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Wonder how you can STAND OUT FROM THE REST by designing
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Want to know how to create MASSIVE EXPOSURE and DRIVE
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My new book: Let's pray the rosary Von: Sharela Koch
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Hi everyone!

I've just published my new ebook "Let's pray the rosary" and would love to get your feedback on it.

Please let me know via bookrix-message if you have any sugestions for improvement. And if you like my book then I cordially invite you to recommend it.

Attached I offer you a free extract:

The book is also... mehr anzeigen

Let's pray the rosary (English Edition) - Kindle
Invitation to Submit Manuscripts Von: Teddy Kim
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Hello friends, I would like to invite you to submit your manuscripts to Leaf~Land Press. We are actively seeking new authors to support and develop. Don’t worry about being “ready”. We are looking for new voices. Our first title is from a debut novelist and her book is doing great. Check out the link for more details.

I have posted up my book, Picasso Meets Dr.Frankie, but I haven't recieved any sales yet. How lon... Von: indie23
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I have posted up my book, Picasso Meets Dr.Frankie, but I haven't recieved any sales yet. How long does it usually take before I sell anything? I just thought I would try selling this book to see what happens. What can I do to get some sales on this book?I have posted ot up on my blog and facebook so far, but nothing yet.

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Well does anyone follow your facebook or blog?

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