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If you love LOTR and/or the hobbit BOOKS (not just the films) then this is the place for you! Post links to fan fiction, pictures, memes etc. just if u have not read the books.....
(You can come back after you have read the books though.)


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Hi Welcome to the lotr hub open to read rules Von: Dragola The Mystic
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Basically- No Hate for lotr
No hate for others
No drama
If you have not read the books you are not a lotr fan.
If the following is you u need to get a tolkien guide.

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Shadow Wolf

I'm not a fan of Lord of the Rings or Hobbit, I'm sorry. But I will help and support you if you will let me.

Dragola The Mystic

Oh k that's alright- just as long as you don't hate then u r cool.

XD Von: Gelöschter User
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For the longest time my friend thought the "one does not simply" thing came from the game of thrones XD

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That's pretty funny! 'D

Gelöschter User

it is

New Movie Idea Von: judycolella
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Peter Jackson or someone should make a movie just about Tom Bombadil (I still can't believe they left him out of the LOTR movies.

By the way, I read - and fell in love with - "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy way back in high school (that would be in the 1960s). When I had had kids, I read the books to them - it took a few months, but I read all four books by doing one chapter a night. I even had different... mehr anzeigen

Dragola The Mystic

Exactly! Although, I don't think it should be Peter Jackson- I mean the hobbit films rally dissapointed me! They were pretty commercialised and the invented character of Tauriel and her stupid love angle with Kili ruined it! Also 8 of the dwarves say nothing in the last movie,... mehr anzeigen


I don't know about the rights thing. Actually, while I agree with you regarding the liberties PJ took with this (some of them absolutely absurd, too), he's the first one to do a live-action version that had adequate special effects and details to bring the action to life in a... mehr anzeigen

Dragola The Mystic

M yeah I liked it as a film don't get me wrong but yeah. Anyway I looked it up and PJ has lost rights to any oher Tolkien films because he didn't pay enough roalties to the Tolkien family.

XD Von: Gelöschter User
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One does not simply walk into Mordor without getting killed.

XDXD Well I died. XDXDXD

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Gelöschter User


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