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We Are Legends

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This group is open to anyone who needs support, friends, or just a good laugh. Hope you join and become a Legend too! 8D


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The Legend Starts with You... Von: Lyhtiz Ark
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Welcome and hello :) This post is for introductions. Introduce urselves :D

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Suri's Library

My intro:
Hi! I'm Suri Deathstone. Yes I know, that's clearly not my real name but its my gamer name. Earn my trust and I will give you my real name. I'm crazy, insane, I got problems, but i'd rather make my friends happy then focus on my problems. i'll be 16 on January 22, 2015.... mehr anzeigen


Sup guys,
Name is MarieJams, newly 18 Whoop!
Been on bookrix for about 5 years
On and off really.
I love a good vibe and dig crazy, silly people because thats me too lol
Love video games, music, movies, food, photos, etc like any other human
Uhh...yeah, if you need to know more, my inbox awaits

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Hey. Just want to revive this a kind of reunion scene
For both old and new members

Cuz really......we aren't really fulfilling the groups' purpose to say the truth despite everyone's busy schedules

Nice Von: MJ
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hey ev, so just wondering, nice group and all but what is this one about?

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oh never mind i just read why lol cool ^ ^

Gelöschter User



*rolls eyes* i knw i knw :) my mistake

Lyhtiz Ark

lol its okay xD

Gelöschter User

hahaha.....yeah! :D

You called me?? Von: Gelöschter User
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Looks like this group is based on my loyal friendship to all! hahaha

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Lyhtiz Ark

yep that thats the idea :)

Gelöschter User

You made this group on my loyal friendship with you????? XD
I am flattered! :)

Lyhtiz Ark

well more like loyalty to people in general. but more or less lol xD

Gelöschter User

Hmmm, you just broke my heart! JK Lol

Lyhtiz Ark

pu ;3; xD

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