Life just sucks

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Well life sucks so come here and rant

No fighting or you'll be blocked from the group

No drama

No holding back anger

Pm me if you want to rant just to rant


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hi Von: Gelöschter User
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hello my life actually sucks

Broke my sobriety Von: Gelöschter User
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Last night my intention was just to get high with my friends. I have been four months sober till last night.... I'm no longer the same person who every one used to know me. And now well I'm struggling to stay off but I'm doing ok... It's just hard without my support beam......

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But it's hard isn't it? To just get over it.

The Lost Warrior

Kind of, what started my downfall when i was 6 was pretty easy to get over but everything else, i may never get over it. Pm me and i'll tell you what started it

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Funny things in life Von: Gelöschter User
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See im Mrs.Sunshine, or so people called me, but even sunshines have a fucked up life... i mean look at how fucked up i was last night people... anyone seen my wall? FR BIG MESS!! I fucking admitied my damn feelings and now... now its just a mess and ya'll know the saying drunk words are sober thoughts? haa I so proved that right last night but yeah im just fucked up in shit so fr life is just fucked up funny

No Sucks or Rant Here Von: H, J, Macey.
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Life is what is handed out to you if you rant and rave about it it will suck so be positive and make the most of what you have, be like me I love every day and everybody!

My life sucks Von: Christiana Hinojosa
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I lost my fiancée April 26, 2012, miscarried 3 months later, lost my favorite uncle the next year and then I lost my me m July 12, 2015. I only have my dad and little sister not my big brother he wants nothing to do with me, I also have a great boyfriend now.

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I know how miscarrages are and im sorry but it will get better you just have to be open and talk everything out

Christiana Hinojosa

My mom helped me not do something stupid and now she is not here to help if something bad happens again.

Gelöschter User

Well then that's good.

Christiana Hinojosa

I want to be able to finally be married but my boyfriend doesn't want marriage again because of his ex-wife cheated on him and he doesn't want to be like his aunt and sister they both have had more than 1 marriage.

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