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Yeah the title said it all people xD

-Open to everyone-

This is a chatting group so everyone is welcome but please follow the rules.


1. Do not be offensive towards people
2. Posts using inappropriate language will be deleted

Do not ask to be a moderator, Mod's will be appointed by the admin, (ME) ^.^



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Role Play corner- Von: Faith.Raven
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Yada Yada ya!

**Fantasy role play**
[The headings marked with and * are compulsory]


Accessories (if any):

Any addition information about you character (optional):

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*Name: Queen Petra Forsaken
*Age: 18
*Being: Half vampire and Half Witch
*Power: can use sorcery and witch elements, has same strength and speed of a vampire

*Weakness: Craves blood

*Face: very pale with dark blue eyes
*Ears: average mortal ears
Nose: normal
... mehr anzeigen

Something Important- Stop Paligiarism- Von: Faith.Raven
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A Note from J.Grey:

Hey guys so in light of recent events, I’m asking you guys to sign this petition so that we can stop or at least make it difficult for our works to be plagiarized. If you’re a writer or even a follower of a writer sign it and help us protect ourselves.

What happened to myself and to another bookrix author, who I discovered had her book stolen and published by the same person, was horrible. So please, sign... mehr anzeigen

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Link to her profile:

J. Grey BookRix profile of J. Grey – Learn more about J. Grey: favorite books, friends and so on. Join our Community to get in contact with J. Grey.
Rate each other here: Von: Faith.Raven
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Heyy guys, don't you just hate it when you get loads of messages saying rate me well if you want to do that then just rate each other in this group ^-^

(1) Crazy
(2) I'd marry you.
(3) I'd date you.
(4) Sarcastic.
(5) I miss you.
(6) I'd kiss you.
(7) Beautiful.
(8) Smart.
(9) Imaginative.
(10) Random.
(11) Jerk.
(12) Funny.
(13) awesome.
(14) amazing.
(15) tough.
(16) cute.
(17 I'd hit you with a bus.
(18)I love you.
(19) Weirdo.
(20) Friends... mehr anzeigen


Awww Same to you >.<


I rate myself over 9000 (who gets this reference?) because I love myself


.-. I really am annoyed with the little rate stuff going on.... It's just a copy lol ;-;

Book promoting: Von: Faith.Raven
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I'm tired of posting everywhere trying to get people's attention trying to make them read my books because i take to long on the cover and stuff but people can't even be asked to look at them so this post is for promoting your books in. So go a head and post you books here ^.^

I know other groups have this as well but if you want to be heard then you have to get EVERYONE'S attention so go ahead >.<

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Are you a fan of demons and angels? Maybe forbidden love?

Then I have the perfect book for you!

My Guardian I’m cursed. Or I used to be cursed. I’ve seen things that you can’t even imagine. If I told you that I see good and evil and can control it, what would you say? Nothing? But what if I told...
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Do you like excitement? Do you like mystery? Do you like to read about secrets and love?

Here you go:

My sweet revenge. ( Ongoing series ) Imagine a school. A school full of supernatural beings. Werewolves, vampires, witches, sorcerers and much more. At age of 15 every witch get's their powers at a ceremony the elders set up f...
Tee See

Read my new update,please... and leave a comment if you can. Arigato! (●´ω`●)

Genre: Paranormal Romance.

Flashes. (ch 1-9 WIP) **UNEDITED WIP** Adam has loved Christie for a long time, but he fears he'd ruin her relationship with his sister if he gives in and dates her. So, he creates a distance between them. When an...
Introduce yourself stranger!!!!! Von: Faith.Raven
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Call me Faith....Next person xD

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I am Kurokawa! Yo. My friend told me to come onto here because theres a girl called Mikasa-Raven and shes her friend and she want me to meet here so if your reading this 'Hello'

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Hi All,
I'm Mystic and happy to be here! I'm very new to BookRix and for the moment just want to make new friends, learn and enjoy.

Well doesn't time fly? Von: Faith.Raven
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Last time I logged in was a year ago, yikes... I can't believe it, this used to be my life once upon a time. I would login everyday. Write stories, talk to friends and it felt like it would never end. But all good things come to an end.. sadly.

I will always login to check on thing however I'm not as active as I used to be. Just thought I'd leave a "hello" to all the people that are still alive out there in this pretty much dead group.

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yeah same here


Time really does fly fast.

That awkward moment... Von: Faith.Raven
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That awkward moment when you fill in a entire quiz and then realise you have to pay for it

Haven't been here in awhile.. Von: Abby Moran
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However, my long-time friend just made a youtube channel recently. I put the link to his channel. Long story short he had a great idea to make a compilation of "First Day of School Reactions" that he wants to do but nobody is sending in submissions. SO, if you want to be in the video please record your reaction and send it to the account It would mean a lot because I know you guys were supportive... mehr anzeigen

Davon Gomez New videos every Monday!
Was I missed? :D Von: Faith.Raven
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Well I'm back guys, don't know how long for but I have some good news for you I've been working on 2 new books xDD

One is a fanfiction so if you love Naruto then that's your special surprise and another is.... well simply just a secret ;)

So if your bored like I am please don't hesitate to comment on the post! IN FACT I'M BEGGING YOU TO COMMENT ON THE POST! LIKE IF YOU READING THIS THEN FREAKING STOP READING JUST POST... mehr anzeigen

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I'm glad you're proud of it! you should be! but I'm naturally akward soooo.... it was just we were talking about fears and then... you start crying


Well it was awesome talking to you, I hope to talk to you again sometime but I must be off now. THE WORLD IS CALLING!!

No sorry I just wanted to say that, but actually I have to go eat xD


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okay Bye! WORLD LEAVE HER BE FOR A MIN actually go eat

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