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This is a group for people who are being bullied and feel left out...


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Okay Von: Gelöschter User
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I want everyone to know (that has been on fr a long ass time) that I actually started this group, and I have people to back me up on it. My first br account name was Allan Ashby then True Friends Stab You In The Front, and now Cameron Dallas.... if you knew any of the other accounts that's me... so please all I ask is that no bullshit. And like I said if you don't believe me, ask my sister ... mehr anzeigen

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Kale Slade

I'm friends with her.

Gelöschter User

who my sister?

Kale Slade

love you, right?

Gelöschter User


Kale Slade

So, yeah.

I'm sorry Von: Gelöschter User
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I'm sorry for being a dick to all of you.... I'm sorry for ruining your day. I'm sorry for pestering you with my problems. I'm sorry for making you feel like shit.... I just- i don't know anymore. This whole year has been screwed up, and I can't fix anything... it just seems like a I break it... And I am sorry Raye. For getting mad at you, and Brandon.... I should've just left it, but didn't. I don't want to see you get hurt,... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

Ry... just don't. You know Raye loves you. We all fucked up, and if Raye doesn't read this... at least you tried. I know it's hard, and we all have to go threw it. But in the end it's just what you make of it.

Just a thought Von: Gelöschter User
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we all need to learn that life is full of mistakes and that's what it's about... you may not agree with me, but take a good look. It doesn't matter what you do. Just make the best of it, and don't let anyone or anything stop you. Because if that happens you lose. So please take a good look then make the best out of your life ~rylie

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Gelöschter User

thank you ry

... Von: GummyBearMonster
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I hate life so much. Why does life cause you so much stress. I just want to run away and forget everything but I can't. Why is life so complicated?

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life is just a step we take before we's is considered worse than hell.... it's a mistake that I wish upon no one...yet we all have to go through it, and I feel sorry fr everyone because of life.


Remember we are perfect as a spirit in the heaven before we came here. Our spirit wanted to experience something New, which are challenges before we go back to God. you are your life, your life is a reflection of you, and your attitude. So how you feel about yourself,... mehr anzeigen

... Von: Gelöschter User
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I'm tired of crying
I'm tired of yelling
I'm tired of being sad
I'm tired if pretending
I'm tired of being alone
I'm tired of being angry
I'm tired of felling crazy
I'm tired of feeling stuck
I'm tired of needing help
I'm tired of remembering
I'm tired of missing things
I'm tired of being different
I'm tired of missing people
I'm tired of feeling worthless
I'm tired of feeling empty inside
I'm tired of just not being able to let go
I'm tired... mehr anzeigen

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wow I just got tired. What do you do when you get tired?, you go to sleep. That part of your personality is making the real you ( the awoken happy person inside) tired. Since you don't need him any more, put him to rest by letting go of the past, life is experiences to grow not... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

thank u


Youre welcome. You have now gotten wiser and mentally stronger :)

wtf Von: Gelöschter User
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why do we love if we know the person we love will never love us back? why do we fight for so long, but get nothing out of it except heartache and pain


Well love is not something we understand right away, we grow and learn about love. When we are young we look for others to accept and love us first to feel good inside, it's the other way around. We must first seek to love ourselves first, self-esteem, unconditional love, self... mehr anzeigen


All one must do is look back in time, was there times when someone pushed us around, someone made us feel bad, someone called us stupid, we may have experienced abuse at some time. Someone made us feel small or we were left behind by someone that we loved. Then honestly ask... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

yeah i still love the people who bullied forgot me and started to hate me

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