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This group will aim to provide unbiased and non-poisonous comments on the books posted within it. There are no genre restriction, Novel, poems and Short Stories, any form of stories can be posted here!

Group Restrictions:
- Posts of promotions must include the link for your book
- No external links (except if needed for comments or suggestions)
- When you are criticizing a book, indicate it on the post... Mehr anzeigen


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WELCOME~! ^_^ Von: Seraph Wedd
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If you want to join the group, comment your introductory words below before joining!

Objective peer reviews appreciated. . . . . . Von: cotterbass
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ECHOES of SLAVERY by Cotter Bass.

Genre: History. Ages: 12 & up.
Subject: Former slaves share personal accounts of life in bondage.

You may read this new ebook at BookRix by downloading the FREE (for Friends) version at:

This is my first ebook and I am looking forward to reading peer reviews.

Thank you for considering my book . . . . . .

Kidnapped by the Hot Beast Von: Gelöschter User
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Hi there!
I've published a new darkromance. Would love to find out your reviews
Its absolutely free!
Genera is Romance, Darkromance, Erotic, Mature.

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