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I was looking around for a group on here like this as I was needing some help with my website and discovered that Bookrix does not have any groups for this sort of thing! O_O So in conclusion I have made this group. Writers will always need help in one way or another when comes to electronics. Whether it is their website acting up, or they can not figure out how to do a certain thing to tweak their... Mehr anzeigen


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Wordpress Von: Aquilla
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Who has a wordpress account???? I'm trying to add a new "menu" item to my website and I'm experiencing difficulty. I hae added it, but I can not figure out how to add multiple posts to it. which stinks because I already have one on there and another one tat is completed and was posted to the wrong page!!

Please, help!

Coding Von: Aquilla
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So... Is anyone on here good with coding? I had a science fair last night and entered in my (terrible) website. However, it decided that it was going to malfunction at the last minute, so I demonstrated what it looks like when you have to figure out what is wrong with your code. Good improvising, right?

I worked on it every second I had the chance to, yesterday, and then I worked on it for 3 hours straight. I got it so that... mehr anzeigen

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So, I'm messing around with the canvas dimensions, right? Welp... I found my stupid squirrel... He decided that he was going to grow bigger than the canvas and stay off over in wonder land... I wonder if that's what happened with my fish (third image...)...

Science Fair Project Von: Aquilla
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I have a science fair coming up on the 29th of this month at my school. I somehow wanted to incorporate my book, Forever Lost (currently in editing stage), and some awesome computer project. They have to be together for this to be allowed to be entered should I do it... I have no idea what I'm wanting to do, but I know that the internet, unless using my Mom's hotspot, won't be available as well as outlets (and no generators... mehr anzeigen

thank you for creating this group for computer questions. I am a former computer teacher but I am... Von: georgina brandt
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thank you for creating this group for computer questions. I am a former computer teacher but I am still learning lots of things about them.

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i just finished my minecraft hour of code

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lol that is a good game


Yes, no problem! I could use your expertise in this group! Same with yours, Caldari! ^_^


Righto! I hadn't looked at the members yet! Thank you people! ^_^

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