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i am willing to read your books, poems and other items that have been written and wanting to publish. if you join this group we will talk about and promote your book and other writings along with having someone make you a book cover. ALL IN ONE PLACE!


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I need cover and like review to publish new book.Read my new book nice poem. Von: Raj M
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I need cover and like review to publish new book.Read my new book nice poem.

Um... Von: Gelöschter User
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I just recently posted a new book and I was wondering if someone would like to check it out

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I have already written a lot but I would still like if you could proofread most of them before I finish making it completely

Hi i am new to this group but could you give me some feedback on my books Von: Gelöschter User
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All Cried Out. Emotions These poems are dedicated on how we reflect ourselves in life and how we overcome our challeneges of life each day without giving up and also on how we changed our emotions within a mininute. Thumbnail
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I sure can. What do you have?


I would like you to go back and re-read your material. Watch for the places that need punctuation and look for places that need upper case letters. Your writing is very well put you just just need to re-read it and fix up the spots that do not have to be there. After you fix... mehr anzeigen

Proof Readers Von: bbouma
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please get a hold of me if you want someone to read your book, poems and other writings you may have done. i will be glad to give you feed back

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