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Promote Your Books

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Hi there.

This group is for those of you who really need to promote your novells/novellas.

Almost all other groups have rules that you cannot promote your novel on their wall.

This obviously does not apply here!

Please, enjoy promoting your books.
I'll be happy to read them over :D


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The Wolves of Edayne Von: S.R.Morris
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I'm trying to get as much publicity for my work as possible, i would much appreciate it if you could help me out?

Here is the link to the book;

And here is the link to the Facebook page;

The Wolves of Edayne. Dark Moon "My mother had taken me away from my father when I was very young, she believed that a pack lifestyle was not right for a young one and she wanted to live as normal a life as she could." ...
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What's The Tea With Gen Z Von: G.Z. Manuel
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Hey guys, we are a group of 50 Gen Z authors who are writing an informative self-help book under the pen name of G.Z. Manuel! We are here to guide you to the minds of Generation Z!

Here is the link to our book!

A link to our FB page for more information about our book!
... mehr anzeigen

Satisfying Bigfoot - Erotica Von: Layla Sparks
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Hi all! Check out the first book in the series. Entire book free finally!

Satisfying Bigfoot's Nightly Desires - Book 1 by Layla Sparks - read free book online - download eBook A hot Bigfoot read you don’t want to miss! “How old are you?” I breathed, as his hand squeezed my thigh and moved higher. “You don’t want to know,” he said huskily, bringing his lips behind my ear. He kissed the nape of my neck, his warm breath in my hair. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him as he kissed my neck softly. My head fell to the side to give him more access as he kissed and nibbled his way towards my mouth. My skin burned and shivered throughout the trail of his kisses. A barista works her regular, tedious job at a coffee shop every day until her life is turned upside down, when a hot stranger becomes a regular customer. Sandra knows he wants more than just coffee, judging by his longing gaze. Not before long, she finds out a shocking secret about him, and the truth terrifies her. Satisfying Bigfoot’s Nightly Desires is a sexy novella that will keep you hooked and wanting more. This new juicy Bigfoot...
Hi Von: H, J, Macey.
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Anybody about besides Jeff and me I need a beta reader to look over my Pirates book. I have two starts to it and am favouring the one that starts in 1663, I have written five chapters of it so far. The original start of the book starts in 1963, three hundred years later I'd like to know which one is best. Thank you if anybody reads this.

New YA fantasy book, "MystikQuest" Von: jeffschanz
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Hi all!
I finished my last draft of my new YA portal-fantasy novel called, "MystikQuest." It'll start the final editing phase shortly, but in the meantime, I'd love some feedback! Here's the basic idea:

-Six nerdy teens are caught in a real-life wizard conflict and get transported into the fantasy world of their favorite tabletop role-playing game.

If you're interested, have... mehr anzeigen

Hi , I am new here. I plan to write a big-volume style-book of use to content-writers, authors,... Von: Hari Prakash
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Hi ,

I am new here.

I plan to write a big-volume style-book of use to content-writers, authors, students, teachers and English-enthusiasts.

In this direction, I have written a 25-page teaser-booklet titled JUST WRITE RIGHT Volume - I (Sprinkled with Humour)

Please visit, scroll through to WRITING category and download, free of cost the above book, Please don't forget to review and rate it.

Download in PDF format... mehr anzeigen

Invincible, Volume 1 of the Tanner Archives, by David Makinson Von: David M
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My book actually hit the online stores in 2016. A promising start and a smattering of decent reviews made me hopeful at first, but sadly my masterpiece seems to have drifted off into a long-forgotten corner of the great and deep ocean that is Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia , etc....

I find I now have some spare time so I am trying to send out the helicopters and lifeboats to rescue my book. I will be eternally grateful for... mehr anzeigen

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