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This is a group for Music. Post your favourite singers, bands, singers and connect with others.

The main rules of this group are :

-No mean comments
-No bullying
- No chit-chat. You can but only focusing on the music etc. nothing else.
- Post nothing else except for music stuff.

If you do break the main rules above then you will be kicked out of the group.

- The Cookie Monster (Skylar) and The... Mehr anzeigen


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Group Rules Von: ♛ samzy ♛
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So as you can see the group name and blurb you pretty much have idea about what it is about!
Yes, It's about songs and only songs!
You see music is a big part and hey sometimes we look for song recommendation and wanna know when we are fed up with the ones only we know!
However yes so this group is just about music!
You can give recommendation here if you hear or like any good music!
You can give quotes or anything related to... mehr anzeigen

I know people haven't really used this group for like a long time but i wanted to ask you somethi... Von: Gelöschter User
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I know people haven't really used this group for like a long time but i wanted to ask you something that is important to me. You guys might not be familiar with these artists that i tell you but.... I wanted to ask if you know the artists that i enjoy listening to. You might know them but I'm just wondering if you actually did know them.

The Vamps
New Hope Club
Why Don't We
Roadtrip TV
Shawn Mendes
Mason Coutinho
Aydan... mehr anzeigen

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Hey I know The Vamps, Shawn Mendes, Jacob Sartorius (but just one song of him) aaaand of cause One Direction :)

#FreeAzet Von: Jula
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Azet - Fast Life Album Out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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