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The Game Room

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Welcome to The Game Room!

Feel free to start your own game or participate in one already created.

We all like a little challenge or sometimes a fun break form writing. Why not give your brain some exercise and find a game that interests you?


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In need of the services of a freelance writer and editor? Von: emma
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I would appreciate a writing break Von: MJ
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The group bio intrigued me, I am excited for the little challenges I will be given

Hello Von: Gelöschter User
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How is everyone?

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Kale Slade

I'm good, hbu

Gelöschter User

I am great! I like your profile pic.


Doing great - you?

Author Von: Drakkenn
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Hi guys! this is a game called Authors. I will write one paragraph, starting a story. People can then write one paragraph per post, and only participate once every ten or so posts. Here is the start:

It was a dark and stormy night. It was not one for fighting on a cliff top. Yet two men were struggling for purchase as lightning bolted from the sky. One man, a giant brute, entered the Bramble Claw stance. The other, a smaller... mehr anzeigen

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....took up the scorpion stance. Sting. Blood erupts from the neck wound.
The large brute drops to his knees, stunned & suprised.
Bram "What move?"
Scorpion "The scorpion sting my signature move."

The Story Game Von: Edbert S.
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What's the story game?

Well someone writes a phrase everytime and try to continue the story, it can be as twisted as possible or even super random.

I'll start: As I wandered off into the woods, I found....

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Gelöschter User

... sliced the creature's neck with the same knife. I watched helpless as the unicorn's dead body dissappeared leaving only its red blood to mark where it had lain.


sorry to intrude but this story is just awesome haha.


I then walked out of the forest, looking for other prey.

Contest! Von: felixthecat
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The GIGANTIC contest; very important!
By: felixthecat

I've been nominated by Val and Chris C to head up the contest. I'm honored, but before I jump the gun, would anyone else like to weigh in? Don't be afraid to voice your approval or lack of.
Go to THE "BRAND NEW WRITING CONTEST STARTS HERE" thread at the Serious Writers group , please.

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