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Share Your Books

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This group lets you post about your books, your friends books, or talk about books!
Post your links in the comments and get reading!


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Another Update Von: MarisasStories
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The beginning of my new book, Unraveling Selena, is now on BookRix. Check it out!

the inner force Von: memo1490
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would you like to read my books and add them to your favorite books they are"
The inner force book bio
it is a book about the adventure that was occurred to the boy who lost his mother and his father got married. the woman dealt him with good dealing until she got his father heart. she had the different deal between her children and him. she hurt him so badly and his father didn't know or tried to persuade himself that she was... mehr anzeigen

Update Von: MarisasStories
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I have updated the second book in my Emerson Family Chronicles, Unraveling Mathias. Check it out!

Objective peer reviews appreciated. . . . . . Von: cotterbass
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ECHOES of SLAVERY by Cotter Bass.
Genre: History. Ages: 12 & up.
Subject: Former slaves share personal accounts of life in bondage.

You may read this new ebook at BookRix by downloading the FREE (for Friends) version at:

This is my first ebook and I am looking forward to reading peer reviews.

Thank you for considering my book . . . . . .

Help. Von: Annie
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Can somebody please tell me how to publish a book? My friend says that his book is visible in his book list but when ohers open his profile page they can't see it. And that may be because he hasnt yet 'published' it. So... How to do it?

Words that matter. Von: Annie
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Not a book but thins is the link to my blog. Please do visit.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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