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If you are aged between 12 and 19 please feel free to join this group. On here you can be yourself and discuss whatever your heart desires. Ideas are available on here, help with covers/Book titles and characters, is that all? No. In this group we are of course teens so music,art and basically life in general plays a big part. Feel free to post links of you favourite music for people to check out or... Mehr anzeigen


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Issues Von: An-Isa
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Hi everyone. I feel like i have dropped off the face of the world and become a unsocial person, seriously i only go to college and even then i just struggle to concentrate. You may be thinking im not good Admin at all and from the bottom of my heart i am so so sorry, i feel as if i have hit a low and right now i can barely get through the day.
College sucks really bad since i am failing and in September i am changing course,... mehr anzeigen

Those Books https://thosebooks.wordpress.com/ For All Of You Who Love Books
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Dragola The Mystic

Hi just joined, this chat is great thanks so much for creating it. It is brilliant!

Gelöschter User

Am also new Anisa. Thanks for creating this group. Hop you had a good stay in France.

Gelöschter User

Hello I am not to young but not to old but I know that you will pull though the time no matter how hard it is. Plus school wasn't supposed to be easy was it :)!

A Teen Poem-Poem Of The Day 01/02/2015 Von: An-Isa
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I think this poem is so perfect and beautiful to me, personally it's how i feel completely and i just wanted to share it with you.

Ashley Bahr-Hold Your Heart

Remember those days when you were young?
Life was as easy as it could be
There were laughs, and stories, and dreams
You saw the sunshine and you were free

Well there comes a point when you realize
That you finally have to grow up
And that hiding under your covers
Won't ever be... mehr anzeigen

a l e y a

And i can totally relate!

Gelöschter User


Gelöschter User

Its nice Anisa. Its great.

What do you think if the group? Any suggestions? Share your opinions, thoughts and feelings below ♥ Von: An-Isa
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Hi guys it's Isa here, just wanted to do a little group check to see how everyone is finding everything on here. Its been over a year I think since I created this group and I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you awesome members, firstly because you all get along well great and secondly because you chose thia group to be a member of when there are hundreds to chose from on here. Let me know in the comments below on how... mehr anzeigen

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this group is gr8..n thanks 2 u....u created it


Thanks Arzoo, it means a lot to know what you think :)


Maybe more line stories...


Or some sort of a story game/contest thing would be great, I mean if people would be interested in them and would have the time for them...

hello I just joined cause I read the description and I like it I am 13 about to turn 14 january 3... Von: 156033
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hello I just joined cause I read the description and I like it I am 13 about to turn 14 january 30 so happy day to everyone

Hello everyone. I have a blog i just created. I write stories on there. If you love to read anyth... Von: Testykenzie
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Hello everyone. I have a blog i just created. I write stories on there. If you love to read anything, please visit the website. areadershaven.godaddysites.com

If you have any suggestion please feel free to contact me @anjolaakinwumi@gmail.com. Subscribe to my blog and you'll get notified if i post something which would be often.
Also follow my insta @a_readers_haven to get updates. I am about to do my first giveaway to... mehr anzeigen

A Flower Blossoms Von: Gelöschter User
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A Flower Blossoms

Under my covers
I’ve discovered
The wonder that is me
Where before nothing at all
Now some topography

All was plain
Now there’s terrain
And sensitivity
Sudden chills and guilty thrills
Are sure to set me free

My fingers range
As I explore
A dusting there
Of golden hair
And I’m at heaven’s door

My secret’s safe
For years to come
And no one else will know
I don’t care yet to share
What makes me all aglow

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