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The manga and anime group. For all those Closet Otakus, Cosplayers or just plain Manga and Anime lovers.


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Okay, so I have decided to start a weekly manga review on this page. All comments pertaining to t... Von: Ayumi Chizu
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Okay, so I have decided to start a weekly manga review on this page. All comments pertaining to the manga reviewed are always welcome on this page and any other small reviews by the readers are ‘also’ always welcome.
I’ll try to update this page weekly, but for now please enjoy the first review. ^-^


Our first review revolves around a... mehr anzeigen

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Ayumi Chizu

I've heard of it, but never read it. I'll try it. ^-^


awesome. I guarantee you will laugh, cry, and laugh some more XD

Von: Ayumi Chizu
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hmmmm my favs have to be from fairy tail most of the satrts and ends are really good ^^

Ayumi Chizu

I totally agree! I love the beginning and ending songs for season one of Fairy Tail, but I felt that the opening songs for season two and three got kinda annoying. Especially season three, the opening song had that annoying whistle/flute thingy in the background that wouldn't... mehr anzeigen


I watched Spirited Away as a child in the cinima. My first anime

Do you like drawing Manga? Well you can post any pictures you've done here. To start it off here ... Von: Ayumi Chizu
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Recommendation Von: Blaze Cain
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Hey there my fellow Otakus, It's a pleasure to meet you all. I was wandering on how to start off a conversation here so I decided off by recommending a newly favorite anime of mine. It goes by the name of Asobi Asobase.
For those of you who have never heard of such an anime or have but haven't watched it yet, I'll give you an insight of what it is about. It is of comedic genre and it's about 3 middle school kids that find... mehr anzeigen

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