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You can search this site and find a lot of groups about books, free edits, critiques, etc but you can never find a group for the persons so this site ho became family. Therefore I have created this group where we come together, have family dinners, games, conversations, but most of all have fun.

P.S. There may be members in the group that you dont like, cant agree with or have a bad past/present with... Mehr anzeigen


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Details Von: Primrose Burrell
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So this is the family *hand motion* this is where we will be ourselves, we won't need to hide or act different to suite the needs of others. This is where you come to ask any question you want for example:

I would love to know how most girls get pointers. Like honestly I would love to know how they get their nipples to be so pointy... they have the firm boobs and then they have the pointy nipples.....BTW I'm straight (Don't... mehr anzeigen

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I kind of always wondered that too..

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Introduction Von: Primrose Burrell
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So when you have been approved of this group you can introduce yourself here. Hey Guess what I love you all

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Thanks guys.

Oh I nearly forgot. Sam and addo are like my online siblings.

♛ samzy ♛

yess nd sky is my online bestie too!

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Okay i guess it is me next
Well my name is Reanna
Some Rihanna
I am 18 years old
have a lot of online sisters
Have two best friends
One online Aunt that I love so much
And have a lot of friends
I love sweets a lot
And i care about others but I do not like persons to push me to the... mehr anzeigen

chat Von: Gelöschter User
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random topics can be used here

Check out my newest BOOK Von: Gelöschter User
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i wish that all we did

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me too

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death Von: Primrose Burrell
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I honestly honestly hate losing ppl. my neighbour my friend, my play mate since i was a child just passed off. and fuck it feels like my heart is breaking all over again

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Primrose Burrell

I'm sorry sis

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it is okay sometimes i believe they are not gone

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hey are there

CHAT IF YOU ARE BORED Von: Gelöschter User
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say random stuff

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