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Publicize Your Books

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This Is A New Group Where You Can Try And Make Your Books More Known To Other People Instead Of Just Making A Really Good Book And No One Knows About It
This Group Is To Help Your Unleash Your Imagination More.
This Is Where You Can Share Your Books Or Information About A New One That You Are Making.
Many Fascinating Books Are Out There But They Are Also Unknown.Now Is Your Chance To Show How Great... Mehr anzeigen


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20.09.2019, Friday Hi Friends, I have joined newly. To start with, I request you all to visit ... Von: Hari Prakash
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20.09.2019, Friday

Hi Friends,

I have joined newly.

To start with, I request you all to visit, scroll through to
WRITING category and download, free of cost,
my book JUST WRITE RIGHT (Sprinkled with Humour)
in PDF format for reading-clarity.

It is a 25-page teaser-booklet of use to students, teachers,
authors, content-writers and English enthusiasts.

Please don’t forget to review and rate.

Hari Prakash

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free book: Do I really Need To Be In A Relationship? Von: Malachimuccmin
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Hi all, I haven't been writing in a long while. My wife and I recently got separated, I took notes and wrote this book. It's brand new but odd feeling to be single again after 11 years. I am still learning about myself and life. If anyone is going through relationship issues, or interested in learning more about why we may want to be in a... mehr anzeigen

My new book: Let's pray the rosary! Von: Sharela Koch
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Hi everyone!

I've just published my new ebook "Let's pray the rosary" and would love to get your feedback on it.

Please let me know via bookrix-message if you have any sugestions for improvement. And if you like my book then I cordially invite you to recommend it.

Attached I offer you a free extract:

PS: The book is also... mehr anzeigen

Let's pray the rosary (English Edition) - Kindle Von: Ingeborg Kazek
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Fake News!

Was Jesus a clone of God and Holy Mary his surrogate mother? A jounalist talkes to Mary and Jesus. The senational interviews are fictitious and were published on the TV channel program 'Understand Fake', which also does not exist.

Update Von: MarisasStories
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The beginning of my third book in the Emerson Family Chronicles, Unraveling Selena, is now on BookRix. Check it out!

Seven Years Von: lexystorm
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She had endured his abuses fro seven years and she knew that she had had enough. Now she wants to call it quits so she goes ahead to buy a knife with the money meant to save her daughter's life. Why would she do something so drastic? And what offence did he commit? Find out in Seven Years.
It's my book on my profile. It's completed and it's free.

Secret of Epping Forest Von: bridgy
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I published my very first book a few days ago!
I know that a lot of people on here probably advertise their books this way, and many may ignore it, but I encourage you to take a look at mine. If you are a fan on romance and mystery then I think this may interest you. I write about things that I am passionate about...and I worked very hard to make my life long dream a reality....Now I'm rambling. Please...PLEASE take a look.... mehr anzeigen

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