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take a pledge to stop bullying and join this group, help the people who are depressed and kill themself everyday...spread the love and as allways #beyourself


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its not true tho Von: Kamal is not in good mood
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its not true only those kids get bullied who are weak who cant stand the hard world what ever the hell people try to do there will be bullying if your get is getting bullied you kid is weak its a a winners game make your kid strong let him be bullied a real dimond comes out after getting cut and he have to be bullied so he wont be weak

The power of nature life changing book Von: Gelöschter User
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This book will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach!
Put your mind-power to work and be all God wants you to be!
There are no limits to what you can achieve, and absolutely no restrictions to how high you can propel yourself, when you put your mind-power to work.
The techniques provided in the book are simple and invaluable. They are not merely theoretical in nature, but are backed by numerous real-life... mehr anzeigen

I feel like I have no friends Von: Gelöschter User
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I feel like I have no friends

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Most of us have felt that way for various periods of our lives. For me, it lasted from the age of about seven until I was nineteen. It sucked. But I did learn a lot about people - and myself - during that time. I use a good deal of what happened during that twelve-year stretch... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you so much! that was actually quite helpful. I'm 17 so I hope to not feel that way past 19. LOL

J. M. Rivers

I have had that feeling before, when I was in my first teen years, it feels different depending on who you ask but unanimously, it sucks. It is a stage we all go through at some point.
I got out of it by changing my outlook. I decided that I cannot wait for people to come to me,... mehr anzeigen

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This is her poem STOP BULLYING Words Words Bitch and whore The girl runs away she slams the door... Von: Gelöschter User
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This is her poem
Words Words
Bitch and whore
The girl runs away
she slams the door
she takes a knife
and cuts her skin
remembering how screwed up her life has been
she leans to the toilet
throws up to be thin
at school all she has is a grin
She cuts cuts cuts some more
Screaming in pain, blood on the floor
People call her emo people laugh at her face
But they haven't even tried to be in her place
Her dad just died, her mom has... mehr anzeigen

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that was so beautiful!

D Von: Somebody That I Used To Know
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Cassia Beckett

about 1 minute ago

Depression sucks! But, when its over I feel better than I ever did in my whole life!
Stay optimistic people, there always is a way! Dwelling on what went wrong will never make things right. Your an awesomely amazing matter what...since I don't know you personally I can say that with absolute certainty! The only thing I see you as is a human, who has a past and a future. Never... mehr anzeigen

I get bullied... Von: Gelöschter User
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And I don't know what to do. I'm not a snitch but at times the words hurt so much...

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No your not a snitch
your pretty much the victim

just keep your head held high and dont let anything get in your way.

Words hurt but they dont mean shit.
Never believe what they say cause none of it is true.


What helped me with the pain of humiliating insults was:

1. The quick comeback (which I practiced when I was alone so I wouldn't be left stammering when some nasty chick made a snide comment), usually in the form of non-denial. Here's an example:

Bully: "God, you're just too fat... mehr anzeigen


As the English dictionary explains, a snitch is a person that tells tales of other people, in your case if you tell someone about the bullies you are NOT a snitch because you tell the truth.
Bullies use often this phrase: „If you tell anybody then you are a snitch.” to be sure... mehr anzeigen

Been There - Been Punched (Among Other Things) Von: judycolella
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Okay, yeah. I'm a nerd. A geek. A dweeb. Whatever - was born with the fat gene, too, and a high IQ. Not a happy combination for most kids, including me. So I got beaten up a lot, talked about "behind my back" right in front of me, humiliated, laughed at, the whole wonderful bullying experience.

And then I grew up and while I still found a measure of satisfaction when I learned one of my childhood tormenters had experienced... mehr anzeigen

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Totally awesome! :)



Titles Von: Gelöschter User
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There will always be people that say mean words because you are different. And sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people that do not judge a person based on how they look, or where they came from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.

Bullies? Von: Gelöschter User
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Bullies are everywhere.
They come in different shapes and sizes and forms.
Lol :D

Bullies think too much of themselves. They think its cool to bully others because all they want to gain is attention and when you give them rejection what do they do?

They cause drama cause they have no life of their own so they think its cool to take other peoples lives away from them.

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