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Ōkami no mure

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Only those who prove themselves worthy are allowed in the pack. This wolf pack is meant for people to have fun and to know others.

To rp with the pack, make a wolf and send Darkirewolf or Suri DeathStone a message and Suri will recommend you to the rp group and then accept you in.


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Explain your wolf Von: Darkirewolf
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Since we are a wolf pack, I want to know more about my fellow wolves :)
Rank: (can be a made up rank if it fits)
Wolf form:
Regular form:

5 Kommentare
Suri's Library

Name: Suri
Rank: Alpha Female
Likes: CoughcoughDarkireCoughcough, nature, hot coco, snow, to be listened to
Hates: stupid wolves, abusive people
Wolf form: Brown top coat with a white belly and hazel eyes
Regular form: 5'5, blonde-ish hair, green eyes
Personality: crazy, fun, a bit... mehr anzeigen

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Name:Darikirewolf (or dark)
Rank: Alpha male
Likes: Reading, my mate, writing, animating, eating, etc
Hates: People who use others, lies, and people who get me pissed
Wolf form: I am a black wolf with silver markings along my fur and I have blue/grey eyes
Regular form: 5' 11",... mehr anzeigen

BubblyUnicorn ^~^

Name: valerie
Rank: Beta femail
Likes: reading, writing, sleeping, soccer
Hates: negative people, being ignored.
Wolf form: white with a grey and light brown eyes
Regular form: 4'11", dark brown and light brown hair tips, redish brown eyes
Personality: funny, nice, crazy, childish,... mehr anzeigen

Welcome all Von: Darkirewolf
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Welcome to the pack. I, the one who is speaking to you, is the alpha of this here pack. We are all writers of extraordinary talent. So with that, we do not tolerate belittling. May we all work together and grow our family together

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