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Mythology and Legends

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This group is for those who like the mysteries of myths, legends, and old stories. Anything is welcome. Stories of greek/roman mythology, eygptian, anything thats fun or paranormal in a funnly weird way! Think of the brother's grim...



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Haven't had a contest here in a while and thought it would be fun :) SOOO I'll post rules and con... Von: char.marie.adles
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Haven't had a contest here in a while and thought it would be fun :) SOOO I'll post rules and contest info in the next few days and invite you all to come!


Sorry just wondering I haven't written stories of those type not until just starting yesterday so I wasn't too sure : )


This contest is of anything mythical or magical! You can enter a story or whatever you wish and at the end of March on the 31, everyone who is a member gets two votes for their favorite pieces.

The enter you must use this out line with your submition:

Contest... mehr anzeigen


after beggin for one so long :/ While there still is one more day.

Post it all here and if you have a book I would love to read it and leave a comment ;) Von: char.marie.adles
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Post it all here and if you have a book I would love to read it and leave a comment ;)

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Greek Mythology. I don't know why, but I've always loved learning about the Greek Gods and the Odessy and stuff like that.


My favorite myth is the Atlantean gods and godess my favorite is Apollymi

Leandra A

just started creating a book inspired by myths about a Jinni (more known as genies)
hope you'll all find time to read as well :)

- Leandra A

A group for all! Von: JustinSix
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• Weekly writing tips.
• Free critique offered.
• Free promotion or extensive critique for winners of “Member of the week”
• A thread of suggested free books along with reasons why each is worth reading.
• Contests will be held once there are enough members.

The Book Club (Public.) This groups intended goal is to bring writers together, encourage writing well, provide tips for writing, and potentially hold contests. Please follow us on twitter for updates, announcements, and random valuable information: If you have a question of any kind, at all related to writing, ask it. EX. Different routes for publishing? How to advertise? How do I write...
the end Von: Gelöschter User
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so guys the end of my story has finally come and i'm just so excited. the last book of the series has all the books in one, so you don't have to go back and read all of them if you haven't.


Society of the Grim: The End what is love to Samantha? what is life to Samantha? The ups and downs of her relationship with Abyss will reveal much more than the answers to these questions. He will come into her life and set ...
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Chris Harris

Well done, dude! I've yet to finish a series, so I loo forward to the excitement at the end of it. I'll take a look at your work if I get time :)

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