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werewolf clan

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When your writeing about werewolves you dont want to stop.


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Helo Von: Death_Note
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Hey, I'm new here on Bookrix and I'm single

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Gelöschter User

Hey. If you need help let me know. I've been on here for about five years but only decided to actually publish my books on here. They all are still in progress but people are able to read them.


Since this is a writer's website and not a dating site, we really don't need to know your relationship status. That said, welcome! We love to get new members, and hope you find some great stuff to read.

It's also an awesome place to learn how to become a writer, and that includes... mehr anzeigen

contest Von: Gelöschter User
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okay people im having a character contest and it ends in two weeks hurry up to submit and see who the top five are going to show up in The Huntress's Mates

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Gelöschter User

One lucky persons charater will be the main character

Hey ^_^ Von: Gelöschter User
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Hey, I'm new here can someone show me the strings?

hello im new here Von: Gelöschter User
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Gelöschter User

Hey you! Welcome to this, you can find your own pack here ^_^ Or just join the Blood Moon Pack ^_^ that me and Shaun are alpha's of

Gelöschter User

i wanna join urs

Gelöschter User

Okay ^_^ Pm me and I'll explain how to join

Gelöschter User


hey Von: 23akropp
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Hi i just want yall to know that the wolf is my spirit animal so ya

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I would hope so. Being part of the "werewolf clan" group and saying your spirit animal is a snail or something would just be weird, lol. bizarre sense of humor takes over sometimes. 'D

What kind of wolf?

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