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laughter club!!!

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This is a group for those who like to laugh a lot!!


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Rules!!! Von: Zartaj
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1) no bullying, no drama
2) no sexting! this group is only for laughter and fun!!
3) every week a member will be chosen as the member of the week!
4) only for active members!!
5) no use of swear words
6) if u find it offensive then leave the group!! cuz we gonna joke on everything!! this group is not for those with week hearts!!

If any of the rules above are broken by any member I hold every right to remove that member from the... mehr anzeigen

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ooooo...!!! i forgot to add!! no flirting either!!! :P

Humans, Scary To Aliens. <<< yes! someone made the thing! Von: Zartaj
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Shit out cover has been blown! All Aliens retreat!! *humps behind a table and tries to do a epic cart wheel but fails and face slaps on the floor* Damnit!!

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