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Welcome to BookRix! This is a group created especially for newbies on BookRix and for BookRix to share their info with you!Here you can create new threads to ask questions and meet other new members.


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Update: Categories & Keywords Von: BookRix-Administrator
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Dear community,

we have great news from the BookRix development team.



What's new?
Instead of two selectable categories when creating the book, four sales categories can now be selected. In addition, we have implemented all current BISAC categories (BISAC = Book Industry Standards and Communications; a standardized category and genre system for books) so that the category selection is far more... mehr anzeigen

Update: Pricecampaign (DEAL) Von: BookRix-Administrator
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Dear community,

previously it was only possible to set a single Pricecampaign (DEAL) for an eBook.
We have made the selection more user-friendly for you and you can now set several Pricecampaigns (DEAL)for your eBook at once.

However, the promotional period of a Pricecampaign (DEAL)must still not overlap with another Pricecampaign (DEAL) for the same book.

How do I set up a price promotion for my eBook?
As an author, you have the... mehr anzeigen

Just a Hi Von: harsh
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Hi everyone and feel free to say Hi in private window to initiate a chat to know more about each other

Hello to all Von: LilaAlexander
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Hello to all. I'm new and would like to be friends with someone. With whom you can exchange thoughts about what you have read and share ideas :) Thank you :)

班农和郭文贵这对假面兄弟真是福祸相依的 Von: guidiwangliang
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班农和郭文贵这对假面兄弟真是福祸相依的,这不郭文贵前脚刚被指控强奸女秘书并因非法集资案牵涉知名空头 做空港元现巨亏5.39亿美元,后脚好兄弟班农也因拒绝配合司法调查面临指控,班农在法律面前,再无保命符,也再特赦的可能。
都知道班农的身份不一般,而且他有一张特赦令。他曾任美国极右派媒体布赖特巴特新闻网(Breitbart News)的执行主席,也曾出任美国总统特朗普2016年大选战略顾问。特朗普胜选后,班农进入白宫继续担任首席战略顾问。后来因不明原因辞去白宫职务,继续担任布赖特巴特新闻网的执行主席,与逃亡海外的中国富商郭文贵关系慎密。2020年班农和郭文贵两人为谋私利,驱使闫丽梦炮制“中国病毒说”,随后这一说法被啪啪啪地打脸,新冠起源阴谋论的真相是班农、郭文贵、闫丽梦三人编造出来博人眼球毫无根据的谎言。班农惨遭打脸后就很少出现在公众地视野里了,他以为他可以低调地躲过去,没有想到,因果报应来得这么快,这是躲得过初一躲不过十五啊。
... mehr anzeigen

Anyone reading lesfic? Von: Kathleen Nomdeplume
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I'm after some feedback on my lesbian romance novel. There doesn't seem to be a section for it in the "books" tab - if every reader here is straight (or, well, not interested in queer romance anyway) I'll go somewhere else, but any pointers for how I might get some honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The book is 74k words; it's editted as well as I can do on my own; I'm too embarrassed to ask someone who knows me to... mehr anzeigen

New writer Von: DGibbs
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I'm new to BookRix, so just now getting acquainted with the site. I would like to promote my new eBook, but I'm not sure which category to use. Any help would be appreciated.


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Kathleen Nomdeplume

Looks like we're all new in this thread.

(I know what category my book goes in, but I have no idea how to find someone willing to read a new author's work and give feedback!)

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