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Stalkers Are Us

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We are stalkers.... In business XD


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wrote a new book of poetry for those intrested its on my profile called Lesson learned Von: Gelöschter User
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wrote a new book of poetry for those intrested its on my profile called Lesson learned

i stalk roger taylors Von: Gelöschter User
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i stalk roger taylors

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Love birds For those of you. you have heard of Queen this is a short love story (my 1st try at a romance novel) between Roger Taylor's and Freddie Mercury. I think its always been known, that they both two lo...
Stalkers Von: Caterina A. Robinson
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All of my friends need to join this group. They all stalk my page and comment on the things I said a while back... They need to join :I

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I already did :3

Gelöschter User

I am now on ha ha ha Lol thanks for calling me a stalker and why did Chris say I was commenting smug what is smug. What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?

Awesome! Von: Demonata-Freak
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I didn't know I was a moderator!! X3 That's such cool beans!!
By the way to those who are new to this group, I be the person you're stalking.
Cause I'm amazing. *Flips hair* Consult the first ever stalker, she be in my wardrobe.

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Honest answer? Not a fucking clue XD I was drawing it and was doing James shirt then thought... 'No, it looks wrong,' So I re-did it and couldn't get her shirt on right.
So yeah. NO shirt XD
You see no nipples or anything down below, covered with a wing, but some side boob is... mehr anzeigen

Duchess Revolts

Diedrick glares


Have I made you uncomfortable yet, Diedy? The hell you gonna react when you see it, huh?

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