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This group is made for people who want a review and rate on their book. When writing a review on other people's books, please do the following:

*Write the author of the book and its name on the title/optional tab then write the review and rate: [Also Do inform them that you've written a review on their book]
*Be descriptive about the book and what the book is about so far
*Write down the... Mehr anzeigen


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This is the section where you write the reviews about other writers books, don't forget to fill in the requirement that is said in the description of the group.
*Name of book and author
*Link to the book
*Book review
*Rate (Explain your reason)
*Genres of the book
*Characters (Description etc)

Gelöschter User

If you message me your e-mail adress I can try and send you the PowerPoint.

The Twister

Oh yeah I have to ma me another one since I forgot the password

Gelöschter User

I just figured out the one that has my old pen name!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! But I am going to use my real one.

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Comment below your book and its genre so that whoever is going to read your book, can identify what it is! For those who are giving them a review don’t forget to put the authors name and their book and then fill in the description, it has to be details.. For more information read the description above and it will tell you everything XD So yeah!!

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Elizabeth McCready

Hi, I would appreciate if someone would consider reading and giving feedback on my WIP called Battle Strong. It is a multi-genre but mainly action/romance.


Hey guys xd

For any supernatural creatures teen fiction fan OR anyone who likes adventures, mysteries and comedy books, check out my book below and review/rate/ comment your thoughts of the books

Bionic #1:

All... mehr anzeigen

Justin Ho Guo Shun

Kindly review any of my books.

Rednecks vs. Drones for just 99 cents Von: John Russo
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Need a good laugh? Of course you do. Check out my newly released short story "The Race," available on Amazon for just 99 cents. It's got rednecks, drones, swamps, snakes, and everything you could ever want in a screwball comedy.

Hi great minds. Just released my book titled, " The Anything You Can Do(6 sure guides to financia... Von: Okundaye John
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Hi great minds. Just released my book titled, " The Anything You Can Do(6 sure guides to financial success). Check it out.

Financial Success is desired by every person, what differentiates someone who becomes financially successful and another who doesn't are the different actions that were taken. This book gives practical, straightforward and easy to understand steps that can lead to financial success. It highlight different... mehr anzeigen

What's The Tea With Gen Z - a book written by 50 Gen Z authors (The "Everything-You-Need-To-Know" book about Generation Z) Von: G.Z. Manuel
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Hey guys, we are a group of 50 Gen Z authors who are writing an informative self-help book under the pen name of G.Z. Manuel! We are here to guide you to the minds of Generation Z!

Here is the link to our book!

A link to our FB page for more information about our book!
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What's The Tea With Gen Z - Startseite | Facebook What's The Tea With Gen Z. Gefällt 433 Mal · 151 Personen sprechen darüber. "What's The Tea With Gen Z" is a personal guidebook for you to understand our...
Hello there I’m Janelle and author of six books working on my seventh busy busy busy alright poet... Von: Janelle Barker
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Hello there I’m Janelle and author of six books working on my seventh busy busy busy alright poetry and fiction Thrilla I have my own website and if people are interested in reviewing my books I would love to hear from you

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