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Polygots, Scientists, and Writers: With a Mighty Cry

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A group for the bilingual, multilingual, or those trying to learn another language. Also for those interested in learning in general. With all that science, engineering, and art stuff. So really what I am trying to say is this: If you like knowledge and learning, welcome.

Feel free to post about scientific discoveries, artistic exploits, or just about anything you want that you feel can pertain to a... Mehr anzeigen


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Art Von: Drighla
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Okay in the art genre of things I would like to point out that the photo for this group is a woodburning that I did for my mother because she liked a sketch of mine and wanted it on wood. Needless to say it was much more difficult with a hot piece of metal XD
Why not post a cool art piece of yours? Or if you even have a book on it please post it here! :)

Artists Away! ~(*w*)~

Chemistry Von: Drighla
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Lately because of going for a bioengineering degree I have been revisiting a long lost love. Chemistry. I have for your enjoyment a cool little youtube link to a video that helped me re-enter the chemical balancing world ;)

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I LOVE THIS VIDEO! This guy found his passion at such a young age, and made it his life's work. What a lucky man to discover such a thing so young and to have it happen :) It's beautiful to watch!
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