Truth or Dare (no pu$$y shii)

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bunch of truth or dare, duh | jus dont join if u ain finna participate XD | this is a game, iss only serious if u take it like that | u can lie, nobody stopping u but u can get exposed too lol

1) u back out of a truth or dare, u get blocked
2) dont be disrespectful wit any dares or truths, or u get blocked
3) dont be petty bout nun too, or you get blocked
4) if u particpate, you have to do... Mehr anzeigen


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Iykyk: what is your wildest fantasy Von: Tay
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Iykyk: what is your wildest fantasy

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my wildest fantasy arleady came true,
i found a horny sex sub and we had sex on Ferris Wheel in London. she squirted right on the top and i cam inside her pussy on the way down .. was a great experince .. specially as she was allowed only to wear her dress and some shoes ..... mehr anzeigen

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COVID-19 edition lol Von: iykyk
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Jp, but im rly bored, more than usual so reply and tell me to do a truth or dare XD

hmm Von: Tay
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Don't matter chica XD anywho mine aint gonna be sexual hahaha My wildest fantasy would be to catch a bear and watch it burn alive.. yes im serious hahahahahaha

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Ayyee that's my girl whoo id say let's skin it but I'd have to shoot it first and I don't want blood on my rug it's a bih to clean. Hahahaha

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yoooooooo Von: truth
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yo Von: truth
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