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Romance novels

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If you are a person who uses bookrix, either to read or publish or both for Romance novels then this is the group for you. If you add your ROMANCE book to the booklist, I promise I will read it and comment but only if it is Romance.


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New book sample! Von: xxbrittanyjohnsonxx
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Hi! I'm writing a book that I really enjoy. I was wondering if you guys could take a look at the sample book I have called Trials of Love and Motherhood. Thank you!

Dream Guy? Von: Bones52
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So, I'm a guy that has a broad writing style and I do like romances. But, the thing is, when I try to create a character that the protagonist falls in love with... I don't know how to create him. If it was a guy we were reading about (which for some reason, doesn't happen very often) it would be a bit easier to create the perfect girl for him since I can easily relate to.
I'm asking if anyone can give me tips on the perfect... mehr anzeigen

Do you ever wonder how to start a romantic scene? Or get writer's block trying to figure out a go... Von: kait1102
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Do you ever wonder how to start a romantic scene? Or get writer's block trying to figure out a good romantic scene to enhance the story?
Well, let me tell you that, you aren't alone. Every writer will get writers block even if they have been writing since they were six or seven.
Romantic scenes are hard to write for a few reasons.
1. Depending on the age recommendation you have on it, you can only do so much. For a 18 year... mehr anzeigen

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Whenever I try to write a romantic scene, I always have a hard time deciding how detailed to get, but one thing I recommend is adding lots of "feeling". You can never go wrong with talking about "belonging" and the gentler emotions.


Yes, in romances, feelings are always the way to go.

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