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Add your book to our booklist and begin discussions about it! Here, it's all about getting it out there!


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As the title of the group states, we're all about getting your books out there and noticed. We ai... Von: shadowofthesky
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As the title of the group states, we're all about getting your books out there and noticed. We aim to also help aid you, as you'll see in this group: You'll find that you can request a custom made cover for your book.

It's posted on the groups' page everywhere, and may even get a little annoying sometimes, but make sure you post your book to the booklist! If it isn't there,... mehr anzeigen

A tale of two rednecks and a drone Von: John Russo
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Need a good laugh? Well then, check out my newly released short story, The Race, available for just 99 cents on Kindle! It's got rednecks, drones, swamps, snakes, and everything else you could ever want in a screwball comedy.

C'mon, take the ride, live a little.

Threaded Web - Fiction romance (Adult content) Von: K.G.
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For those who love romance novels with a steamy heat content, go ahead and check out my novel Threaded Web. It's free to read.

Christmas-Songs in the 2020 version (most of them are english) Von: Sabine Wolf
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Weihnachtslieder reloaded (2020 Version) von Sabine Wolf - Buch online lesen kostenlos - eBook Download Im Jahr 2020 ist Vieles anders. Da brauchen wir auch angepasste Texte für einige Weihnachtslieder... Hier der Versuch, genau das zu erreichen! Viel Spaß!!
If you like romantic comedy, try my novel Von: Sabine Wolf
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The Intermediary von Sabine Wolf - eBook Download - Buch kaufen Carola unexpectedly finds herself alone with her six-year-old daughter Jolie. As if that's not bad enough, her mother interferes in her life both when looking for an apartment and a job. Temporarily she follows her mother's advice. Her friend recommends an 'intermediary' as an exercise, someone Carola doesn't care about anyway, someone she can practice her flirting skills with. The new neighbor might be a good choice... Or does Carola eventually notice that 'tamporarily' and 'intermediary' might be good for longer after all?   I know the cover could be better!!! But I'm just crap at this, my effort went in the text. So please don't judge my book by my cover ;-) I'm not a native speaker, so if you try to improve your English by reading (which I love to do), you'd better look for something else. This also means that I'm thankful for every correction or review (no, not for every review, only kind ones ;-) But if it's an imposition to read, please don't hesitate to tell me!! I'm a big girl, I can stand it and...
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