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Welcome all you strong-hearted debaters! There are no restrictions to the topics, though it is appreciated if you try to refrain from using spiritual-only arguments.

These are just some suggested guidelines so we can keep a civil and friendly debating atmosphere:

(1.) Try to stay a secular as you can, debates are welcome on religion and spiritual morality, but please have some intellectual backing to... Mehr anzeigen


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Do you think the government should give compensation to those who are not proven guilty after trail Von: Gelöschter User
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Do you think the government should give compensation to those who are not proven guilty after trail

Sorry for the Absence, Now Let's Debate! Von: bman7720
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I recently pondered on the topic of suicide's legal standing. Currently, it is considered an illegal act, most likely to allow officers to stop someone from killing themselves without any legal persecution.

But do we not have the right to determine our own lives? If we truly want to die, why should we be restricted from doing so? I ran across a quote that really made me think, "Suicide is illegal because it's a crime to damage... mehr anzeigen

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One caveat. even if you have a living will, your living relatives have the final say if you are unable to speak for yourself.

It is therefore very important for you to make your wishes known to your nearest relatives and get their agreement to honor your wishes should the... mehr anzeigen


A.M., As they say, the penalty for suicide is death.

So I guess you have already been punished, case closed.


If I were to ever commit suicide. I would want to make it look like an accident. That way my relatives would get the double indemnity on my insurance.

That is assuming I'm not so mad at them that I don't want them to get the money.

Pluto: Should it be a Planet? Von: bman7720
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With Pluto's abnormal orbit and small size, it's been deemed a dwarf planet.

What are your thoughts?


Moons do not have their own source of light, but rather reflect light. Most light comes from gaseous compounds such as stars.

Gelöschter User

I just love how you are more smarter then me and could always prove me wrong. :)


With Pluto, there are now 5 dwarf planets. If Pluto gets it's planet status back the others should be planets too.

The first five recognized dwarf planets are Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. Scientists believe there may be dozens or even more than 100 dwarf planets... mehr anzeigen

Dwarf Planets: List of Dwarf Planets An intriguing, relatively new class of intriguing worlds in our solar system.
Death Sentence? Von: bman7720
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The issue of execution has been a rather heated topic lately.

Basically, people believe it is immoral to execute someone.

However, they are fine with forcing someone to spend their entire life in containment. I personally would rather die then have to spend my life in a prison. There's nothing to be accomplished once your in containment.


Well, that depends on their conviction.

Even a single offense of first-degree premeditated murder can get someone life if they're unfavorable to the jury. The only time a true serial killer, assuming it is someone with multiple accounts of premeditated homicide, would roam free... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

Ha ha l'm supposedly a danger to myself and society... but here l am free....


By legal standards, many teenagers should be put into mental wards. With the current high in teenage self-harm, that constitutes a danger to yourself by psychiatry issue.

The neurology and psychology behind depression and self-harm are rather elaborate. Self-harming is... mehr anzeigen

Gay marriage..... what's your opinion on it? Should it be illegal or legal??? Von: Gelöschter User
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Gay marriage..... what's your opinion on it? Should it be illegal or legal???

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No, but if you are told from the time you first notice you have male or female body parts that because you touch them you are gay, it influences what you think about yourself.

In the same way if you are told from that same time that it is shameful to touch your own or another... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

then the world would be less horrible.. exactly!


While I definitely believe that sexuality is a genetic trait, I agree with Ken here.

Certain traits can be "removed", so to speak, due to life experience. I never knew it was odd or different to find attraction to the same gender, and it wasn't until around 6th grade that I... mehr anzeigen

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