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Ok. So, I've been noticing that a lot of the groups on here are age specific, genre specific, or simply you cannot have any "harsh" or "inappropriate" material. This group is for those who just want to be in a group where they can be themselves and author whatever genre they want to write in. I won't judge anyone who joins. Just as long as there is one... Mehr anzeigen


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Read and Write- reply to As Part of the Group Von: Elaya Ice
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As for me, I enjoy reading fiction & poetry as well writing them. Mainly anyway.

Granted I would Read much of anything yoy ask me too,
although I am picky about my choice of horror. Not just gore, but some finess story to it, psychological style I notice tends to be the direction I lean in.

For witing, fiction and poetry.
However I do write on limb, every now than.
For instance, I hope to start a science fiction piece.
I have... mehr anzeigen

My books Von: HandsOfFate18
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Ok. To go off of what Elaya Ice wrote down below, I write mainly morbid poetry and stories. I have 5 books up, though only 4, I believe, are visible. One is an epic poem of torture, one is a book of my morbid poetry and short stories, another a book of my love poems/short stories, and the last is my adult-content novel. Feel free to read whatever you choose. :) Thank you Ice for putting up the suggestion. :)

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Elaya Ice

No problem as an admin thought I'll do my job,so I'm glad I thought of it.

Stating Yourself As Part of the Group Von: Elaya Ice
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Since this group started with no limits; it should continue that way.
HOWEVER it it important that everyone mentions what they like writing as well as what they like reading. By knowing this certain members can ask others to read certain stories without making each other uncomfortable. In turn since we would know who writes what; we would also know who's books we are comfortable following up on.
This would make it easier for... mehr anzeigen

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That's great to say, Ice. I totally agree with you. Now let's hope the rest of the group will participate. :)

Elaya Ice

I hope so too. If not, maybe sending some personal messages will help.


I like to write whatever catches my whim, mostly fantasy, soft horror, sci-fi & occult detective. I prefer short stories to novels, as I would choose an audioplay or audiobook to save some time on longer tales & sagas.

Reading nigh ended, when I had to research on so many topics,... mehr anzeigen

I cradled my little brother in my arms when he committed suicide. I was abused my whole life by m... Von: JamesGough72
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I cradled my little brother in my arms when he committed suicide. I was abused my whole life by my father. I ran around with no support but myself. I've been through HELL. And right now the only thing I want is just someone who cares and someone who has been through the things I have so they can tell me they know what I'm going through and its going to be okay. I have had so many therapists tell me they know what I'm going... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

No one know's how you feel except for you and those who is experiensing what you are. True,true,the theraphist don't know anything. But as hard and angry and stupid it feels,you have to let them help you. Trust me I've gone through a few things myself with my brothers and my dad... mehr anzeigen


I'm sorry for the things you've had to go through! As hard as it must have been for you, your brother was very fortunate to have you hold him when he took his last breath. That took a lot of strength and that strength is what will carry you through. I grew up with a father who... mehr anzeigen

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i am sorrry about what happened to you

Book Cover Finalists Announced Von: coleenliebsch
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The Judgment Day book cover finalists are...
Yousif Admon, Laszlo Kugler and Catarina Pereira
Congratulations to all three artists on their selection as finalists!! The winner will be announced at 10:00 am Central Standard Time on Saturday, November 1st on my Facebook page: Coleen Liebsch - Author

Admin returns!! Von: Elaya Ice
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Sorry it's been a while everyone. Life has been a roller-coaster with some Eki-Kyabe, and Ibuprofen after the ride. Hope to do some updates and get back to people.Just let me know if you need any help with writing and I'm for it!

COVER DESIGN CONTEST! Von: coleenliebsch
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$200.00 Cash Prize for the winning entry!
If you have design talent then this contest is for you! I need a cover for my free e-book "Judgment Day"
Submission deadline is October 15th and the winner will be announced on November 1st.
Entry details are available on my author Facebook page at:
While you're checking out the details, please take a moment to "like" my page too! (Doing so does... mehr anzeigen

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Elaya Ice Judgement Day. I'll be sure to look at the link. I know I will get more of the plot but is there specific aspect of the story that you want to be part of the cover? A theme or subtle theme you might have incorporated into your book?

Hello Von: HandsOfFate18
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Well, I've noticed that no one really participates in this group at all. So, here's what I'm going to do. If you would like the group to stay up and running, please comment on this posting and let us know. I'll let this group stay up another 2 weeks to give you all time to let us know. If no one comments and lets us know that they would like this group to stay up, I will be relieving this group of its duties. Thank you all... mehr anzeigen

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Elaya Ice

Swah..I know how you feel Fate. Sorry I'm doing terribly as an admin.

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