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Dear sci fi and dystopia readers!

As a little gift to the Bookrix community, I would like to raffle 5 ebooks of my sci fi novella TIRANATH.

TIRANATH #1 is about the scientist Camil who starts working on a new genetic project. When he begins with his researches, he has no clue about the following consequences.

Besides science fiction, TIRANATH includes also social criticism and dystopic... Mehr anzeigen


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What would I change... Von: Darkirewolf
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Could I just say thatthere isnt anything I would change forever? Forever is too long for something to be changed since everything always does already. If I could change one item though...well maybe the way children around the world live. Many suffer daily and if Govs would stop fighting each other maybe we could create a better world for future generations. Just saying

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Ronia Richter

Hi Darkirewolf :) Thanks for your interesting answer! (I like it, especially also the part with the limited aspect of "forever").
Have a nice Sunday^^

Ronia Richter

Thanks for your interest. The ebook should arrive soon :)

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