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Love Novels

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All lovers of writing or reading romance are welcome here!


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Authors wanted! Von: savanna
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Authors wanted!

Authors's Photos - The World's Best Talent Network!
Newbie Von: Gelöschter User
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Hello everyone, I am a newbiw to this page and would love to make new friends! Only a message away if you want to chat

Looking for open-minded reviewers Von: Gelöschter User
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Hello! I am Sheila Ann, a work-at-home Mom with two kids, Randy 15 and Raeann 12. My husband Ronnie is an evangelical preacher. My memoir, "Lead Me Not Into Temptation" is about our church life and close family relationship. Please note, my memoir includes loving consensual incest with a strong Lesbian theme. There is no pain or violence or ugly situations of any kind. My memoir may shock some but not surprise others who are... mehr anzeigen

LOVE DEFINED Von: Nikki613
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New bee Von: Heartlessangel
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Heya how's everyone ,,actually ,,I kind of knw no one's online so yeah,,haha hi anyway ,,

Working on a fanatasy love novel Von: ebell1
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Fantasy Romance in the works hope to have it done soon just seems ling compared to the two books I have done in editing. Can too many scenes leading up tot he love scenes kill a good romance? It's hard to judge my work next to other peoples...uh my favorite writer id amanda quick how bout you??

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No problem..


SO I read the book on chapters and it's helpful but I've already copy and pasted my work in progress what I wanted to know is how do I open up my work in progress so that ONLY other bookrix readers can read it and give me feedback?

Gelöschter User

There's a publish button in the edit book section. It gives you the option of only Bookrix. When you select only Bookrix it gives you the option of only friends or all users. Once you choose which you want, hit the publish button.

A Reason to Live - Ana Bartake Von: Gelöschter User
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Hi my new book A Reason to Live is available on Kobo, ITunes and Google play store.. please take a look at it. All feedbacks will be most appreciated.
Its a story of a Syrian girl caught in the raging civil war only to be saved by the handsome doctor. With nowhere else to go the doctor decides to take her under his wing..
Do read the heart wrenching story of a twenty year old and her baby sister who lose their small, safe... mehr anzeigen

A Reason to Live - Ana Bartake Von: Gelöschter User
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Hi.....I have published a book, "A Reason To Live - Ana Bartake" here. Its about a Syrian girl caught in the middle of a raging war. How a doctor ends up coming into her life and saves her from a horrifying fate. It's in the romantic genre... please do read the blurb as the book is yet to come in the market. Any input regarding the same will be appreciated. Thank you.

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