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This group is strictly for Indians as i have seen that there is no separate group for our indian authors,so i request all indian authors to join this group and share our writings


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Interested in love stories ? Von: Senseless Walk Of My Mind
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Today its all end … I just wanted to share my lil love story with u guys . Still remember those twinkling 1000 watt smile which blows my mind . n yeah I fell in love wid d grl of my ife .This all started 6 yrs back . when we were kinda kid at the age of pubery . I was a lil shy guy n c was a bit more immature den me . Craze of flirting was at d peak to me . . . Wsn’t sure wat love z actually …. Ummm should I write more , if u... mehr anzeigen

Ekron - Portuguese Edtion is out. Von: Pedro Dias Vicente
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My frist book of Ekron in Portuguese languase is now on sales.

1st ebook from a series of books. Now in Portuguese. Coming in the next months the original volume in english language.

Hey Von: Gelöschter User
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Gelöschter User

terrible and urs?

Gelöschter User

boring yaar i am bored and i am trying to read books to get of this bore

Gelöschter User

im bored too
school is soooooooo boring

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