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Hello-meow my fellow friends! This group is what you need for a little enjoyment, a break through of the real world. On this group I will want to talk about romance, relationships and others. Come with me and lets get a little crazy.


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Hey everyone My evil conconius Shallow 'boyfriend' doesn't want to you know with her anymore and ... Von: Briana M Miller
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Hey everyone My evil conconius Shallow 'boyfriend' doesn't want to you know with her anymore and she's pretty mad at him. Do any of you girls know a single guy who likes that kind of stuff and would like to pleasure her please have him be my friend and message her please.

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Gelöschter User

Saw your message if you want your friend titivating look me up?

Gelöschter User

im sorry but your just making it worse for the girl :/ soo

Briana M Miller

Oh shut it Shallow is a part of me.

Gelöschter User

Now just who was that meant for, me or little miss. If miss then I am still here if you want?

help? Von: Gelöschter User
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I'm trying to write a romance book. can anyone help me?


can you explain what you mean by more?

Gelöschter User

i don't know how to put more romantic story line when the main character is already having an affair


i need more detail on the story

Hey there Von: Laura XO
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Hello guys and girls! I was gone for quite a while..don't I ? :)))
Anyway...just wondering if someone is still alive here :) *wink* *wink*

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H, J, Macey.

Yes and we missed you. === How do you put up hearts on here to show you love the person your writing to?

Laura XO

":X" like this

H, J, Macey.

Then its ":X :X :X :X :X And so on for a hundred more :X's

Thinking of writing another book. Should i or not. Von: Shivani
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Thinking of writing another book.
Should i or not.

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NL Rinku


Your IN Box Von: H, J, Macey.
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Can I put something into your BOX Darling??

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H, J, Macey.

This is not goodbye, but I have received news that may affect my presence here, therefore I have to clear my hard drive of my Erotic stories, they are the ones some of you ladies gave me the criteria to write, which I have sent, I now have put all of them into a folder that will... mehr anzeigen

Props for the curious girl! :> Von: Laura XO
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Reddit can be awesome, don't you think? No? Well let me see you what I found now there :)))

"If you told me I'd be licking a man's asshole a few years ago, I'd think you're nuts.

My boyfriend has always liked the occasional finger in his butt during a blow job, so I know that area is pleasurable for him. I've seen rim jobs mentioned many times on this sub! But I never thought to try. I've always felt deterred from exploring... mehr anzeigen

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jesus lol

Laura XO



interesting lol

Gelöschter User

It's not something that I have tried on a man... but love doing it to a woman! Would give it a go though

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