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Wanted – New or old books, poems, contest entries, and readers looking for new material. Do you have a blog or author webpage you would like to advertise? Join us here at the Reading List where all promotion, suggestions or inquiries are welcome.


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Free eBooks for downloads! Von: RebeckDawn
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Here are the newest BookRix free eBooks that you can download from Amazon and the other eBook stores:

Dark Life, Bright Death Life on earth was about to change forever. Terrible objects were falling from the sky, objects that looked like they should bounce on impact, but instead exploded. Populations were being decimated ...
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Ahmed Fayez

I have a free book published here. A collection of poems that i am sure you will like it.

William Maccabe

You can get 3 free chapters of my illustrated science fiction novel "Tail End Charlie 2074 A,D," at:

When I look for someone to name as the Author of the Week, I make a rather extensive search, and ... Von: judycolella
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When I look for someone to name as the Author of the Week, I make a rather extensive search, and when I find someone, I make a point of reading all of the books posted so I know what to say. Which brings me to this week's AOTW.

Thus far, the choices have been those whose work is mostly in the prose category. However, I was so blown away by this writer's poetic talent, I decided to highlight her work. A member since 2011, she... mehr anzeigen

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Alexis Debary

Would be thrilled if you considered my book Djerba Nights.

Dat Deep Voice

Please check out the first chapter of my book. I may not win but any criticisms would be helpful.


Hey there, if you want to get featured as the Author of the week for FREE! Yes its real! You can actually visit and submit your books for FREE.

In the sea of books listed here at BookRix, sometimes a completed book is hard to find. Readers a... Von: Rgabel
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In the sea of books listed here at BookRix, sometimes a completed book is hard to find. Readers are always looking for these treasures.

Jump aboard and help us find finished books by listing your masterpiece here in this thread.

Thank you!

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Sabine Wolf
My romantic-comedy-novel is compledet and urgently needs readers ;-)

The Intermediary von Sabine Wolf - eBook Download - Buch kaufen Carola unexpectedly finds herself alone with her six-year-old daughter Jolie. As if that's not bad enough, her mother interferes in her life both when looking for an apartment and a job. Temporarily she follows her mother's advice. Her friend recommends an 'intermediary' as an exercise, someone Carola doesn't care about anyway, someone she can practice her flirting skills with. The new neighbor might be a good choice... Or does Carola eventually notice that 'tamporarily' and 'intermediary' might be good for longer after all?   I know the cover could be better!!! But I'm just crap at this, my effort went in the text. So please don't judge my book by my cover ;-) I'm not a native speaker, so if you try to improve your English by reading (which I love to do), you'd better look for something else. This also means that I'm thankful for every correction or review (no, not for every review, only kind ones ;-) But if it's an imposition to read, please don't hesitate to tell me!! I'm a big girl, I can stand it and...

I've come on the site minutes ago. I've a Middle Grade fantasy book. Does anybody write Loglines to sum u and describe their book?

Master the Use of the Hero's Journey in Your Life and Writing Von: Irwin Berent
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I am the co-creator of StoryCraft Story-Creation Software, which began in 1996 as one of the first software programs for fiction writers. Back then, when no one even knew how software could be used to help you write a story, my company was the first to coin the term "story-creation software." Now called StoryCraft New Edition, in its first major makeover in nearly two decades, the program is the only writer's software that... mehr anzeigen

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Many have been using software like this, and indeed GPT as well. A common assessment from discerning users is that such software typically works through the manipulation of symbols (aka language syntax) and not semantics. Which makes one wonder if these works really might... mehr anzeigen

Hello beautiful people, in case you're wondering about some helpful tips that will help you impro... Von: Zeus
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Hello beautiful people, in case you're wondering about some helpful tips that will help you improve your writing skills, Click on this link to know more.

A tale of two rednecks and a drone Von: John Russo
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Intriguing, no? Well, it's called "The Race," it's a quick, hilarious read, and it's got rednecks, drones, and a swamp in it. What more could you want in a screwball comedy? Unfortunately, Bookrix will not allow me to post the link, but you can search it up on Amazon and pick it up for just 99 cents!

Dial G for GOD; it is a direct line, it is a free call. on Von: Bobby
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You will not be sorry you hit this book, it will overhaul your doubts and fears and wash you clean if you are not afraid of water.

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