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Poetry is for all, this group I made because I have begun to have a passion for poetry.
so join and write your poetry and put your books in the list, and basically have fun^_^


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I'll Read Your Poems and Give You Feedback Von: JustinSix
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This group has been relatively inactive, at least concerning interaction between members, I feel this has become a general problem on this site. So I have decided to try and at least make this group a bit more active, if you have poems you'd like for me to read and give you my honest opinion about and attempted critique, link them below. I will go through everything as fast as I can, and go in order of when people... mehr anzeigen

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Primrose Burrell
Just stop http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-primrose-burrell-just-stop/ I am seriously tired of you all talking about cutting yourselves, taking pills etc.   What the hell are you getting out of it?   You all need to stop it...http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-primrose-burrell-just-stop/No Thumbnail
hi, just wanted to say, welcome to the poetry group and i hope you enjoy it here. A little about... Von: Faith.Raven
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hi, just wanted to say, welcome to the poetry group and i hope you enjoy it here.
A little about me is that i like to meet new people and get to know new people, and recently i have grown this passion for poetry and i thought it would be a good group to make. i have read so many good poems on bookrix, and i can't wait to read more^_^
once again welcome and hope you enjoy.
faith xD

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Hello faith. Im Bri. A little about me is that im very shy and very opinionated. I like poetry, but im not passionate about it. Most of my poems come from songs i write. Im excited to get to know people on here(: I already put a book up in the group that ive been working on for... mehr anzeigen

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Heyy faith, Hey Bri. I am Cuppy.
I write all^^ songs, poetry :D booooks



Hi, I'm Justin and I joined this group because I write a lot of poetry.

Journey to Understanding Von: Christopher Stewart
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hey !

i hope this message finds you well and good !

i'd like to announce a milestone in my life as a writer : i just published my first poetry collection, entitled Journey to Understanding !

here's the presentation :

I can't recall precisely when or why I started to write poetry. What I remember though is a demanding period in my life during which I would publish demos of my compositions in various social networks on a regular... mehr anzeigen

I would like some feed back - will give you mine... Von: Lanie
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I still count the days since you have been gone.

Look across the room, see your face
for a moment, before it melts like so much
frost on a warm window pane.

I feel your fingers curled around mine,
but when I open my hand,
it’s nothing but empty air.

My hand slides across the bed,
searching for your warmth,
but I only find cold sheets.

Your boots stand empty on the porch.
For a second, you fill them,
smile at me... mehr anzeigen

Love Poetry Collection of 49 Love Poems Von: Aurora
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Hello, I would like to share my Love Poetry Collection of 49 Love Poems, that was just published this week, enjoy reading it :)


Only for You, My Love. Love Poetry https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-zorica-savron-only-for-you-my-love/ Love poems in free verse about the eternal topic of love, requited and unrequited love, love at a distance, suffering, hope, passion, dreams, longing, happiness, and all that love actually is and a...
https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-yolla-will-the-story-of-us/ Hello Guys! Would you check the first... Von: Yolla
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Hello Guys!
Would you check the first chapter of my story? It's a serious of letters and it won't take you long to read, you will enjoy them I hope ;)
Make sure you tell me what you think!

The story of us https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-yolla-will-the-story-of-us/ I missed you so much. Sometimes you were here, sometimes you were not. I'll just write you letters till I find you. We don't know what love is, but we live aching for it.  Let me show you my jou...
Is there a musician in the group. Von: Bobby
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I am sure we may have a Music writer too in this group. If there is one, please raise your hand.

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Changing Times: Can someone set it to music.Changing Times.

How long can we stay afloat?
How long can we weather this storm?
We are fast drowning in our little boat
Rising waters are sounding the alarm;

We cry within but cannot scream
Like helpless Fish circling in a bowl
We wake up... mehr anzeigen

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