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Need advice on a relationship? Here s a place to get it from multiple... people. Or lamps. Whatever. Whoever (or whatever) is willing to give you dat dere advice-o-shipness, they ll be here to give it.
Or something.
This is weird.


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Introduce yo'selves Von: Gelöschter User
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Exactly what it says on the tin, lovelies.
You just CAN'T have a group without having the introduction discussion.

I'm Laser Cutler, The Cutler's Of All Cutler's. And it's very nice to meet each and every one of you. Mhm, mhm.

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Rainbow Cereal

Just gonna.. casually do the thing because the thing says to do the thing and I am nothing if not a massive follower. I see a bandwagon and I immediately *have* to jump right in there. P:

I'm a nerd. A writing nerd. Matt-Ryan called me Rainbow Cutler yesterday and I just about... mehr anzeigen

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It's good having you here in the group! >w< I'm the same like that, believe me. That's why I'm a Seahawks fan now *Just kidding*

I hope those were tears of laughter? :O Like you laughed so hard you almost cried-jslefksejflsefj




I think everyone here will agree about that.

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♥ ︀➪ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?_group-en-roloshonshops-1 Von: Gelöschter User
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♥ ︀➪ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?group_25009849930 Von: Gelöschter User
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♥ ︀➪ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?group_25009849930

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Hi guys, I am a girl first of all and this is my wahala below......any advice is welcome

So I have been talking to this friend of mine in the UK and we became close despite the long distance and we grew feelings for each other


I was unable to pursue a relationship with him because I was dating someone at that time, now this guy is a family friend of mine and we were dating for a full 1 year and some months but our... mehr anzeigen

DO OR DIE Von: Gelöschter User
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it's nothing

Relationships suck! Von: Gelöschter User
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Be single! Have a Nice life! Be Young! Have fun!

My advice to all you all out there!

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I agree with you

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So, who's like this? :). I thought the picture cute and I used to be like that a long time ago. Von: Gelöschter User
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So, who's like this? :). I thought the picture cute and I used to be like that a long time ago.
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lol love it! xd its adorable!

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that is so true ^^

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Ohmygosh, I'm totally like this xD

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that's me right there

To everyone! Von: Gelöschter User
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I am Milky and I have been here since 5 months now, and I want to share my experience here at BookRix. First I would like to confess my real purpose of coming to BookRix, and which writing books. i anly came to this was to write books and show my work to the world and prove my family that CAN do better in this.

When I came here, I really didn't know anything about this place and how does it works out for the users. So after... mehr anzeigen

Is it just me? Von: Gelöschter User
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Is it just me or is it getting annoying how everyone comes on bookrix just to find a relationship? Like really,it's a booksite people,not a dating site,I mean you can even hear it on the name bookrix,notice the book,bookrix? I see no daterix do you? And I shall warn you this post might seem rude and I will not apologise for that since I am proud to share my thoughts.
It seems like people has forgotten the real... mehr anzeigen

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Hello dear users that have been reading this post or have participated in it.
I have been following this discussion on my post and I was dead set on not ending up in a discussion with you. But after reading the comments I couldn't stand in the shadow no more.
This post isn't... mehr anzeigen

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This is Bullcrap!

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i have a broken heart! awesome! Von: Gelöschter User
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*sign* oh well....

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thank you for the advice, though it might take me a long while to get over it cause he was the only person in this world who made me happy but thanks :)

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No one expects you to just flip a switch off and say "Okay, I'm fine now." Because that's just not realistic. XD You can take as much time as you need to get over him. Just try to make sure it isn't for an unhealthy length of time. It's not easy getting over someone and I... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

you said it's okay to be sad, right? but, this may sound weird-i'm not really sad (at least that's what my mind believes) feeling emotionally sad has NEVER happened to me before. i actually put all my feelings in my so called 'emotional container' (it's not my heart). problem... mehr anzeigen

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