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movie talkers

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in this group we talk about our favorite movies and the new movies we want to see and if they were any good or not


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Movie Quotations Quiz! (Just for fun) Do you know what film the quotation is from? Von: Gelöschter User
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I gave her my heart she gave me a pen.

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I don't think so. I think its I either write too fast or type too fast depending on what I'm doing so I don't give myself time to realize what I'm doing before its already too late.

I'm not sure about the quote I don't think I've seen that movie and if I have I don't remember... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

It was Coyote Ugly. I don't know about yours. Never hear of it.


I haven't really watched "Coyote Ugly" I did google it but I didn't know if that was the correct movie or not but cool and mine was from "The Emperor's New Grove"

tell me the name of the movie Von: Gelöschter User
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i am really really in a mood for a romantic movie , i want to cry can anyone suggest me a movie

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Gelöschter User

the Notebook, In the mood for love, le nom des gens, my child from mars, say anything, bridget jones, weekend, happy thank you more please, It's complicated, buffalo 66, the fabulous baker boys, Once (highly recommended), Moulin Rouge,...Let me know if you want more.

Group Von: Gelöschter User
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Where's My Perfect Mate??? Lost girls, lost boys, just tryna find who is right for them. You can talk relationships, your life, or any situations going on with you!!! We will help you. We are family!!!! And we will have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just watched ParaNorman Von: dysamyne
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Never watched a zombie movie where zombies were attacked by humans before. It was funny.

4 Kommentare
Gelöschter User

i would have watched it but i wasnt allowed too


Yea there's few adult words in it. I mean it wasn't too bad and if you're not paying attention you could easily miss them but if you listen closely you'll be like "Wait a minute. Did he just say what I think he said?"

Gelöschter User

my uncle is annoying so yea i watched it though and ur right its hilaruous


Yea I enjoyed it

I love Disney Von: dysamyne
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I love Disney movies not Disney Channel movies but Disney Movies like "The Lion King" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" you know stuff like that. Are their any other Disney fans out there?

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Yes especially the Lion King. It's my all time favorite movie both Disney and non-Disney movie. I just love it I always want to cry when Mafusa dies every time I see it. I love Simba and Scar. Two of my favorite characters.


i love movies to be it hollywood! bollywood! disney! or any other! i just love loin king is mine all time fav to!



guys I am sooo happy right now I got to see the fault in our stars I have been dying to see that ... Von: Gelöschter User
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guys I am sooo happy right now I got to see the fault in our stars I have been dying to see that movie and I saw it today it almost makes me cry just thinking about it so sad yet it made me feel really good and happy

5 Kommentare

That's good glad you finally had the chance to see it

Gelöschter User

me too


was the film good?

Gelöschter User

sorry it took so long to respond I was at camp and yes it was amazing

ugghh I have to wait like 2 weeks before I get t go see the fault in our stars because I am going... Von: Gelöschter User
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ugghh I have to wait like 2 weeks before I get t go see the fault in our stars because I am going to camp next week maybe I should back out of camp just kidding I get to be with my bff all week exited about that

2 Kommentare

That sounds cool although that does kind of suck that you have to wait but at least you get to spend the week with your bff

Gelöschter User


so far i've seen.. Von: Gelöschter User
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Godzilla, Amazing Spiderman 2, and the new X-men XDD

4 Kommentare
Gelöschter User

how did you like spiderman 2 and x men days of future past?

Gelöschter User

they were both good but spiderman 2 was a bit sad

Gelöschter User

yes, I was pretty devasteated when I left the movie theatre, but I usually don't think that's a bad things, when something moves you like that, is it?

Gelöschter User

idk .-.

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