Writer’s Chat! A place to rant and rave about your writing journey! Stop by and share a funny story. We’re just a place to hang out and share what’s going on with our wrting, whether it’s your writing or just to say Hello, stop by and see us.


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Have a new BookRix book you want to let us know about. Give us a summery and the link here. Also ... Von: usmcgunny
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Have a new BookRix book you want to let us know about. Give us a summery and the link here. Also if you find a book that you think is interesting,give us the Book link. Remember you can also just add it to the group books. Writer's Chat is not a book Critique forum. xD

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Maria Thermann

Willow the Vampire's books have only just become available on Bookrix, but have been out on Amazon/Kindle for a while:

A coming of age story for readers aged 10 and older. Garlic and holy water are optional.

Willow the Vampire & the Sacred Grove. Welcome to Stinkforth-upon-Avon. Have a nice bite! http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-maria-thermann-willow-the-vampire-amp-the-sacred-grove/ Eleven-year-old Willow Band lives with her parents in a remote cottage at the edge of the picturesque village Stinkforth-upon-Avon. The villagers have no idea there's a family of vampires in their ...
Edbert S.

It's just a prologue so far, but I want to know how interesting it is. Feedback would be appreciated. :)


Summary: It's about a person who is apparently stranded on an uncharted island. While on the island, he lost his memory... mehr anzeigen

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When I decided that I wanted to write in a serious way, I realized that I needed help. From my pa... Von: usmcgunny
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When I decided that I wanted to write in a serious way, I realized that I needed help. From my past writing experience I knew that three big hurdles for me would be Grammar, Composition, and editing. The first thing I did was search the Internet for writing software that had to do with the three problems mentioned.

What I have found is that the software which I purchased online for a very reasonable cost, and the critiques... mehr anzeigen

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It's so important to have great writing programs to help make the process easier (and more professional!). I have heard great things about StoryBook Pro, but I have never seen that Editor program - I'm going to look into it. So many people need a good editor but don't have anybody to help them :)

This is a new group and I hope it will become an active group. For now I'm the moderator and foun... Von: usmcgunny
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This is a new group and I hope it will become an active group. For now I'm the moderator and founded this group. I'm a retired United States Marine and live in a small town in Eastern Oklahoma. In the last year I've decided that I want to write to occupy my time. The one thing I will strive to do is to learn to enjoy writing.

I should be completing my first book about my time in Vietnam (1970-1971) as an Infantry Squad Leader... mehr anzeigen

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CW & rebecdawn

Glad to see you here on Writer's Chat. Feel free to jump right in and keep us updated on what's new.

Roger xD


Hi everyone...I've only been a member in this group for a few days. I am a children's author of short stories and poems...Lenora Rodgers and I hail from Elizabethtown, KY USA. Even though I've been a member on Bookrix since last October, I've only had time to pursue writing in... mehr anzeigen


Look forward to reading some of your writing. With so many good writers, getting to everyone's books is a challenge. For me at least, you are the first Children's writer I've run across in the groups I belong to, so getting to your books should be easier. Post them here in the... mehr anzeigen

Hola!! Von: Testykenzie
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Hello everyone. I have a blog i just created. I write stories on there. If you love to read anything, please visit the website. areadershaven.godaddysites.com

If you have any suggestion please feel free to contact me @anjolaakinwumi@gmail.com. Subscribe to my blog and you'll get notified if i post something which would be often.
Also follow my insta @a_readers_haven to get updates. I am about to do my first giveaway to... mehr anzeigen

Who's Writing? Von: usmcgunny
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it's December 2019, and I've decided in a big way to get back to writing. I'm fully retired now and have plenty of time on my hands. Is it about fame or fortune, no! I realized one thing about my writing many years ago. If writing was not going to be about enjoyment for me, I might as well not write.

So I've got three projects on the back burner. two will definitely be series, and the third I'm not sure about yet. So who... mehr anzeigen

The Challenges of Writing Today? Von: usmcgunny
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What are some of the Challenges to your writing today. With all the social media past time out there today, are the new generations still into reading, or more into gaming and chatting online?

What's your take. I really want to know!


reading Von: dahlia437
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I just published a book about how to make a reading. With funny pics.
Did anybody make a reading here?

Okay Story Time! Von: usmcgunny
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Let's write a story. I'll start! The story is about a garbage truck worker that finds a lottery ticket then finds out it's worth 125,000,000 dollars. The story is a comedy. The rules: no foul language, The story. begins:

Billy Benacek seemed to always have been down on his luck since high school. He wasn't dumb but he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box either. He landed a job with the city sanitary department in the city of... mehr anzeigen

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On a Monday about week after Christmas, Billy was tossing his fifteenth evergreen into the crusher in the back of the truck. "Stupid things aren't green any more, that's for sure. Too bad they're still full of sap," he groused, prying tinsel off his gloves.

"You talkin' to... mehr anzeigen


The scratch card had been purchased by Bertie Blewitt, earlier that day at his local off-licence along with his regular bottle of "meds."

Thanking Beverly, the licensee, Bertie paid for his goods and left the shop. He then made his way to the small brick wall at the side of the... mehr anzeigen

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